group at top of mt arthurWith clear blue skies, but with a possibility of wind, 13 trampers set off from the Badminton Hall in Richmond just after 8. We set off tramping from the Flora car park at 9.25, had the usual morning tea at Mt Arthur Hut before heading off along the ridge track. There was some wind and many donned wind proof jackets, but it was no deterrent to proceeding. The majority of the group set a fast pace and waited at a few points for the tail to catch up.

At midday we had lunch at the Ellis Basin turnoff, thinking that it might be too windy on the top however this was not the case and Trampers enjoyed a wander around the top and a sit in the sun enjoying the views in very clear skies. As planned Chris led us down the North face of Mt Arthur along a ridge till we dropped off to the West and scrambled around a bluff to get to the entrance of the "hole in the mountain". Chris guided trampers across "the leap of faith" a gap in the floor of the narrow track through the hole that required a big step or a foot on the wall of the tunnel. All managed this and we emerged into sun on the Eastern side to then tackle the scree slopes. Eventually we got to more open karst landscape and walked down to join the Gordon's Pyramid / Mount Arthur track. A short break was taken here before we trudged back up the steep slope to the Mt Arthur Track and then down to Mt Arthur Hut and reaching the Flora car park at 4.45pm. The diversion through the hole in the mountain had added perhaps and hour of time to the usual Mt Arthur trip and it was 6pm before we arrived back in Richmond. Well done to those who were slightly stetched doing the hole in te rock and the scree slopes.

christine and troy negotiating route to hole in mountain

Participants were; Chris L, Mary, Andrea, Paula, Chris T, Richard, Troy, Kath (leader and scribe), and visitors Christine, Lea, Daniel, Sara and Shana.