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mt stevens
March 05, 2021 Astrid Brauksiepe 25

Kaituna Forks and Mt Stevens

It was unfinished business and a glorious weather forecast that shooed four of us out the door on Friday evening; we'd last attempted the Kaituna Forks track in September but a swollen river held us back on that occasion. After a night at the perfectly situated Collingwood holiday park, we set off in two pairs on Saturday morning to do the Kaituna track from opposite ends, planning to meet in the middle for the all-important key swap. Astrid and I started at the Knuckle Hill end (nicely signposted now) and we took the side trip to the top, enjoyed the stunning views to the Whanganui Inlet,…
6 moletops2ndcamp
March 05, 2021 Peter Phipps 12

Mole Tops

Mole (or is that "Mo-lay") tops. Graeme had gone to great lengths to optimise transport pickups with everyone first coming together at the Wakefield Bakery. So obviously food was high on the agenda. This meant lunch on the first day could be of a bakery standard …. Yum. So ten in all set off for a valley just southeast of Murchison. Unfortunately no cellphone coverage and semi-vague instructions/memory to the road end meant a bit of extra driving. But hay ho it was a lovely day and we had the time. We set off across farm paddocks to the bush edge. Time for lunch … mmm pies etc. The bush was…
navigation map
March 01, 2021 Debbie Hogan 23

Navigation Training Weekend | 13–14 February 2021

Saturday: We gathered at the Pioneer Park hall eagerly armed with compass, pencil and ruler, and spent a convivial and productive day being introduced to the art of map reading and navigation. Mike’s presentation is well thought out and illustrated with informative (and sometimes surprising) slides. Mike is an expert in this field being a trainer for the Police and for Search and Rescue. To open the presentation the subject was brought to life with maps followed by photos of the actual terrain represented. This demonstrated the many details that could be gleaned from a perceptive and educated…
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February 09, 2021 Kath Ballantine 147

Kahurangi Lighthouse. Feb 5 - 8th 2021

Kai Moana, Sun, Creek and Ocean Swimming, and a Great time Low Tide Reflections The party gathered at Mangarakau Lodge on Frid 5th the later group of arrivals getting there at 8.30pm. Mindful we needed to be at Big River at about 11am we had a 7.30am departure from the lodge. We contemplated the river crossing at Anatori River and decided all cars could get across and so able to travel onto the Turimawiwi River where we parked on thegrassy flats. From here it was a 2 hour walk along the beach with 2 small rivers to cross to Big river where we arrived at low tide. A small group followed…
January 14, 2021 Andrea Cockerton 78

Pinnacle 2120M Leatham

We were certainly out there "doing it" , the body gave us all good feedback after 17 hours on the trot. Leaving Bolder Forks Hut at 7am, we arrived back at 2300 to front up to the last hours walk to the cars. By arriving at the cars at ten past midnight we had now turned the trot into a three day Epic! It was certainly an adventure and what made it super awesome was the way everyone worked together, helping and supporting each other with high spirits, humour and banter. The most commonly interchangeable words spoken were noted as "Rock' 'F***" and Holy S*** , in no particular order I may add.…
anchorage trip
November 24, 2020 Maaike van Hoeflaken 120

Anchorage to Marahau, Abel Tasman National Park. 7th Nov 2020

On 7 November David, Phillip and Maaike (leader and scribe), drove down to Marahau where we caught the 10:30 water taxi to Anchorage. The weather was quiet, warm and overcast, but there were sizable swells in the sea. We did a pass by the seals lying on the rocks on Motuareronui island and a small pod of dusky dolphins gave a jumping display just before we rounded the rocks into Torrent Bay. We arrived at Anchorage around 11:15, did the Pitt Head track to the Pitt Head viewpoints and decided to have lunch back at the Anchorage hut. At 12:55 we set off on the Anchorage access track towards…
group at top of mt arthur
November 20, 2020 Kath Ballantine 163

Mt Arthur Peak

With clear blue skies, but with a possibility of wind, 13 trampers set off from the Badminton Hall in Richmond just after 8. We set off tramping from the Flora car park at 9.25, had the usual morning tea at Mt Arthur Hut before heading off along the ridge track. There was some wind and many donned wind proof jackets, but it was no deterrent to proceeding. The majority of the group set a fast pace and waited at a few points for the tail to catch up. At midday we had lunch at the Ellis Basin turnoff, thinking that it might be too windy on the top however this was not the case and Trampers…
on summit mt gladstone
October 06, 2020 Liam Sullivan 156

Mt Gladstone Inland Kaikoura Ranges. 2-4th Oct 2020

2-4 October – Mt Gladstone, Inland Kaikoura Range Summit Mt Gladstone It had been over nine years since the club had run a trip to Mt Gladstone, a picturesque peak, but mostly overlooked by parties in favour of its loftier neighbours. Back then the club had headed up the Otterson Stream side on a warm, bluebird day, only to wake up to snow & cloud enshrouded ridges. This time, the attempt was to be made from the south-east via the Hodder Huts. Three had gathered for the attempt; Kazuhiro Abe, Pat Holland & Liam Sullivan. The huts were gained in good time on Friday & the team settled in with a…
October 05, 2020 Chris Louth 185

Ben Nevis, Sunday, 4th October 2020

View south up Gibbs Spur to the summit of Ben Nevis View north down Gibbs Spur to Tasman Bay On a fine and sunny Sunday morning Andrea, Simon, Chris, Peter, Pete, Clare, Paula (trip report) and Chrissy set out on a hastily arranged trip to climb Ben Nevis in the Richmond Ranges, led by Andrea. After an exhilarating drive over rough roads and through a couple of fords we got to the road below the official start and deemed it too rough and steep for our vehicles. From there it was onward and upward. Some steep climbing followed, through newly planted pines and up a rocky route onto the ridge.…
Snowskills 1
September 22, 2020 Debbie Hogan 154

Snow skills Training – Robert Ridge: 12 -13 September 2020

This was a combined training with members from the Golden Bay, Marlborough and Waimea Tramping clubs along with guests. At one stage there were 57 people registered to attend this training, but with lack of snow, most chose not to attend the weekend. Those hardy souls who attended the training set off armed with crampons & ice axes to look for snow…any snow to practice their snow skills on. After an early start from Nelson or Blenheim we all met up at the top Mount Robert car park. Those going to Lake Angelus (from NTC & MTC) went on ahead. Before setting off our leader, Debbie, gave a…
NTC at the old Champion copper smelter by United Creek
September 22, 2020 Chris Louth 209

United and Champion mines and Mt Malita circuit

On Sunday 20th September, Chris Louth, Ian Morris, Barry James, Beth and David Loe, Andrea Cockerton, Clare Quested, Paula Garnham (trip report) and guest Katherine Doherty set out on an intrepid trip to the Champion and United mine trails led by Chris. Chris prefaced the trip, stating it would "be steep". This was repeated three times in the course of the first climb. It was. The tramp itself was mainly through mineral belt country and we had a couple of ridges to go over. We started off following the Roding River, then up the United Creek track. What followed was some fairly tough climbing…
mt angelus
September 16, 2020 Andrea Cockerton 159

Mt Angelus 13th- 14th Sept 2020

Five of us girls left Richmond 6am Saturday to rendezvous with the Marlborough Tramping Club (MTC) at Robert car park for 8am. With bluebird skies ahead, finally some of us got to experience our first snow of the year. None of us were expecting to be chugging through deep drifts either!. It looked like a summer's day on the ridge and over across to St Arnauld ridge, with no snow to Robert Lodge and little to Julius summit. Despite checking out crampon fittings at the Shelter, one of our party experienced problems and had to be assisted to the hut safely, thanks to Murray for all his support.…
farewell spit from pillar point
September 09, 2020 Astrid Brauksiepe 114

Golden Bay Weekend. Sept 5th- 6th 2020

To cross or not to cross the river...that is the question. Murphy’s law would have it that our Golden Bay trip fell on a wet, breezy weekend with primo weather on either side. Undeterred by murky conditions, two compact groups of three set off from Golden Bay Holiday Park on Saturday morning, with one party starting at the Kaituna Forks end (close to Bainham) and the other group aiming for the Knuckle Hill end, (beyond Puponga) planning to meet in the middle for a key swap. The river crossing at Kaituna Forks was the only potential obstacle and a local guide had assured Astrid that the river…
gknob 6 the rabble
September 03, 2020 Pat Holland 142

Gordons Knob Richmond Forest Park. 30th Aug, 2020

Gordons Knob - The Rabble. The participant list got up to 19 takers by Friday but a few defections saw 16 in four vehicles leave Richmond by 8:15am on Sunday. An uneventful drive got us to Inwoods Lookout by 9am where we kitted up with an eye on the weather that was fine but breezy with cloud around the tops. A kea overhead wished us on our way and up the track we headed. Gordons Knob The ridge above Inwoods lookout Sure enough once we got out of the bush a cold wind from the SW reached gale force. As we went higher up the ridge the gusts were nearly knocking us off our feet. One person…
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August 20, 2020 Barry James 135

Wooded Peak, Richmond Forest Park. 16th Aug. 2020

The group met at the Prince Albert pub at 8.30 am and off we went up to the Brook starting point. The weather was cloudy and chilly as we set off walking up to the predator fence to 4 Corners along the Dun Mountain track to Third House for a short tea break then off along the track to the turnoff at Junction Saddle and up to Wooded Peak. There was a bit of a rocky and scrambling section and the group split up a little but all rejoined for a late lunch in the wee bit of sun of the day as we reached the mineral belt. We enjoyed the 360 degree view of the surrounding varied landscape. This…
nydia bay trip participants
August 14, 2020 Astrid Brauksiepe 178

Nydia Bay Crossover, Marlborough 8-9th Aug 2020

The group of 14 met at the Cathedral, swapped cars according to longer or shorter first day walkers and set off. 1 group to a Duncan Bay start and the other to Kaiumu.The weather was great, apart from a late shower, as the 2 groups remet at the well equipped Doc lodge at Nydia bay. Both groups had a good first day of walking, each with its own challenges of stream crossings and slippery track sections but each too with spectacular scenery. Day 2 turned out a glorious sunrise and day of walking. Those headed to Kaiumu descended in clouds of pine pollen toward the cars.Overall a great trip and…
img 5224
August 10, 2020 Pat Holland 186

Luna Tops, Wangapeka, August 4 - 6, 2020

The 3-day trip was organised for these dates so the vehicle of the Kawatiri Ramblers (KR) party from Westport could be placed at the trackhead for when they emerged from their Lesley-Karamea trip. On Tuesday Pat, Kath and Ian drove from the city to Mike's homestead at Tadmor where he was minding the KR 4WD. We then proceeded in two vehicles to the Rolling River Junction trackhead. Overcast but calm and surprisingly mild for mid-winter. The sandflies were already busy as we kitted up and headed off up the Wangapeka Track. It was uneventful travel with no other parties in the valley. Eventually…
Hacket trip
August 07, 2020 Graeme Ferrier 111

