This was to be a trip up Heartbreak ridge and on to Totara Saddle, circuit down to Browning hut, but a discussion in the rain at our initial meeting point we decided to make it a shorter trip, especially as heavy showers were predicted from 3pm.

So 7 participants set of in light rain from Hackett car park about 8.30. On the Chromite mines circuit we reached the ridge above the Serpentine Valley about 10am, but decided to go on and have morning tea at the picnic table 15mins further down the track. From here we noted the good work that had been made killing the pine trees in this area.

Only 2 of us had previously walked the Chromite mines loop so we took our time looking at the mine entrances, admiring the still intact stone work of the pack saddle track and reading the information sign. The Chromite mines date from 1860.


Still in light rain we headed for Hackett hut where we had lunch sitting in the empty woodshed.

On our return we had a small diversion to the first river crossing on the Whispering Falls track to show participants the route up Heartbreak ridge.


We arrived back at the car park about 2.30, it was not the intended trip but all trampers enjoyed the shorter excursion. Heartbreak Ridge trip will be rescheduled perhaps in April or May.
Participants: Ian, Graeme, David, Kath, (leader and scribe), and visitors, Era, Hillary and Tim