We were certainly out there "doing it" , the body gave us all good feedback after 17 hours on the trot. Leaving Bolder Forks Hut at 7am, we arrived back at 2300 to front up to the last hours walk to the cars. By arriving at the cars at ten past midnight we had now turned the trot into a three day Epic!
It was certainly an adventure and what made it super awesome was the way everyone worked together, helping and supporting each other with high spirits, humour and banter. The most commonly interchangeable words spoken were noted as "Rock' 'F***" and Holy S*** , in no particular order I may add.
Where to start. Well the weather was ab fab. Two clubs combined, MTC and four of us from NTC. We started gently up Boulder Stream until it starts to steepen up and you take the obvious slip ,on true river left ,near a waterfall. Its pretty steep and care needs to be taken on the ascent due to the loose rocks. Helmets definitely advisable.,
 Following up this slip the party split slightly higher up, with us deviating out the gully, meeting the others on the ridge.
It was a lovely jaunt here to the base of the Summit climb. Here you can see three potential gullies to the summit. The middle gully is the one to aim for.  CAUTION  here. 😀 A short way up it splits, take the RIGHT HAND option unless you wish to do the White Knuckle option. There a few grooves and moves on the White Knuckle and you come out nearly directly under the summit. The Right hand Branch of the Gully brings you out SW of the Summit and you have an easy jaunt to the summit from there.
Meanwhile....on the White Knuckle ride near the top there is some pretty  vertical climbing and a "Crux" move declared by the advance party as ' The bad news". The crux move alone taking most of us several minutes to figure out and grow girlie balls (Well for two of us)
Reece chose some good party music to help with his ascent, might have drowned out some of our cursing, especially on my part when Murray kindly performed  the "hand of God" manoeuver.
The "Hand of God" involves swiftly and precisely cupping both the dislodged rock and foot in your hand, of the above climbing companion ,who is very likely swearing profusely and saying their prayers. What a legend, Angel Murray.  And Rob up above offering advice and finally his hand for the last pull over.
rock climbing pinnacle
Safely up and rested on the Summit, we then went about finding the way we were looking to come up, a doddle in comparison.
Catching up with the rest of the group, our summit bid taking a couple of hours we then gleefully dropped down a big scree slope to the stream at point
E 1621886
N 5370927
CAUTION number two. If you fancy a leisurely  gander down a stream, especially after riding the White Knuckle, this may not be the one for you. Unless you wish to take up Impromptu Canyoning, Either return from hence you came or head down the Krushen Stream.
Hours and Hours later after many high sidles, the sun dropping over the horizon, we reaquainted ourselves with the Boulder Stream by around 2200, 15 hours in. Another hour to the hut and a hour to walk out completed the 17 hour  day.
The summit wasnt the highlight for me though it was pretty nice getting there of course. It was how we all worked together as a team. That's pretty neat. Thanks Guys. Thanks for saving my bacon Angel Murray.
Participants were; Andrea, Barry, Jo and Rob led by Murray from MTC.