Hacket Hut to Browning Hut to Totara Saddle 2 Aug 2020

It was a relatively small group of six who set off on this tramp. It was a ‘Goldilock’s Day – not too hot and not too cold, for the tramp, but there were already quite a few cars in the car park. It is a popular walking track, and as we found out a few people had done overnight at both huts. Good time was made to Hacket for morning tea, then on to Browning. A faster group left first and decided to take the ‘wet weather’ track which involved quiet a scramble along a steep, and in places a slippery track. The slower group of two took the shorter river track that involved slightly wet feet but…
rainbow july 2020
July 30, 2020 Oliver Champeau 162

Rainbow Snow tramp, Nelson Lakes. 26th July 2020

Seven Club members left at 7am in 2 cars on Sunday 26th July from Richmond. The group arrived at the Rainbow ski-field car park 2 hours later. 2 additional passengers (hitchhikers) were picked up en route to the skifield. A beautiful clear and crisp winter morning greeted us with hardly any wind and not a single cloud to be seen, but temperature was well below 0°C. We started the walk shortly after 9am, equipped with crampons and ice-axes, Chris leading the way. The snow was mainly powder and not very deep, so we quickly removed the crampons for an easier walk. After a few minutes up, we…
Rocks hut 2
July 17, 2020 Clare Wade 153

Rocks Hut, Richmond Forest Park, 11-12th July, 2020

Bluebird skies greeted five eager beavers as we assembled at 8.30am on Saturday and were chauffeured by Pat to our starting point at The Brook Sanctuary. We followed the Sanctuary fence line for a bit, then onto the Dun mountain trail, stopping to admire the extensive repair job done on the track following slips in 2015/2018. We stopped at Third House for a break in the sun. The place was a-buzz with mountain bikers as we left to continue our jaunt along the wide trail, pulling in occasionally to make way for a biker or two. The aptly named Windy Point blew off any remaining cobwebs and on we…
onehau lookout 1
July 10, 2020 Madeleine Rohrer 140

Mistletoe Bay, Marlborough Sounds. 27-28th June 2020

Onehau Lookout. The weather forecast was not very promising for that weekend but 7 trampers took it on to make the best of it. The bonus was a warm lodge waiting for us at the Eco Village at Mistletoe Bay in the Marlborough Sounds. A good coffee in Havelock got us inspired and we enjoyed the lovely drive to the Bay. Soon a fire in the log burner warmed the place up and we were busy with a cup of tea and watching the resident rabbit through the telescope. It had eaten up a nice round patch of grass around itself and didn't move. The amusement kept the conversation going for some time until we…
stigger friends reduced
July 04, 2020 Debbie Hogan 107

Stiggers winter solstice adventure

In honour of the winter solstice my human carer; Debbie decided to hold a midwinter party at the Robert Lodge in one of the basins on the Mt Robert ridge. I was looking forward to a romp in the snow a rare event since I had taken up residence in Nelson. The prospect of some frolics in the snow must have excited many as 17 humans and several other animal species had gathered at the lodge by mid- afternoon on Saturday 20th June. The deputy carer had even managed to bring a small tree up the hill. I watched with interest as Debbie, David and Thomas festooned the small den (alcove) where I had…
June 18, 2020 Michele Cunningham 354

Holyoake Clearing - Abel Tasman National Park - 13th June 2020

12 trampers met at the Richmond car park early on a chilly winter’s morning for a walk around the Holyoake Clearing loop from Marahau in Abel Tasman National Park. The leader had rashly advertised a 6-7 hour walk, based on a previous advertisement for the same walk! We set off not long after 9am, wrapped up in plenty of layers. The weather was cloudy but gradually clearing and there wasn’t a breath of wind. The low tide estuary looked very serene as we walked across the bridge, and snapped a few photos of a heron fossicking in the shallow water. After a short walk along the Coast Track to…
20200607 124007 1
June 15, 2020 Kath Ballantine 167

Mt Dun, Little Twin Dew lakes Circuit Mt Richmond Forest Park 7/6/2020

9 trampers briefly met at the church steps at 7.45 before heading up the Maitai Valley to the car park at the dam. It was a good brisk walk along the shaded track and eventually moving into the sun as we climbed towards Dun Saddle. A cool breeze kept the morning tea, 3/4 way to the saddle, to a brief stop. This section of track is much changed from the rough boldery track of a few years ago now that it has been groomed and graded as a cycling track. We were fortunate to only meet 4 cyclist before taking the turnoff towards Dun Saddle. There were great views from the saddle and a cool wind. A…
lake stanley
June 09, 2020 Kate Krawczyk 166

Waingaro Forks Hut - Lake Stanley

Waingaro Forks Hut - Lake Stanley 30th May to 1st of June 2020 On Saturday morning 3 keen trampers arrived at Uruwhenua car park in Golden Bay at 9.15 and soon were walking up Kill Devils track to the ridge line about 900 m c. Beautiful weather and no wind made walking the undulating ridge, passing through open vegetation with good views at the Locket Range, a pleasure. Soon after the Riordans Hut turn off the track immersed into the bush and a lush green forest full of birdsong. Tuis, bell-birds, fantails, robins, just to name a few, were entertaining us all the way to the valley floor.…
June 03, 2020 Kate Krawczyk 144

Cable Bay Walkway, Nelson - 31 May 2020

Trip Leader: Kate Krawczyk Participants: Troy Dixon, Anthea Michaelis, Paula Garnham, Richard Benfield, Jozette Welgemoed, Chris Louth, Rita Serfontein, Maaike van Hoeflaken It was a stunning clear day for the last day of May - perfect for a trip on the Cable Bay walkway. It was a nice cruisy opportunity for members and newcomers to get together to enjoy a lovely local walk with great company and good views. We left the beach car park at the Glen around quarter past 9am and started the steady climb up to the airstip and famous bench with the first viewpoint back over the Boulder Bank and…
May 24, 2020 Kate Krawczyk 206

Mt.Duppa, Bryant Range Nelson - 23 May 2020

Leader: Graeme Ferrier Participants: Michele Cunningham, Kate Krawczyk, Leah Parker, Meike, Jun, Astrid Brauksiepe, Arif Mathee, Peter Phipps, Nayla Met at the church steps at 8:30 Short drive northeast through the Whangamoas reached the Mt.Duppa turnoff. The road in is very different since the forestry has been harvested but it is easy to navigate thanks to DOC who has recently re-marked the road in to the track start. The road is a bit rougher than it used to be and I would recommend 4wd vehicles with a bit of clearance to access this tramp. The route to the top is a steep grunt about 600…
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May 17, 2020 Debbie Hogan 144

Mt. Duppa, Bryant Range, Nelson - 17 May 2020

Leader: Debbie Hogan Participants: Philip Palmer, Nina Solter, Ray Salisbury, Kathy Smith, David Cook (Scribe), Jack Denford (visitor). This was the club’s first trip after Covid Alert Level 2 status was introduced so only a small group was able to make the trip. We assembled at 0830 on a fine morning at the Cathedral steps with one to pick up en route. Three cars made the trip to the Duppa turn-off and then continued up the hill with a wrong turning partway up delaying things a bit. By 0940 we had parked up and at 0945 we set off. The lower reaches of the track were not too difficult and we…
March 23, 2020 Debbie Hogan 211

Cable Bay Adventure Park 8 March 2020

Tramping in Cable Bay Adventure Park: a great adventure for 9 adults and 4 kids Leader: Rod Lewis Since our arrival in Nelson, seven months ago, we knew that one day, we would go to Cable Bay Adventure Park. I am not exactly sure, though, that tramping in an adventure park offering Quad Bike tours and Skywire experience was what our two eleven-year old boys Mathis and Philéas had in mind… However, here we were, on Sunday 8 March at 9.30am, in the Cable Bay Adventure Park car park, ready to walk under the leadership of Rod and Carol. After passing through the Paintball field (no, we did not do…
Wakamarina Tramping Group 1 March 2020 pic
March 12, 2020 Graeme Ferrier 273

Wakamarina Walk, Sunday 1 March 2020

A group of eleven trampers headed off from the Cathedral Steps at 8.30am for Canvastown. After a brief stop to read some of the history of goldmining in the area, it was another 15km to the car park near Butcher’s Flat. After a quick break and change into tramping gear, it was ‘hit the track’. The first 15 minutes or so of track is along an exposed, rough 4WD track that then enters some native forest before ending in a single walking track in the shade of the trees. After half an hour the group diverted off the main Wakamarina track to follow the ‘Doom Creek Loop’ which rejoined the main…
February 28, 2020 Kate Krawczyk 351

Buckland Peaks, Paparoa NP - Feb 22nd-23rd, 2020

Click to enlarge Leader: Kate Krawczyk Participants: Debbie Hogan, John Whibley, Leah Parker, Catherine Doherty, Troy Dixon, Clare Quested, Sue Henley Eight happy trampers set off from Nelson at 7:30 am on Saturday morning. A coffee stop at Rivers cafe in Murchison was a must of course but it ended up turning into a full breakfast stop after Sue raved to us about the wonderful breakfast she'd had there recently on a trip back from Hanmer. We reached the track car park just before noon, which was a bit later than I'd hoped but we had plenty of daylight on our side. An hour long road bash saw…
st arnard range group compressed
February 24, 2020 Michele Cunningham 267

St. Arnard Range: 18-19 Jan 2020

Madeline had completed a reccy so knew the area and what was on offer. We were efficient on getting to St Arnaud and leaving at a respectable 9:30am giving us plenty of daylight. The track is a bit like a logarithmic scale with a very gentle start getting steeper as you go. There were not many people around so we only met a few on the track. At our first break we were lucky enough to see a kaka in one of the trees above us. The bush was lovely to walk through although I don’t recall hearing a lot of bird life. The track steepened as we approached Parachute Rocks and not long after we rose…
whispering falls
February 17, 2020 Debbie Hogan 238

Chromite Mines Circuit & Whispering Falls, Hacket Range - 5 Jan 2020

Six Trampers set off from the Hacket Car park at 08.30am. We walked for approx. 30 mins before taking an orange triangle marked, but not sign-posted track to the right. A steep ascent for 20 mins then the track levelled out and sidled around in mixed pine and scrub bush before we came out on a ridge between the Hacket and Serpentine valleys. Elevation 400m from 240m on Hacket track. An over-grown Forestry road comes up to this saddle from the Serpentine Valley at this saddle. The track left the ridge and followed a pack horse track sidling along the hillside down towards the mines and Hacket…
cobb ridge
February 09, 2020 Mark Graesser 154

