cable bay wlkwy aug 2021 malachi graeme

After the trip to Mt Mantell was cancelled due to dubious weather in the West, virtually all the original registrants assembled at Glenduan on a mild, calm morning but not too bright and early. The group of 16 proceeded to take the Cable Bay Walkway on the valley route. Malachi (10) entertained the pack by reciting most of the periodic table and cantering from the front of the group to the rear and back again. Some of the fitter ones were remarkably restrained and the beloved leader brought up the rear. After a break at the picnic table etc at the top of the airstrip, we then went through the nearby farm gate into the pine forest. We followed the excellent track up to the saddle that is in native forest. A sharp turn right led us up to the summit of Mt Horoiangi (657m) where we admired some slightly obscured views across to the hills above Ludd Valley and around to the bay. The weather continued mild with patchy sun. We then back-tracked to the saddle and went on East over the low peak (621m). Although we expected bush-bashing, in fact an old but relatively clear forestry road took us down through the pine forest to a wide, grassy track alongside the forest and thence down to reach the Walkway about 500m NE of where it emerges from the coastal native forest.

cable bay wlkwy aug 2021 ntc party

We continued to Sentinel Hill above Cable Bay where we had lunch with splendid views. There were ewes about with very young lambs that we took care to not unduly disturb and we were appreciative that the Stuart family are no longer closing the Walkway during the lambing season. It was then a 1.5 hr amble back along the Walkway, returning to Glenduan via the alternate seaward route (7 hours total). All in all, a very satisfactory walk in excellent conditions for winter and everybody was well pleased.

Andrea, Chris, Graeme, Don & Nicola, Ian, Kath, Grant, Ben & Malachi, Astrid, Scott, Kerry,
Malcolm (v), Veronica (v). Trip leader & Scribe: Pat Holland