brook sanctuary 3rd house walk 2

18 trampers gathered in the frost at the entrance to Brook Waimarama Sanctuary at 9am for a walk through the Sanctuary to Third House. A little encouragement at the start and the majority of trampers obliged my request to carry up some tracking tunnels to G line, so laden down we walked along Koru track to ferny flat where we had a short break in the shade and with the company of a robin. We stayed together as a group as we moved up the shaded Upper Valley track that had multiple tracks leading off and a number of creek crossings. We were then on Toutouwai spur and with the instuction that trampers go straight up the spur till they reached the fence, all set off. It was initially a steep climb through beech forest, before flattening out towards the top. We left the tracking tunnels at G line for volunteers to place on G line track at a later date. Once at the fence we discovered that 2 trampers who had gone ahead, were missing. We exited the Sanctuary trough a hatch and proceeded to Third House 200M away. We enjoyed a relaxing sunny lunch break here. As there were a number of visitors on this tramp Graeme explained how to become a member of the club and the benefits of membership as well as some advertising for upcoming events. Attempts were made to contact the 2 missing trampers via text, email and someone returning to the fence to check, but there was no answer or sign of them . Knowing that they would probably be able to find their way back to the Visitors Centre we decided we need not be too concerned.

brook sanctuary 3rd house walk 1

After lunch we walked along the outside of the fence to the South for about 1KM enjoying a patch of old crusty snow that had persisted in a shady section, and enjoing views out to Richmond Forest park. We had a good view of Purple Top. We re-entered the Sanctuary athrough Kakariki Hatch. The group was able to enjoy the priviledge of exiting and re-entering the Sanctuary because of my volunteer work at the sanctuary and being able to negotiate with the Operations Manager to have a key to the hatches.The walk down Kakariki Spur is West facing and we enjoyed the sun coming through the trees and the birdsong. We re-grouped at Ferny Flat then walked as a group back to the VC, taking a route along the valley floor. For some this was a first time walking in the Sancuary and all appreciated the treasure that this patch of bush is. We arrived back at the Visitors Centre at 3.45. On the way back we heard via radio that the 2 missing trampers had arrived back at the VC - they had veered off on a trapping line to the West and ended up at a different hatch. 
Participants were: Alison, Bernard, Graeme, Maaike, Peter, Michele, Ben, Kerry, Rob, Kath (Leader and Scribe) and visitors Lynda, Steve, Christine, Esther, Birgit, Jo, Veronica and Rosie

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