Cobb Ridge Crossover, Kahurangi N.P. 9 Feb 2020

A splendid day promised ample rewards for this relatively ambitious day trip, as the party of ten departed from Nelson and Richmond at 7:00. By 10:00 we were assembled at the information shelter above the Cobb Reservoir to organize the cross-over. Kath took the “hard” party of five to the car park below Myttons Hut, from where they walked up to Cobb Ridge above Lake Peel and thence along the ridge back to the shelter. Mark led the “easy” group directly along the ridge. These arrangements worked perfectly, as the entire party met for lunch and a key exchange at about 1:00, and Mark’s group…
January 12, 2020 Mark Graesser 120

King’s Creek Hut, Wangapeka Valley - 11-12 Jan 2020

Leader: Mark Graesser This trip offered a relatively easy opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lower Wangapeka Valley, with a night in a commodious hut. Three trampers departed from the Rolling River car park at 10:00 in fine weather. For the most part travel up the well benched 19th century miners’ track is easy, although some modest scrambling is required to get through the remains of the big slip which occurred in 2012. Mount Patriarch dominated the view from the valley; the river was in good flow, and we spotted a southern rata and lots of kanuka in full flower (but no whio). After lunch at…
January 10, 2020 Debbie Hogan 174

Dragons Teeth, Northbound - Dec 30 2019

Day 1, Monday, December 30, 2019 Author: Don & Nicola Start: Trilobite Hut End: Waingaro Ridge​,​ 250m above Fenella Hut Northbound trampers​: Mike (leader), Pat, Sue, Madeleine, Debbie, Sam, Nina, Don and Nicola. Vehicle logistics​: Cobb bound – Mike and Sue’s car took us to Trilobite Hut. Pat’s car taken from Nelson to Quartz Range (?) Farm (Lead Hills route and our destination) by southbound group. Mike’s car collected from Trilobite Hut and taken to Quartz Range (?) Farm by southbound group led by Andrea. Two vehicles left Kate’s place with 9 trampers shortly after 8.30am in bright sun,…
December 15, 2019 Patrick Holland 110

Ellis Basin & South Twin, Kahurangi National Park - 13-15 Dec 2019

Leader: Silvano Lorandi Only four takers for this excellent trip that Silvano ran as a repeat for his one 11 months prior. Flora carpark was filling as we arrived and off we set in good order for a morning break at Mt Arthur Hut. The weather was fine but overcast with a dubious forecast for later in the day. On up the beckoning ridge track we went and had lunch at the start of the traverse to Mt Athur where the track rises out of the tussock onto the karst. Thence up to the sign pointing us to the Ellis Basin with a short rise over Winter Peak. We did not tarry as the wind was strengthening…
November 24, 2019 Patrick Holland 117

Mt Arthur, Kahurangi National Park - 24 Nov 2019

Leader: Barry James Ten starters squeezed into 2 cars and headed for Graham Valley. Barry took the scenic route Tasman-Harleys Rd-Ngatimoti and well justified on a fine morning with views up to the Arthur massif. However, the sky was lightly overcast, almost misty from the Australian bushfires and strong westerly winds were already apparent at Flora carpark. Our party swarmed up the beautiful track to Mt Arthur Hut where the wind was not too apparent. But after we carried on up to the exposed ridge, the wind became very strong and some other parties were already in retreat. On we soldiered to…
IMG 6814
November 23, 2019 Uta Purcell 89

Nydia Saddle, Marlborough - 23 Nov 2019

Leader: Uta Purcell A Saturday tramp and good weather brought out 6 keen and fit trampers to follow their Leader, myself, on an easy tramp. Speed I could not offer, but beautiful scenery and some historic interest. The latter was a brief stop at the Rai Valley Cottage on Opouri Road, built by the first European settlers in that area. We peeped through the windows of the totara and beech slab construction. Next stop on the Opouri Saddle was mandatory and the view of the Sounds much photographed. The drive to the car park leads through impressive bush. The track from Duncan Bay around the…
October 20, 2019 Kate Krawczyk 106

Lake Lockett, Kahurangi National Park - 19-20th Oct 2019

It’s always a long drive up into the Cobb Reservoir but it’s such a beautiful area that it is worth it. The road has finally opened up after much roadworks and it is in great nick. We parked up at the Sylvester car park and walked up the road to the quarry. We wondered amongst ourselves what the quarry was for? A well-marked track with red triangles led off from the top of the quarry and we followed it along sidling the hill until the track dropped down into the Diamond Lake Stream. There were a few side creeks to cross and the main creek to ford and we were a little concerned as there had…
Sylvester hut group
October 20, 2019 David Cook 106

Sylvester Hut, Kahurangi National Park - 19-20th Oct 2019

Leader: Debbie Hogan After several postponements, this trip finally ran once road works on the Cobb Valley Road had been completed. It was almost 11:00 before we were ready to leave the car park; pleased to note that there were no other vehicles parked there, meaning we could leave our sleeping mats in the car. It was a fine day with a cool breeze but because we were in the bush until the ridge top section to the hut no one seemed to overheat. Sylvester Hut altitude 1310m has views to the North West round to South East but was nestled into the trees to the south. We were soon into lunch and a…
MTArthur 6Oct19 pic
October 06, 2019 Graeme Ferrier 82

Mt Arthur Hut - Flora Hut Loop Tramp, Kahurangi National Park - 6 Oct 2019

Leader: Graeme Ferrier Fifteen enthusiastic trampers, including 9 visitors met at Flora Carpark to undertake the “Easy” loop walk back to the carpark via Mt Arthur Hut and Flora Hut on a somewhat cloudy Sunday. The well benched track to Mt Arthur Hut provide a good warm–up for everyone and especially the visitors who had not previously been on that track. It was also a great opportunity for people to introduce themselves and have a chat with their fellow trampers. After a short break at MA Hut, the group ventured a short distance along the ridge above the hut to hopefully gain a good view of…
IMG 6370
September 22, 2019 Uta Purcell 88

Takaka Hill Walkway - 22 Sept 2019

A bright, warm day made for a good start. Eleven trampers, old and new, some with extensive experience, gathered punctually, showing eager attitude. To walk on a marble mountain promises something special. Though this was once farmland, it’s now a fenced off QEII Covenant. I had promised evidence of farming, and this we found on the small bush track at the beginning. The mummified cow, trapped in a small hut, which has now collapsed, came as a big surprise to some. We followed the stream, leading to a cave. There were some keen explorers, even wanting to exit at the far end. Luckily they had…
September 08, 2019 Administrator 93

Snow Skills Trip at Mount Robert Lodge - 7-8 Sept 2019

6.40am on Saturday: Ian is picking me up AT THE DOOR and the adventure begins. 29 people of three different clubs of the area (Nelson, Marlborough and Golden Bay clubs) will meet to train their snow skills around Mount Robert Lodge. I feel a bit nervous and shy as it is my first trip with Nelson Tramping Club, but everybody in the car soon put me at ease. Early at the car park, we have time to pick up the snow gear: ice axes and crampons. Helped by the more experienced ones, we check that our crampons fit on the boots. Then there we go, in small groups of four to five, each led by an…
September 01, 2019 Madeleine Rohrer 97

Kirwans Hut, Victoria Forest Park - 29 Aug/1 Sept. 2019

Trip Leader: Madeleine Rohrer An early 7 am start got us going to Murchison where we enjoyed morning tea and then drove on to Capleston car park, close to Reefton. What a lovely and mild end of winter day. We followed the nice track along Topffer Creek through the bush which soon started to climb. A short stop for lunch and on we went chatting and climbing steadily until we finally got out of the bush and were greeted with sunshine and blue sky and a thick layer of snow around Kirwans Hut, 12 bunks (1294m). As we brought some kindling and wood we soon had a fire roaring and the coal glowing.…
May 28, 2019 Richard Walker 97

Cowin Spur, Kahurangi National Park - 28 May 2019

Leader: Richard Walker Oh, it was good to be back in this part of the country again. Five of us hardy souls set of at a sparrows fart for the Baton valley and the clear sky gave us hope that our one day fine weather window was going to happen as promised. The Cowin spur is an old favourite of mine and with cloud hanging around the high tops it has a real wild, remote, and special feel. The condition of the lower track through the fern and scrub was excellent and well cut (thanks DOC) with hardly a need for the waterproofs which were soon relegated to the pack. The track climbs, and climbs,…
May 08, 2019 Kath Ballantine 97

Alpine Route - Richmond Forest Park - 4-8 May 2019

Three trampers, hopeful that the high over the country would last, set out from the Hackett car park at 8.45am, for a five-day adventure. An easy walk up-river to the turn off to Mt Starveall, then a slow section as we negotiated crossing the river multiple times. We had morning tea at the last of the river crossings before starting the steep incline. Lunch was in the vicinity of Parachute Rock, the first opportunity of a view out over the valley. A final steep pinch up to the hut, arriving at 3pm. A cool wind had picked up, but we kept warm making a concerted effort replenishing the but…
April 28, 2019 Kate Krawczyk 89

Expedition through Ahuriri Conservation Park, Easter 2019

Leader: Kate Krawczyk Day 1 It was a long drive down to the Ahuriri Conservation area but it was worth it. We had a ten-day stretch including Easter and ANZAC holidays. This meant, for those of us who work, we only had to take three days’ annual leave. It was a chance to go far, far away! We left Nelson around 8am and didn’t arrive at Ahuriri Base Hut until about 8p – in the dark.There was only a couple from Gore in the hut and a starving little kitten who had crawled out from under the hut the day before apparently. No one knew where it had come from, but we gave it warm milk and the lovely…
March 31, 2019 Silvano Lorandi 94

Mount Richmond, Mt Richmond Forest Pk - 30-31 Mar 2019

Leader/Scribe: Silvano Lorandi Easy access, nice track, comfortable hut and a peak with a lovely shape what can you ask more from a tramping trip? Ummm … perhaps a view from the top? Sadly, we missed that part, even going to the top on Saturday afternoon trying to beat the bad weather forecasted wasn’t enough. Clouds deprived us of the view but We still made sense of what was around us and remembered the adventures of the past in the area. Never mind we retreated to the hut for a warm evening spent sharing stories and chitchatting with a lovely group of women from Nelson and a German…
DSC02085 Small
March 24, 2019 Administrator 92

