mt angelus
Five of us girls left Richmond 6am Saturday to rendezvous with the Marlborough Tramping Club (MTC) at Robert car park for 8am. With bluebird skies ahead, finally some of us got to experience our first snow of the year. None of us were expecting to be chugging through deep drifts either!. It looked like a summer's day on the ridge and over across to St Arnauld ridge, with no snow to Robert Lodge and little to Julius summit.
robert ridge
Despite checking out crampon fittings at the Shelter, one of our party experienced problems and had to be assisted to the hut safely, thanks to Murray for all his support.
We got to Angelus at 2pm. Keen to get to the summit in the good weather we left after a quick lunch at just before three. With a quick trot and good snow conditions, except the last 100 climb, we were on the summit for 5pm. The wind had started to gust at times and the front pointing down climb was challenging for some due to scanty snow over rock in places. We made the hut before dark.Over capacity, one couple camped (though  would have suggested they sleep in the lounge or foyer as I did) had I known. A group of Romanians from Auckland had apparently told them the hut was full. We had a large party of quiet schoolboys, the boys trying to impress the girls one in a shirt and tie frying up sausages on the veranda!. Everybody in bed by nine.
returning to angelus hut
The next day the weather was not so pleasant and for safety reasons we exited via speargrass. Meeting up with the MTC at the car park and later lovely coffee at St Arnaud Lodge.
Thanks girls for your lovely company and smiles, some challenges and learning for me and the team.
Participants: Andrea (Leader and scribe),Madeleine, Christine, Michelle and Thu
snow 2