Tableland Tour Two | 2-4 April 2021 (Easter)

The Tableland trip was an historical journey.

When we walked from Flora car park, the sky overhead was cloudy. On the way, we saw Gridiron Gulch and visited Upper Gridiron rock shelter. The beech trees, waterfall, bridges and river made the trip pleasant, even though we each carried a heavy pack. Unfortunately, half an hour before we arrived at Salisbury Lodge, it began pouring. But we were very happy, since we had enough room to stay. That was Friday.

On Saturday we started at 11am because of rain. We wore raincoats passed Butchertown, which had its name pasted on a tree. Ray made us venture inside Bishops Cave. At Edwin Moore’s grave was a wooden cross .Then we stopped at Balloon Hut to have lunch, before following an old water race through the forest.

Salisbury Lodge was more than full (30+ trampers), so we went to Dry Rock Shelter, which was under the overhanging rock and was amazing. The sky was our ceiling, the forest was our curtain and the sound of wind was lovely music. I couldn’t sleep well, because it was so romantic. I wanted to keep awake to enjoy the beauty.

Sunday was a long day. We walked west to explore two caves. The first one (Pillar Cave) had lots of stalactites which have been shaped for a long time. The second one (Richards Cave) looked like a stream underground, which was so long that we could not see the end. While we walked , the wild atmosphere of the land was attracting my soul.

After we walked back, it was past 2pm. We felt it was further and harder than before, after three days and 48km tramping. We were very proud of finishing it, although I wish I could be a tree to stay in the forest forever.

Written by Liyun (Anne) Lin

Easter hikers were: Ray Salisbury (guide), Rod & Carole-Ann Lewis (veterans), Liyun ‘Anne’ Lin (scribe), Mary Hsu (photographer), Grant Salisbury (Ray’s cousin) & Gary Hamilton (first-time tramper).

ntc party at salisbury lodge 1500px