Mount Arthur - Kahurangi NP - 24 Mar 2019

Leader: Pat Holland Eight punters gathered early morning at Richmond for this old faithful trip that had been organised by Chris Louth but who had to pull out due to a MTB injury. Waimea Tramping Club also had members milling about in the carpark for their trip. This caused minor confusion! It was an uneventful drive to the Graham Valley. The Flora car park was moderately full, as behove the beautiful mild weather. So, we set off, on the grand track through the beautiful beech forest, reaching Mt Arthur Hut in 70 minutes for a break. Spurred on by a young couple carrying a five-month old…
March 05, 2019 Andrea Cockerton 81

Starlight Cave, Takaka Hill - 4 Mar 2019

Leader: Andrea Jabberwocky Starlight cave is the exit from a caving expedition after dropping down the infamous Harwoods Hole. It takes around three hours for cavers to negotiate the route following an amazing water course through the cave. (I can speak first hand having experienced this amazing journey several years ago). Our intention was to experience this beautiful cavern. You cannot get in too far before you need SRT gear but can certainly have a good look around this chamber, clambering on the rocks above water level. The idea of a circular route came from a Wilderness Magazine article…
Madeleine Rohrer
March 01, 2019 Brian Renwick 121

Seven Pass trip, Nelson Lakes National Park - 21-29 Feb 2019

Leader: Brian Renwick “This looks a lot easier than I remember!” Two seconds later, the guardian of Moss Pass punished Brian for his rash remark. With perfect Monty Pythonesque timing, he took one step down and promptly arsed over, sliding a few metres down the steep, loose gut amid a shower of rubble; the guardian exacting a tribute of a little skin and blood. After establishing Brian was ok, they all had a big laugh about it. Talk about cockiness coming before a fall… Some trampers bag peaks; others bag huts. This was to be a pass-bagging trip: seven passes between 1785 and 1870 metres…
South Twin Party
February 27, 2019 Silvano Lorandi 96

South Twin, Kahurangi National Park - 25-27 Feb 2019

The Twins are two rocky waves in the sea of green rolling mountains of the Mt. Arthur Range. They are near the busy Mount Arthur track but have none of Mt Arthur’s busy popularity. Neglected perhaps, because of their intimidating look, but hidden from view from Mount Arthur, there is a beautiful green ramp to the sky for the pleasure of trampers – the west ridge of the South Twin (1796m) . It’s accessible from Loveridge or Paddys Ridge in two days with camping or, as we did, a three-day tramp using Ellis Basin Hut as a base. Six of us set off from Flora car park, up the hill.Descending into…
coldwater hut 0
February 17, 2019 Patrick Holland 89

Lake Rotoiti circuit, Nelson Lakes National Park - 17 Feb 2019

Leader: Pat Holland It was another sunny morning in Nelson and the mist was clearing about the tops as we approached St Arnaud. We decided to do the full circuit, rather than a car shuttle across Kerr and West Bays. So off we set, taking about an hour for the road walk to the track start on the Mt Robert Road. The walk along the west side was very pleasant in the cool, calm conditions with pretty views through the beech forest to the sparkling water of the lake. The track was in excellent condition and there were very few wasps although Corrina and Kelvin still managed to get stung. Coldwater…
NTC trampers on Waitaha River
February 07, 2019 Raymond Salisbury 96

Ivory Lake Hut, Waitaha Valley, Westland - 1-7 Feb 2019

Leader: Kate Krawczyk [PRIVATE TRIP] Because Nelson Anniversary Day and Waitangi Day were in the same week, it made sense to take the remaining week days off work. But where to go? Our illustrious president dreamed up an ambitious holiday in the West Coast wilderness. The idea was to take her friends up to the iconic Ivory Lake and chill out for a few days. Mike Glover, who had visited the area twice, volunteered to lead the party on some epic day walks. Then half the Committee added their names to the growing list. NTC trampers on Waitaha River Day 1: After takeways in Reefton, three cars…
asbestos cottage lawrie
February 04, 2019 Lawrie Halkett 100

Asbestos Cottage–Tableland circuit, Kahurangi Nat Park - 2-4 Feb 2019

Leader: Lawrie Halkett With just a party of two, is that a party? Kelvin and Lawrie made it to the Flora car park, while there were still some parking spaces! It was a leisurely walk under bright blue skies to Asbestos Cottage. We stopped at Flora Hut to check all was okay. The hut was looking in great nick, with most graffiti being confined to the wood shed. At Asbestos Cottage we met an interesting German hiker that has been coming back to NZ tramping every year since 1986. Being an astronomer he returns to enjoy our night skies, as well as being a keen bird watcher. It reminded us that…
Beebys Hut
January 09, 2019 Kath Ballantine 86

Beebys Hut, Mt Richmond FP - 6 Jan 2019

Leader: Kath Ballantine Four trampers set off from the Church steps at 8am on what turned out to be a very hot day in town. We arrived at the Beeby’s Knob car park on the Korere—Tophouse Rd at 9.15am. It was pleasant walking in the bush in slightly cooler overcast conditions. We reached the ridge track at 12.30pm having had a morning tea stop half way up. We decided to press on to the hut, rather than to Beeby’s Knob as it was very windy at the top. We envisioned having a more pleasant lunch in the hut rather than on the knob. Beebys Hut Situated in a pleasant spot, the hut was a welcome…
pelorus sail 2019
January 09, 2019 Ian Dohoo 71

Pelorus Sound Sail, Marlborough - 9 Jan 2019

Skipper: Brian Renwick On a warm, sunny, Wednesday morning, Rod and Carole-Ann Lewis, and Susan and Ian Dohoo joined Brian Renwick aboard his catamaran Canopus for a sail in the Pelorus Sound. Clear skies and light winds saw them using a combination of motor and sail to get out to Waiona Bay (opposite Maud Island). The bay provided a beautiful anchorage as a spot for a communal lunch based on some delicious fried Kahawai that Brian had caught the day before. The crew Breezes definitely picked up after lunch as the group headed back up the inlet. After clearing the marine reserve around Maud…
January 06, 2019 Andrea Cockerton 99

Billies Knob, Kahurangi National Park - 6 Jan 2019

Leader: Andrea Smith Finally, after several attempts, the weather gods blessed and gave us access to this stunningly beautiful area. The road and ford were easily driven and by all accounts of passing foot traffic, Granity Pass Hut was the des res for the festive season. As we drove up the road it was difficult to imagine the once bustling Wangapaka Township of 250 residents at Courthouse Flat that sprung up during the gold mining era. Complete, of course, with courthouse and jail –still not a bad view. Maybe those miners were a rowdy lot; they certainly would have been dissatisfied with the…
December 23, 2018 Chris Louth 74

Pearse Resurgence & Nettlebed Cave | Kahurangi N.P. -23 Dec 2018

Leader: Chris Louth It had been three or four years since the last time NTC had ventured up the Pearse Valley, so memories were a bit vague as to what to expect. Heavy rain 24 hours before had raised the river level, not to dangerous levels - but man, was the water cold, as we discovered on the first crossing next to the car park. The track starts through private land and is wide and smooth, but as soon as it enters conservation land it becomes narrow and overgrown with ferns and blackberry for the first couple of kilometres as it starts climbing above the river. There are no bridges on this…
maitai caves group
December 16, 2018 Sue Henley 114

Maitai Caves, Nelson - 16 Dec 2018

Leader: Sue Henley The weather for Sunday looked promising, my list of participants grew and grew as the week progressed. By Sunday I had 18 names on the list. After initially meeting at Millers Acre, we pooled vehicles and regrouped at the footbridge just before the Maitai Dam. We meandered along the track for a few minutes before coming to an abrupt stop as some mountain bikers skidded to a halt. After warning the bikers about our rather large group we continued, making our way up and down some gentle inclines, crossed creeks and negotiated mud holes before reaching the caves. We then…
December 02, 2018 Raymond Salisbury 79

Tour de Grampians, Nelson - 2 Dec 2018

Leader: Ray Salisbury Starting out from the point of least resistance, in The Brook valley, our humble crew of six Sunday morning ramblers set off up the Access Road. While the Grampians reserve was not new to the men-folk, it was a great introduction to Nally and Corrina. Our intention was to complete a full circumnavigation of Mount Flaxmore, utilising eight of the numerous tracks. The summit road was used as a warm-up; this was abandoned for an overgrown, grassy path to gain the saddle with Sugarloaf. A lower section of the Kanuka Track took us up to a higher elevation, whereby we could…
Brook 2018
November 28, 2018 Kath Ballantine 83

Brook Sanctuary Walk, Nelson - 28 Nov 2018

Leader: Kath Ballantine Thirteen trampers had a leisurely start to the day, gathering at the Visitors Centre at the Brook Sanctuary Visitors Centre at 10am on a bright sunny day. After paying entrance donations and doing a biosecurity check of our backpacks, we set off along the valley track through tall trees. Within 30 mins we had reached the start of Falcon Spur, the steep ascent to the ridgeline at the top of the sanctuary. We were able to monitor our progress as we marked off the sanctuary monitoring lines at 50m vertical height intervals going off either side of the spur track. We had a…
November 18, 2018 Patrick Holland 80

Rough Creek, St Arnaud Range - 18 Nov 2018

Leader: Pat Holland Sunday dawned clear in Nelson but the forecast had been dodgy all week. So, it was with some trepidation that we viewed the mist over St Arnaud Range as we trucked past Top House. However, by the time we got up the Rainbow Road to the Rough Creek ford, it was clearing, with patches of blue in the sky big enough for sailor’s trousers. The unmarked route is directly up the creek. After a kilometre on gentle gravel with some stream crossings, the terrain narrowed and steepened. Ian chose some deer trails through the adjacent forest to avoid small waterfalls and the gorge. We…
October 22, 2018 Mike Drake 94

Leatham–Saxton– Severn Valleys, Marlborough - 18-21 Oct 2018

Kate's artwork on the saddle above Severn HutLeader: Mike Drake Day 1 | Author: Mike Drake Bottom Gordons Hut to Top Gordon Hut Groundhog day for me: I soloed this circuit the previous year, thinking it would make a cruisy club trip. Six people squeezed into Mike Glover’s 4WD at Hope, meeting me at Belgrove where we redistributed people. Then it was off to St Arnaud for a caffeine fix. Over drinks it was agreed that ‘Tramping Rule 101’ would be applied on this trip: always keep the person behind in sight. The club has a bit a reputation, where some people have the habit of racing on ahead…
Pinchgut with Ian
October 14, 2018 Ian Morris 82

Julius Summit, Nelson Lakes National Park - 14 Oct 2018

Pinchgut with IanLeader: Ian Morris One of the advantages of climbing the Pinchgut Track is that you quickly become warm on the initial climb to Mt Robert. The Bushedge shelter is no longer there, but there is a new park bench just before Mt Robert to sit, recover and enjoy the view. We had a quick look at the renovated Relax Shelter with its new water tank, then headed up Robert Ridge. There was snow alongside the ridge, but we walked on bare rock almost all the way to Point 1777, just before Julius Summit. Here, we had to traverse across a snow slope, then contemplate a steep descent into…
October 07, 2018 Graeme Ferrier 76

