On Saturday 8th January, a group of predominantly newbie trampers plus a couple of old hats, were ably led by Esther to the Takaka hill walkway and then on to Harwoods hole.


It was a sunny day so the trip around the Takaka walkway was completed in sunglasses and hats. It was a good figure of 8 track up to the transmitters then down through forest, with the second half being very overgrown with gorse and grass.

Lunch was eaten on the front of the grass carpark area before we headed off to Harwood's hole.

The whole group including 3 children, walked and then scrambled to see first the hole and then up to the lookout over the valley.

harwoods hole

This was a great trip to introduce first time trampers to the world of NTC. Well chosen and well led by Esther on her first experience as an official leader! 

Participants: Esther (leader), Paula (scribe), Hilary, Tania, Ana, Ang, Seo, Louise, Nic, Guy, Matt, Jacob and Alice.

gorge creek view