Stunning weather for a beach walkStunning weather for a beach walk

Debbie and I reconnoitred the route 10 days earlier. I thought the August rainstorm might have affected the landscape, and that proved to be the case. Shingle that had washed down the slopes onto the beach had been spread by wave action: this actually made the walk a bit easier and gave a longer low-tide window. Not so good was the normal route up the hillside, burst asunder by a massive slip! We scouted around for a way up, the base of the slope having been chipped away by big waves and heavy rain, and settled on a small watercourse to clamber up for 20m or so to gain access to easier grassy slopes above. It proved a little tricky but we got up safely enough, Debbie clutching my ankle for a handhold (with my permission!) at one point, and we resolved to find an easier start when we returned, (which we found). Later, it was reported another club member, Chris, had previously gone straight up the massive slip gully but found topping out a nerve-wracking experience.

The new slip from the Aug 22 floodsThe new slip from the Aug 22 floods

The rest of our climb was steep grass, but straightforward.

Debbie climbing the steep grassy slopeDebbie climbing the steep grassy slope

So, 6 intrepid trampers left Nelson for the beach walk at Glenduan. Timing the tide allowed for a latish departure. The walkway team had left earlier and were no doubt well on their way when we arrived at the carpark. The walk up the beach was pleasant, wavelets gently lapped the shoreline and rocks, and the water crystal-clear.

Rock meditationRock meditation
After about 4km we found a likely route up the steep grassy slope just before the big slip, and climbed up to the walkway in good time. The walkway team had been entertained by watching our antics from a vantage point, and we met up with them on our way to Sentinel Hill, overlooking Cable Bay, as they were on their return journey to Glenduan. Paul and Tracey from the walkway team had been lured down to Cable Bay by the scent of freshly-brewed coffee wafting up from the café, but had returned before our rendezvous.

Cable Bay looking splendidCable Bay looking splendid
After admiring the splendid views across Tasman Bay, beyond to Kahurangi NP, and locally Pepin Island, coastal features and the hills, we returned to Glenduan via the walkway to complete a pleasant coastal tramp with a little spice mixed in.

Returning home via GlenduanReturning home via Glenduan

Beach team: Brian (leader and scribe), Maral, Debbie, Richard, Andrea and Simon.
Walkway team: Graeme (leader), Katharine, Andrew, Paul and Tracey