Archers Track & Opouri Saddle, Marlborough Sounds - 7 Oct 2018

Leader: Graeme Ferrier The easier walks seem to attract more ‘guest’ trampers as they test their level of ability compared to the people they see as ‘experienced’ club trampers. This tramp attracted five potential new members. The walk from Penzance to Elaine Bay follows the edge of the Tennyson Inlet, with the first half being through beautiful native bush and the second half through replanted pine forest. Along the way are lovely views across the Inlet and the islands to the north.v To add an extra experience, a descent from Opouri Saddle towards Duncan Bay was included, after a car…
September 23, 2018 Michele Cunningham 72

Mt Fishtail, Mt Richmond Forest Park - 22-23 Sept 2018

Leader: Michele Cunningham The forecast looked perfect for a weekend jaunt up Mount Fishtail in the Richmond Ranges near Blenheim. Leah, Peter and Michele were joined by Yee from Blenheim, on her first NTC trip. She had a long wait for us at the road end, as we were held up by a nasty car crash on the Whangamoas. We were the first to arrive on the scene. We approached the two significantly-damaged vehicles which had been involved, hearts in mouths as to what we might find. We were relieved to find there were no serious injuries, although everyone was naturally quite shaken up. We stayed at…
Posed Party Sextet Andrea
September 22, 2018 Simon Garton 109

Nelson Lakes N.P. Grand Traverse - 19–22 September

Leader: Simon Garton Day 1 | Author: Brian Lewis Pass Carpark to Ada Pass Hut Brian and his brother David, the chauffeur and chanteur, arrived at Pete’s for an 8am rendezvous, where Kate, Andrea and Simon were already waiting, having picked up Mike at Kohatu. After lunch at Maruia Springs, we disgorged from David’s seven-seater at the St James car park and were soon underway up Cannibal Gorge. There was no certainty about when and where the trip would finish, but the plan was to be collected at Sabine Hut on Monday morning by Hamish Simpson, the Rotoiti water taxi operator (the Rotoroa…
Wharariki Beach
September 02, 2018 Peter Phipps 70

Golden Bay weekend - 1-2 Sept 2018

Leader: Brian Renwick Michele and I chose to make the most of the weekend with Brian in Golden Bay by travelling over the hill on Friday night. After nice fish ‘n’ chips in Takaka, we arrived at Brian’s at a reasonable time to formulate a plan for the weekend. We rose early in order to spend time on Wharariki Beach before high tide at 9:30am. There was no one else there. After exploring some of the rocks at the eastern end of the beach, we then had a neat experience watching 5–6 seal pups playing in a small pool. They put on quite a show and came quite close. From there, we dodged a few sea…
Ben20Nevis20Posed20Party Aug2018 web
August 25, 2018 Kate Krawczyk 86

Ben Nevis, Mt Richmond Forest Park - 25 Aug 2018

On the summit of Ben NevisLeader: Kate Krawczyk We set out from the badminton club at 8am, then picked up Fran from her gate up Pig Valley Road, then proceeded to wind our way up through the maze of forestry roads to the bottom of the last steep climb to the Ben Nevis car park. I’ve never had the nerve to go that last 100 or so metres and it was a good call as the road was deeply rutted and washed out. There was a piece of some poor vehicle’s bumper on the side of the road! Someone has put up track markers on waratahs on the forestry roads to help guide the way. Just after 9am, we huffed and…
ChrisSteve Mt20Arthur web
August 20, 2018 Raymond Salisbury 72

Winter Peak, Mt Arthur, Kahurangi National Park - 18-20 Aug 2018

Leader: Steve McGlone Although Chris cancelled this climb, a trio of us were eager to test our fitness after minor injuries had us house-bound for weeks. And the weather was too good to stay inside. Steve put his hand up, and became the default leader and driver. At 9am, we made an ‘alpine start’ from Flora Saddle, up the familiar track to the hut. A handful of day-trippers were about, mostly keeping below the snowline in their sneakers. Steve and Chris were faster than I, patiently waiting for me to huff and puff my way up each summit. So, as we made our slow ascent up each hillock, younger…
Trip party at Paske Hut
August 12, 2018 Mike Drake 95

Rainbow-Paske Valleys, Nelson Lakes Nat. Park,10-12 Aug 2018

Trip party at Paske HutLeader: Mike Drake Our aim was to make an attempt on Mount Dora based from Paske Hut. The route starts near the bridge across the Rainbow River. In winter a key is required to open the locked gate just after Six-Mile Creek on the Rainbow Road. There have been some issues with access to the road since the sale of the lease to Nelson Honey Ltd., two years ago The fee has been increased to $40 per vehicle. However, the new farm manager Gene (03 521 1838) seems more amenable than the last. Mike had pre-arranged everything, so we were able to pick up a key that Gene had left…
August 05, 2018 Debbie Hogan 71

SNOWCRAFT TRAINING, Rainbow Ski Area, Nelson Lakes N.P. - 4-5 Aug 2018

Leader: Debbie Hogan 18 eager souls set out from Nelson to have fun in the snow and learn some new skills as well. The weather forecast was initially very poor for the weekend, especially Sunday, so the scheduled Sunday trip became a Saturday trip, and the weather came to the party too. Four experienced trampers set off to attempt the elusive trip to Peanter Peak, elusive because, for the past four years, we haven’t managed to make that trip part of the snowcraft day. More on that later. Trainers Debbie and Peter ensured everyone’s crampons fitted properly, then we set off up the little…
July 29, 2018 Raymond Salisbury 96

Lower Goulter Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park - 28-29 July 2018

Leader: Ray Salisbury With a promising weather window, we made our rendezvous at the Havelock Bakery. Warm coffees and hugs were enjoyed. We continued on, driving the full length of Northbank Road as the sealed surface became a gravel 4WD track, dipping into several fords. One of these stopped the Toyota, but I persisted for another 4km in the Honda, which had better clearance. Rod reminded me that if we drove any further, then there would be nothing left to tramp. So I parked up, and we donned our packs. Half an hour through the regenerating ti-tree, we reached the official carpark, where a…
July 28, 2018 Scott Stocker 81

Saddle Hill (The Doubles), Mt Richmond Forest Park - 28 July 2018

Leader: Silvano Lorandi The original plan was to climb Mt Royal in the Richmond Ranges, but there had been a recent dump of snow on the tops which would have meant an even longer day. So, with the amount of daylight available, Silvano decided to go for Plan B, something closer to home: Saddle Hill. In the end only three of us opted for this: Silvano, Grant Derecourt and myself. Silvano took us in his 4WD through Rai Valley, turning off at Pelorous up the Maungatapu Road, right to the saddle. It was fine, but a bitter, cold sou’wester was blowing so we put on boots and extra layers fast. The…
Dun Mountain Shelter KATE web
July 22, 2018 Kate Krawczyk 75

Dun Mountain, Mt Richmond Forest Park - 22 July 2018

Party at the Dun Mountain ShelterLeader & Scribe: Kate Krawczyk We climbed up from the car park at the gate, past the dam onto the Maitai Valley track, then climbed to the turn off to Dun Saddle. We arrived at Dun Mountain Shelter for lunch. It was a bit cold so most of us huddled inside the hut. I sat outside in a patch of sunshine to enjoy the view. It always amazes me how otherworldly Dun Mountain feels with its moonscape, devoid of vegetation, with the reddish glow of the mineral belt rocks setting the scene. From there it was about an hour-and-a-half to Dew Lakes, through cloudy goblin…
July 14, 2018 Debbie Hogan 72

Mt Richmond climb, Mt Richmond Forest Park - 14 July 2018

Leader: Debbie Hogan In June I climbed to Richmond Saddle Hut for the first time. The cloud was down, and while we enjoyed the climb, we had no views. The hut was cute, warm and the company was great for the night. The weather was worse the next day, so we headed down without me even seeing the peak we had come to climb. I was determined to return. I put my name down for the tramp when it came up in July, only to find the leader was injured and the tramp was missing a leader, so I became ‘it.’ The scheduled weekend had a horrid weather forecast, heavy rain even for Nelson. We had to cross a…
cloustons pat
June 17, 2018 Patrick Holland 84

Cloustons Mine, Gordons Pyramid loop, Kahurangi NP - 17 June 2018

Leader: Pat Holland A large group of 14 registered for this trip, but by some miracle we managed to assemble at Richmond just after the scheduled time of 7:30am. We proceeded in convoy to Flora Saddle, picking up new chum Polina en-route. The Graham Valley road was in good order and without snow. In fact there was none visible anywhere from the carpark so most decided not to carry ice-axes. The weather was cool and overcast with mist on the tops. Off we stomped, over the saddle and down the main track to Flora Hut. We were pleased to find the hut still in good order after our renovation…
June 10, 2018 Andrea Cockerton 67

Ben Nevis, Mt Richmond Forest Park - 10 June 2018

Leader: Andrea Smithe With the hint of a good day and no organised trip, a spontaneous call went out to muster keen participants for a blast ‘somewhere grunty.’ This turned out to be a gander up Ben Nevis. Seven made their way up the well-signposted road from Wairoa Gorge Road, the old access remaining well and truly closed. In her two-wheel drive, Astrid coped well. We parked just below the usual car park. The weather did us justice, with a little chilly wind up top but fantastic views and well-wrapped up hardy souls. At a lovely lunch spot, some honed their self-arresting skills down a…
header sept2018 web 0
May 27, 2018 Raymond Salisbury 67

Mount Fell Hut, Working Bee - 26-27 May 2018

Builder: Bob Janssen The final part of our efforts in the Mt Fell Hut restoration was to have a woodshed built. After working out a plan, pre-cutting and bundling up all of the required materials, we then dropped these off for the helicopter to collect and fly in. After a wait for this drop-off to occur, and a ‘walk-in’, ‘walk-out’ working bee cancellation because of storm damage to the road access in the area, the trip was postponed. On the fine, frosty morning of May 26th, Ian Morris, Patrick Holland, Barry James and Bob Janssen travelled by car from Nelson to the beginning of Timms Creek…
Comical Hill Chris kb
May 20, 2018 Kath Ballantine 79

