Dun Mountain, Little Twin, Dew Lakes circuit 25 July 2021

The weather did not look promising for this “long-medium” mid-winter tramp. Looking at the predicted cloud, rain, and winds on the tops, our leader Debbie proposed a modified trip, of a walk up to Copper Mine Saddle with the possibility of pushing on up Dun Mountain if the weather allowed, and then returning the same way.


Despite the weather forecast, and the big angry clouds on the tops, ten intrepid trampers gathered for this tramp. Debbie went through the safety considerations and made sure we were properly equipped for the tramp. As we set off past the Matai Dam the extra water cascading down the dam spillway made an impressive sight. We headed up the valley through the bush and started up the steeper section of the mountain bike track.  We stopped for morning tea on a clear exposed viewpoint off to the side of the track, with great views down the valley and moody clouds on the ridges.  Although we were hot after the climb, we soon cooled off, and it was time to get going again. About halfway up the steep section to the saddle, the rain set in. A couple of walkers coming down the track, confirmed that it was clagged in above with no views to be had.


We decided to beat a retreat to the cars. For some of us it was the first time on this track, and we certainly achieved all that we could have, given the weather.


Participants: Debbie (Leader), Rosie, Ben, Christine, Tony (scribe), Alison, Kerry, Jo, Ester & Guy.