9 trampers briefly met at the church steps at 7.45 before heading up the Maitai Valley to the car park at the dam. It was a good brisk walk along the shaded track and eventually moving into the sun as we climbed towards Dun Saddle. A cool breeze kept the morning tea, 3/4 way to the saddle, to a brief stop. This section of track is much changed from the rough boldery track of a few years ago now that it has been groomed and graded as a cycling track. We were fortunate to only meet 4 cyclist before taking the turnoff towards Dun Saddle. There were great views from the saddle and a cool wind. A steep climb, levelling out as we got to the Dun Shelter for am early lunch at 1145. We traversed across tussock on Dun mountain to the high point at 1130M where we caught a glimpse of snow covered Tapuaenuka and Mt Richmond before descending to a saddle between Dun Mtn and Little Twin.

View of Tapuaenuku and Mt Richmond

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We walked from open tussock to beech forest as we ascended Little Twin (1143M arriving there 1 hr after leaving Dun Shelter. It was a steep descent through beech and mountain cedar to the level ridge that leads on to Dew lakes. where we arrived at 2pm. We enjoyed the views and lakes as we had a quick food stop before descending the track back to the dam. We had a brief stop to look and talk about the argillite mine site, before getting onto the forestry roads and the final stretch through the denuded hills back to the cars at 16.30.  It was a long walk, but a lovely fine day with a variety of landscapes. The four visitors did very well.

Dun Mtn Shelter

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Participants: David, Marie, Astrid, Richard B, Kath (leader and scribe), and visitors C, Jun, Thu, and Richard L