Conical Hill, Hope Range, Tapawera - 20 May 2018

Chris on his high horse... is this 'Comical Hill?'Leader: Kath Ballantine Six trampers gathered, armed with the most optimistic weather forecast for a day trip to Conical Hill. Several members of the group had noticed on maps a shorter road route to the start of the track and a consensus decision was made to take this route. It involved going a further 2km along the Tadmor–Hope Roadd leading to a road that went direct to the start of the track. We eventually found this road, marked with a sign (actually the advised route on DOC website), but found that it was not a vehicle road. We set off to…
April 22, 2018 Graeme Ferrier 87

Kill Devil Track, Kahurangi National Park - 22 Apr 2018

Leader: Graeme Ferrier The Kill Devil Track does have critics who describe it as being a bit ‘boring.’ But to many others, tramping is not just about the scenery. It is about the fresh air and exercise, as well as socialising, exploring tracks in new areas and yes, seeing new scenery that may have not been visited before. In addition, there can be aspects of history, with historical huts to be visited. Kill Devil Track offers most of these things. The tramp was listed as having historic Riordans Hut as the goal. However, the end of daylight saving (an oversight by the leader!) and delays on…
April 15, 2018 Debbie Hogan 91

Mount Arthur Climb, Kahurangi National Park - 15 Apr 2018

Being fairly recent imports to Nelson, when we Googled ‘Nelson Tramping Clubs’ and found the website, I saw there was a club meeting in a couple of days and so we came along. The walk this weekend would be to Mount Arthur. I had a view of Mount Arthur from my old office window; it looked pretty big and snowy in winter (we’re from the North Island). People said it was an easy climb; they said they’d taken their kids up there. I wasn’t sure what to expect; as a newbie I didn’t realise there was a ‘grading system.’ We turned up keen and confident on Sunday morning. It was a great idea to meet in…
Aussies in Taipo River Springs
April 02, 2018 Raymond Salisbury 79

Taipo Valley, West Coast - Easter 2018

Leader & Scribe: Ray Salisbury What do you get when three atheists, one Muslim, one Christian ... and a bloke into Te Reo go tramping? Interesting conversations! My penchant for hot pools has seen me take several club trips down country over long weekends. Our visit to the remote Taipo valley was postponed, then finally realized in Easter 2018. Dion and Margueritte had visited about eight years ago on a hut-bragging mission, but our motives were more diverse. Ian collected us at Victory Square in his Suzuki, and we sped off to the first watering hole at Beechwoods. We connected with Arif at…
April 01, 2018 Brian Renwick 74

Coastal walk & catamaran sail, Abel Tasman Nat Park - 1 Apr 2018

Skipper: Brian Renwick We left Nelson at 8am, arriving in Abel Tasman at 9:10am. After a short 4km tramp, Kate and her mom Joanne, visiting from Canada, were picked up by Brian on his catamaran at Coquille Bay. The rest of the group tramped on to Anchorage Beach (12km) with a brief drop down to beautiful Watering Cove to have lunch. Watering Cove is where Jules Dumont D’Urville stopped to replenish his fresh water supply back in 1827. D’Urville named many of the features along the Abel Tasman coastline while exploring in his ship Astrolabe; Adele Island (after his wife), Separation Point,…
Trio approach BB LH
March 24, 2018 Liz Henderson 70

Te Pokohiwi / Boulder Bank, Nelson - 24 Mar 2018

Leader: Liz Henderson I had been aiming to run a training weekend this weekend, but due to lack of resources and access roads, I decided to put on a small keep-it-local day-walk instead. It is a lovely way to view Nelson from the other side of the water. The 8km walk from Boulder Bank Drive to ‘The Cut’, takes 2–3 hours one way, and our spritely group certainly did that in lesser time. Although a relatively easy walk, the Boulder Bank is very rocky, rough, dry and exposed in places, and has certainly suffered some damage from some of the cyclones earlier in the year which have shifted some of…
March 17, 2018 Ian Morris 81

Mt Starveall via Lucy Creek, Mt Richmond Forest Park - 17 Mar 2018

Leader: Ian Morris In order to approach Mt Starveall from the Lucy Creek side, we needed to get a permit to drive in through the forest. This entailed attending a Heath and Safety induction course and establishing that my vehicle insurance was current and acceptable. I also equipped my vehicle with a fire extinguisher, shovel and first aid kit, thoroughly washing all mud from the wheel arches to comply with the bio-security requirements. Finally, I received the actual permit, accompanied by a key and two-way radio. Already feeling exhausted, I had not even started the tramp! On the day, five…
redhills tramp
March 04, 2018 Graeme Ferrier 79

Red Hills Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park - 4 Mar 2018

4–5 year olds tramp the rugged Richmond RangesLeader: Leah Parker There are several club members who like to take their children or grandchildren tramping. It is a great way to develop an appreciation of nature, well away from the highly-commended David Attenborough programmes. Or the entertaining, but exaggerated, Madagascar movies. The great outdoors; nature in the raw; fresh air; healthy exercise; no technology; interesting things to see! Leah Parker has not only led the discussion within the club; she has lead by example as well. Leah has taken her two boys James and Tom on several tramps,…
Campsite Lake Cobb Feb 2018
February 19, 2018 Patrick Holland 82

Aorere Peak, Kahurangi National Park - 17-19 Feb 2018

Kelvin, Scott, Mike & Barry camp by Cobb lakeThis trip was carried over from the previous weekend due to bad weather. We were hopeful of fitting in three days of fine weather before the arrival of Hurricane Gita. The journey over Takaka Hill and up the Cobb Valley on Saturday was uneventful. The six of us set off mid-morning from Trilobite Hut under warm, calm conditions. But the sky was looking a bit grey and threatening up-valley. We took a break at delightful Chaffeys Hut. The river was clear but the high tide mark of debris from the previous week’s storm was two metres up the bank. The…
john reid1
January 31, 2018 Michele Cunningham 80

John Reid Hut Working Bee, Kahurangi NP - 27-29 Jan 2018

Having mostly completed the Mount Fell Hut relocation & renovation (with just a woodshed left to build), the keen builder-types of the Nelson Tramping Club couldn’t wait to get their hands on another project. John Reid Hut in Kahurangi National Park was settled on as a worthy target. On completion of a suitable mountain of paperwork, funding was secured from DOC and we were ready to get started. Following an earlier recce and planning trip, the first big working bee was scheduled for Anniversary Weekend. The weather forecast couldn’t have been better, and lived up to its promise. We were very…
Pete Debbie and Kelvin on The Needle
January 29, 2018 Kath Ballantine 78

Thousand Acre Plateau, Kahurangi National Park. 26-29 Jan 2018

Pete, Debbie and Kelvin on The NeedleLeader: Kath Ballantine Five intrepid trampers set off in the heat from the car park in the Matiri Valley at 3pm, heading for Lake Matiri Hut, our firsts night’s destination. (The temperature was 33 degrees celsius according to our vehicle’s reading.) The river crossing at the start of this track was easy, but some of us took the opportunity to immerse ourselves to cool off. We reached our destination in three hours. Peter and Kelvin set up their own camp on the flats, while Debbie, Susan and I enjoyed the newly-painted hut, and the outdoor table for…
January 21, 2018 Debbie Hogan 80

Walk Sail, Abel Tasman National Park. 21 Jan 2018

Leaders: Brian Renwick & Debbie Hogan The morning was a balmy 18-degrees when the six set off from Nelson at 7am. Considering it is a Great Walk, the track was relatively quiet. We stopped at Stillwater Bay for morning tea. Lucy and Debbie went for a swim – the water was definitely not cold. We continued, making the 12.30pm rendezvous with Brian in his nine-metre catamaran, Canopus, which we swam out to. Once we were lunched and drunk, we set sail out of Torrent Bay. The wind was steady and we were soon clipping along under sail. Some had sailing lessons and the chance to be skipper, while…
January 07, 2018 Kath Ballantine 94

Nydia Walkway, Marlborough Sounds. 6-7 Jan 2018

Twelve trampers gathered at Kaiuma on a bright sunny day for a couple of very pleasant days tramping. We set off at 9am, heading for Kaiumu Saddle by 11.30am, where we ate an early lunch. A pleasant down-hill through bush and over farmland ensued to reach the bay at 1pm, coinciding with the king tide inundating areas of the track. Some trampers walked through the water, while others did a tricky manoeuvre negotiating along the fence wire to avoid getting wet feet. By 2:00pm, we reached our destination at Nydia Bay Lodge. Here, we settled into very comfortable accommodation for an afternoon of…
GOE Huddle up high
January 05, 2018 Mike Drake 106

Garden of Eden, West Coast. 28 Dec - 5 Jan 2018

Leader: Mike Drake Sitting at my desk last Spring, perusing the NTC programme, I noticed that a leader was required for a trip during the summer. What about something a little different and special? Last year I finally completed a Mt Cook to Arthur’s Pass trip; doing this in three stages, rather than the intended one. Part of this trip involved traveling through the Garden of Eden and Garden of Allah, exiting by traversing Mt Lambert. So a trip to the Garden of Eden and returning the same way would be a good introduction to moraines and glaciers for club members. The idea was floated with Pat…
parachute rocks
December 17, 2017 Kate Krawczyk 74

St.Arnaud Range, Nelson Lakes N.P. 17 Dec 2017

Leader: Kate Krawczyk Our plan was to climb up the Parachute Rocks track on to the St. Arnaud Range, then follow the ridgeline northeast, descending to the top of the Alpine Meadows Road. I only had one carload of trampers which meant that Ben brought his bike to retrieve the vehicle at the end of the trip. The night before the trip, Kazu got in touch. He wondered why I hadn’t answered his email yet. I said “what email?” and for the life of me couldn’t find it… but oh well… another person and another vehicle was no biggie. We dropped Ben’s bike at the top of the Alpine Meadows Road on our way…
December 07, 2017 Patrick Holland 73

Wanganui River to Erewhon Col, Westland. 30 Nov-7 Dec 2017

Leader: Mike Drake Mike Drake organised and led this private trip so he could complete the alpine traverse from Mt Cook to Arthurs Pass that he, Ruth Gray and Dave Quested undertook in stages during 2014–2017. Bad weather and swollen rivers had blocked their access from the west to Bracken Snowfield and Erewhon Col on the Main Divide. Although they subsequently did get there from the East, there remained an untrod section up the Evans Glacier and over Full Moon Saddle at the head of the Wanganui Valley. [Note: our times are inclusive of stops.] Thursday 30 Nov. Meticulous planning and…
ben nevis
December 03, 2017 Barry James 67

The Nevis.....and Beyond, Richmond FP. 3 Dec 2017

Organiser: Barry James Aim: to climb to the Ben Nevis summit trig and traverse the summit ridgeline for a kilometre to the higher south peak, previously seen years ago by Barry as an intriguing wild alpine area through windblown cloud. Departed Richmond 8:15am, and headed up the Wairoa River from Brightwater. Despite warnings that the road route finding is uncertain, we successfully followed the left branch of the river from Wairoa Gorge Road, until we saw a DOC Ben Nevis access sign. Then it was uphill along Boundary Road, through logging land, with consistent DOC orange triangles at road…
Balloon Asbestos
December 03, 2017 Arif Matthee 84

Balloon Hut via Asbestos Cottage, Kahurangi NP. 2-3 Dec 2017

Leader: Liz Henderson By the time the weekend approached and the weather forecast had improved, 13 trampers had signed up for the trip. After we left Nelson around 7.30am we made a pitstop at different coffee shops in, or near Motueka, as some of us already showed the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. By the time we started at the car park on the Cobb Dam Road, our leader Liz (alias Wound Wobin as she pronounced her ‘r’s differently) had wounded us all up. It was 10 o’clock when we started our gradual ascent to the old Asbestos mine and cottage. Interesting history to catch up on plus a four…
leadership party webpg
November 19, 2017 Kate Krawczyk 60

Leadership Training Weekend - Paretai Lodge, 17-19 November 2017

When reflecting on the Leadership Weekend, one of the suggestions that came up near the end was that the name put some people off. For example, “if I go to the Leadership Weekend I will have to lead trips” or “they are going to tell me how to suck eggs when I already know what I am doing.” In hindsight, we should have called the weekend the “what if weekend,” because as much as leadership was the goal, it ended up being an incredible weekend of discussing difficult situations and sharing stories about our own experiences in the outdoors. Our Training and Safety Co-ordinator Liz Henderson…
chalice party
November 12, 2017 Ian Morris 83

Lake Chalice – Mt Patriarch, Mount Richmond Forest Park, 11–12 November 2017

Leader: Ian Morris Departing from Bishopdale, we headed east in two vehicles, for a meet-up and morning tea in Havelock. Just before Blenheim, we headed up the Wairau valley until we got to Mount Richmond Forest Park. There we followed the steadily rising access road to the Lake Chalice car-park, at approx. 1000m elevation. We donned packs and descended 400 metres to the Lake Chalice Hut. The walk was pleasant, surrounded by various varieties of pine, ash and fir trees. After a lunch stop at the hut, we sidled around the lake to find the lake’s outlet (dammed as a result of a huge landslip…
castle rock hut
October 23, 2017 Philip Palmer 77

Inland Track, Abel Tasman National Park, 21–23 October 2017

Leader: Michele Cunningham | Scribe: Philip Palmer Four members put their hands up for this trip: myself, our trip leader Michele, plus her partner Peter, and David Cook. I collected the others for the drive to Marahau and our appointment with the water taxi. Michele had skilfully asked both water taxi companies for a price, and had been offered a 10% discount by one, so the choice was obvious. We arrived in Marahau as scheduled, unloaded our gear into the forward storage area of the trailered boat, and the car was parked nearby. Our ship mates were entirely young foreign visitors, struggling…
silvano johnReidhut
October 21, 2017 Raymond Salisbury 73

John Reid Hut recce, Kahurangi National Park, 20-21 Oct 2017

Leader: Silvano Lorandi Never one to waste an opportunity, I jumped at the chance of a free chopper ride. It was mid-afternoon on a bluebird day when Silvano, Pat and I arrived at the heli-pad beside the Wangapeka River. Before we could say ‘Outdoor Recreation Consortium’, Toby Reid loaded us into his Eurocopter Squirrel and we were suddenly airborne. Rewind one week. Tom Young from DOC Motueka suggested that our club do a scope of John Reid Hut, our chosen renovation project for 2018. A DOC working party was to be air-lifted out from Karamea Bend on Friday, and Tom kindly offered us the…
October 15, 2017 Kate Krawczyk 76

Navigation Training Weekend, 14-15 Oct 2017

Organiser: Liz Henderson | Instructor: Mike Glover Venue: Nelson Hospital & Lodestone (Kahurangi NP) Thanks to Liz Henderson, our new Training & Safety Coordinator, the Nelson Tramping Club’s annual Navigation Weekend has been resurrected! Saturday: Mike Glover and 17 eager participants gathered at the Hospital Seminar Centre for a classroom-style session on navigating in the New Zealand backcountry. Mike has a great programme that he has developed over the years including pictures, slides and maps. Topics covered included map reading, compass bearings and navigating using a compass and map.…
Hacket Hut
October 08, 2017 Patrick Holland 63

Hacket Hut, Mount Richmond Forest Park, 8 October 2017

Leader: Pat Holland If 75mm of rain in Nelson on Saturday did not put you off, then the continuing dire weather forecast for Sunday might have. So, the seven initial punters became three brave souls professing not to mind a bit of rain. However, at 9:00am in the Hacket carpark, we had brightening cloud with only intermittent fine drizzle and no wind. And so it remained for the rest of the day with parkas coming off and then on again. So much for the forecasts: rubbish as usual. The Roding River was brown and roaring. We were pleased to cross using the first bridge. The track was in good order…
days track blunt
September 10, 2017 Administrator 63

Days track circuit, Nelson, 10 Sept 2017

Leader: David Blunt Nearly six years ago a slip destroyed the middle section of Days Track which runs between Rocks Rd and Toi Toi Street. Some thought it may never reopen again. However, at great expense it did get reinstated with an official reopening on September 6th. Starting at the Lions playground at Tahunanui beach, a small group made the climb up from Rocks Road to Princes Drive, then back down via The Cliffs to Basin Reserve. A feature of the track is a new mosaic couch created by a dedicated neighbourhood group making it into an impressive work of art. The view from the couch looks…
woodedpeak quote
September 10, 2017 Patrick Holland 73

Wooded Peak, Nelson, 10 Sept 2017

Leader: Barry James Although the day dawned fair, there were two of us for this excellent, but energetic, day walk. Thence by car to the Brook and we started walking at 8:45am through the Redwood grove and onto the old, classic 4WD road which now runs beside the pest-proof fence. At Four Corners, we diverted onto the historic Dun Mountain Walkway. After two hours’ walking on the pleasant bush trail, we reached Third House where we took an extended break in weak sunshine. After tall stories from two blokes on a quad-bike, we chatted with a Waimea TC group, then pressed on up the walkway about…
scotts knob
August 27, 2017 Mike Drake 68

Scotts Knob, Leatham Conservation Area, 25-27 Aug 2017

Leader: Mike Drake We departed Nelson at 2:00pm on Friday. With Steve driving along with Leah, we collected Pat and Chris and headed to Belgrove. Mike arrived soon after and we loaded up Mike’s Hilux 4WD and headed towards the Leatham off the Wairau Valley. A bit hopeful of the river and stream crossings ahead, we chatted away until reaching the Leatham River where we all piled out to inspect the flow and check for boulders. All looked good, so through we went emerging on the other side without floating off downstream. We made it up the Branch River with comments flying that the various fords…
NTC Snowskills 2017 Leah we
August 20, 2017 Debbie Hogan 63

Snow Skills Day, Rainbow Ski Field, 20 Aug 2017

Leader: Debbie Hogan & David Cook This was a great day in the mountains. While the weather wasn’t perfect, the ‘newbies’ still had fun. Organised and run efficiently by tertiary tutor, Debbie Hogan, and aided by secondary teacher David Cook. The wind was blowing, especially on the ridge. So, the advance party found it too unpleasant and so only ascended Mt McCrae, played around, then retreated. Debbie’s party did some serious skill training in the basin next to Rainbow ski field, as it was still windy on the ridge. They then followed the first party uphill, climbed Mt McCrae, slid down the…
Kaituna Track Signpost NTC
August 14, 2017 Administrator 72

Golden Bays Walks, 11-14 Aug 2017

Organiser & host: Brian Renwick Pupu Valley Walkway Saturday dawned fine and, after a leisurely start from the too comfortable accommodation, we drove to Pupu Hydroelectric Power Station, at 250kW, not one of NZ’s mightiest, but on a lovely site. A short climb through bush took us to the intake dam and the water race which we followed to the source at Campbell Creek. We could see the potential for an exciting ride the length of the water race for an adventurous child on a boogie board, preferably in summer, and wearing something warm! The loop to the power station was completed along the…
Party en route Rocks Hut FU
July 30, 2017 Leah Parker 66

Rocks Hut, Mount Richmond FP, 29-30 July 2017

Leader: Leah Parker Eight keen starters on this frosty July morning. Parking in Brook Street, we were ready to follow the predator fence of the Brook Sanctuary then join the Dun Railway Trail. We knew the first part of the track was some of the steepest ground we had to cover. It was a tricky balance of our layers, between standing around freezing and the quick warm-up to follow. Off we set around 8.30am. Joined by two newbies to the club, we introduced ourselves. It wasn’t long before the first stop to strip off the first layer and snap the first group photo. A nice cruisey pace set the tone…
July 23, 2017 Silvano Lorandi 63

Mount Stanley (971m), Tennyson Inlet, Marlborough Sounds, 23 JUly 2017

Leader: Silvano Lorandi Promises, promises. We return to this trip with the NTC after four years.It was June 2013 when four of us ventured on this hill and discovered a reasonably well-marked track past the Nydia Saddle and a DOC research hut on the main ridge. They were nice surprises but we missed the view from the top. “Our reward of a beautiful panorama of the sounds will perhaps be gained the next time we venture again up here because on this occasion an unfortunate cloud lingers on the top,” I had wrote on the report. But this time it will be good. The weather forecast looks positive…
murchison party web
July 09, 2017 Michele Cunningham 81

Mt Murchison, Buller District, 9 July 2017

Leader: Michele Cunningham It was a chilly winter morning when a group of 14 trampers assembled at Richmond Badminton Club. The drive to the road end took us through fog and descending temperatures, but by the time we drove through a farm just before Murchison and got out of the cars, the sky was clearing. “Road end” is probably not really the right word, as the 4WD road continued on all the way to the top of Mt Murchison. The first step after leaving the cars was to climb over the locked gate, where a multitude of different techniques were used. Everyone made it safely to the other side one…
Sylvester Party ontops
June 25, 2017 Andrea Cockerton 66

Lake Sylvester Hut, Kahurangi National Park, 24-25 June 2017

Leader: Andrea Smith With falling snow and hail, the mid-winter gathering at Lake Sylvester Hut was appropriately seasonal. Seven hardy souls hunkered down for the weekend. Not to be thwarted, they donned five layers and headed out into the maelstrom. Ian, Marilyn and Brian arrived during lunchtime on Friday, and breathed fire into the burner. Once cranked up, they enjoyed the cosy hut and e-mailed for supplies of whisky, Christmas cake and a dish scrubber. Supplies arrived on Saturday with Sues’ home-baked Rocky Road. The pot was boiling when the advance party returned from their morning…
Red Hills Pine BEFORE AFTA
June 12, 2017 Patrick Holland 78

Red Hill, Mt Richmond Forest Park, 10-12 June 2017

Leader: Pat Holland This trip was the idea of Nina Dickerhof, our visitor from Christchurch. A three-day trip was necessitated by the short winter days. Day 1: The eight of us drove to Inwoods Lookout. The road is in bad condition so we had grave fears for Barry’s old Nissan station wagon, but it arrived safely, as did Kate’s Mazda 4WD. We decided to leave behind ice-axes and crampons (no snow on Gordons Knob). It was a cool winter morning with strong breeze. We stopped after 20 minutes for lunch at a sheltered sunny spot just before the bushline. We then scurried up the ridge track past…
The girls get ready CedarFl
June 05, 2017 Raymond Salisbury 69

Cedar Flats Hut, West Coast, 3-5 June 2017

Leader: Ray Salisbury Two cars with nine souls made the long journey from Nelson to Hokitika, revelling in the chance to explore new terrain further afield during Queens Birthday weekend. From the road-end, grassy farmland provided a decent hour’s warm-up, before some serious boulder-hopping ensued. This tested our senior members, who struggled with balance and footwork beside the Toaroha River. One member slipped while being assisted up a low rock step. Marie Lenting did the first aid, then we penetrated the forest up a steep ridge, thankfully zig-zagging not climbing direct. Hours slipped…
June 04, 2017 Kath Ballantine 61

Pepin Island, Cable Bay Nelson, 4 June 2017

Leader: Kath Ballantine Five trampers joined in the Hira Fire Brigade Fundraiser walk on Pepin Island. At 09.30 when we set off there was already a large crowd of people. When we reached the top at lunch time, saw how this had swelled to a huge crowd judging by the number of cars in paddocks and lining the roads. We were directed to start in an anticlockwise orientation, (bikers going clockwise) and once we reached the east side, began our ascent to the summit, a steep climb in places. The day was warm and very calm. We got good views out to the bay. At the summit we enjoyed a leisurely lunch…
May 28, 2017 Lynette Salisbury 63

Airport Perimeter Walk, Nelson, 28 May 2017

Leader: Lynette Salisbury We all met on a lovely sunny morning at the Trent Memorial near Nelson Airport. Who should pass by on her bicycle, but Deidre Glover, who, seeing us there, spontaneously locked up her bike and joined the party as we set out along the estuary inlet to the left of the airport terminal itself. Having negotiated the kissing gate, we continued on, deep in conversation and enjoyed an easy flat walk and each other’s company. After heavy rain the track was a little muddy, but for the three of us nursing injuries it was just what the doctor ordered. After skirting the Golf…
Group up Roding Valley
May 21, 2017 Chris Louth 64

Mount Malita via Roding River, Nelson, 21 May 2017

Leader: Chris Louth When the overnight temperature drops to zero in Nelson you know it’s going to be colder up the valleys. So it was as we left the car at the frosty Aniseed Valley road end and began the trek up the Roding towards mineral belt country. Heavy rain during the week had raised the river levels and no one likes wet feet at the start of a walk so it was slow going as we removed and replaced boots for the four toe-numbing crossings. The sun finally caught up with us as we rock-hopped across United Creek and began the climb up to the old United workings.The effort of the steep climb…
May 14, 2017 Patrick Holland 61

Mt Lodestone–Mt Hodder, Kahurangi N.P, 14 May 2017

Leader: Pat Holland This trip was organised at very short notice so it was pleasing to have a turn-out of eleven keen souls, perhaps mainly encouraged by the excellent weather forecast. We arrived at Flora car park in good order with the beloved leader making only one false turn on the drive from Richmond. It was a brilliant day and, although cool, it was just above freezing level. We headed en-file (Chris in front; Pat at back) up the standard route towards Lodestone (1462m). The track had been freshly trimmed by DOC and the going was good. But it was cool in the forest with a chilly…
May 02, 2017 Patrick Holland 65

Red Hills, Mt Richmond Forest Park, 2 May 2017

Leader: Pat Holland (private trip) I wanted to do a recce of the area and the forecast was excellent so three of us headed off on a mid-week adventure. We reached the Red Hills carpark off SH63 (just past the Rainbow turnoff) just after 8am. This was in time to disturb the slumbers of a traveller in his car who drove off as we booted up. The first kilometre of track crosses a little wooded spur just above the farm, a delightful walk but not the easiest travel for bikes. Soon we trudged up the 4WD road, towards the saddle. About half-way up, a TA trojan came towards us under heavy pack, though…
Mt Arthur 2017 party
April 25, 2017 Steve McGlone 55

Mt Arthur Dawn Service, Kahurangi National Park, 25 Apr 2017

Leader: Andrea Cockerton Anzac Day dawned clear and calm and a gorgeous day to be in the Hills. What usually would take five minutes to cross the middle of town to pick up a fellow tramper, took more like 20 minutes with roads closed, policemen and soldiers marching, and cars parked all over, and Joe Public out in force everywhere for the “Lest We Forget” gathering – (I forgot.) I was impressed to see such a turnout to respect our fallen soldiers, but of course I was then running late for the 7.30am rendezvous at Richmond. The fine weather also brought the trampers out, and there were 16 to…
Mess Table Andrea
April 17, 2017 Administrator 68

Easter, Arthurs Pass NP, 14-17 April 2017

Trips based at Christchurch Tramping Club Hut, Arthurs Pass National Park Generally there were several groups out at any one time doing different things so someone from each group has contributed to the following account. Friday 14th April 2017 | Cave Stream After arriving late on Thursday night, the first carload of four people, (Andrea, Sue, Steve and Chris), attempted Cave Stream on a day that was, at best, drizzly throughout. The foursome had to abort when they were nearly through – because of the high water level. Various walks and short bike rides filled in the rest of their day until…
Hacket Hut
April 03, 2017 Leah Parker 67

Hacket Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park, 3 April 2017

Leader: Leah Parker Weekday trips are great for me as I can reserve weekends for family and work. With the weather slightly damp I had anticipated there would be a few withdrawals from the trip. However, instead I had a few texts checking the plan was to go ahead. I had walked this track a few times; once in extremely wet weather, so I knew the minimal rain would not affect the track or group safety. We met a few people on the track. One of the first was Karin’s ‘sister-in-law’, so I found myself thinking ‘Nelson certainly is a small place.’ Marie also happened to know Grant through their…
Mt Fell Hut Lawrie Halkett
February 27, 2017 Lawrie Halkett 60

Mt Fell Hut, Mt Richmond Forest Park, 24-25 Feb 2017

Leader: Lawrie Halkett Two vehicles and seven hardy souls set out from Nelson on Friday morning. Given that Brett and Darren were the speedsters, they dropped off us plodders at the Timms Creek track head, then drove on around to Top Valley and left a vehicle at the Richmond Saddle track head, then returned to catch up with the rest of the group. The first third of the seven-hour walk to Mt Fell Hut is along the very scenic Timms Creek. Lots of big red beech, matai trees, and plenty of emerald swimming holes made for a very enjoyable walk. Brett and Darren caught the group up during lunch and…
February 21, 2017 Leah Parker 65

Barnicoat Walkway, Nelson, 21 Feb 2017

Leader: Leah Parker On Tuesday we met at Barnicoat Carpark by 9am. It was a sunny morning and very hot. We set off and up the 4WD road to the hand glider area on the main Barnicoat Track. Sweating and hot! Once at the top, we stopped for a break. A little bite of Rocky Road and my orange prune and nut energy log, then we set out along towards the Involution trail and back down to the carpark. We had another quick stop at the top of the trail at the Jenkins Hill turn-off. Alex, Suzanne’s five-month-old, was a little champion –not a peep out of him. He slept when tired and had a bottle when…
Fenella Party web
February 19, 2017 Kate Krawczyk 69

Fenella Hut, Cobb Valley, Kahurangi National Park, 18-19 Feb 2017

Leader: Kate Krawczyk We met early at the bottom of the Cathedral steps in Nelson to get a good start for the long drive up to the head of the Cobb Reservoir. We arrived just after 10am and were on the trail by 10:30am. It is a lovely walk up the valley with lots of places to stop. After an hour and a half you reach Chaffey Hut. The hut takes its name from Chaffey Stream, named after Henry Chaffey, who led a reclusive life in nearby Asbestos Cottage with his wife Annie from around 1914. The hut was built a year after Chaffey’s death in 1953, by forest ranger Jack McBurney. The hut was…
February 19, 2017 Patrick Holland 82

Lees Creek, Raglan Ranges, 18-19 Feb 2017

Leader: Pat Holland The two Honda CRVs picked up participants and rendezvoused at Belgrove with military precision at 8:30 am on a fine clear morning. We drove to the Rainbow Road via the farmhouse where we left the rego forms plus $25 per vehicle road fee (the gate past the ski-field road is unlocked during the summer season). The dreaded Six-mile Creek ford was shallow and in good order so we drove through to the Lees Creek car park without problems. The team of seven quickly kitted-up and we were across the Wairau River swing bridge by 10:30 am. The weather was overcast and humid with no…
February 10, 2017 Tim Tyler 59

Lake Rotoiti circuit, Nelson Lakes National Park, 10 Feb 2017

Leader: Tim Tyler Thinking to build on short walks with my daughter, I figured a flat, easy grade with a hut thrown in would be nice. However, two four-year-olds with unproven ability, plus a late pull-out, meant a tweak to the original plan. Gathering at Kerr Bay, we were whisked (sorry, couldn’t help it) up to the falls jetty by the very accommodating Hamish of Rotoiti Water Taxis. Here we alighted, duly noted said falls and then proceeded to Coldwater Hut for the night. Fat eels mooching around under the hut jetty, a full moon on a clear night, occasional scrambling of rats in the eaves,…
February 06, 2017 Raymond Salisbury 73

Booth’s Cottage Glenhope Scenic Reserve, 6 Feb 2017

Leader: Ray Salisbury This is a tried-and-true easy trip that’s been on the club calendar for centuries. On New Year’s Day I’d left Lynette in the car, and jogged up the forestry road for half an hour to the decrepit DOC signboard. But I ran out of an important commodity: time. So, my wee hut-bagging mission was rescheduled for Waitangi Day. On February 6th, Kelvin Drew did the honours of collecting five eager men and driving us beyond St Arnaud, up the remote Howard Valley. After donning our boots and daypacks, we sauntered up Monument Road to a locked cabin, and a large concrete plinth,…
February 05, 2017 Sue Henley 63

Lake Angelus, Nelson Lakes National Park, 4-5 Feb 2017

Leader & Scribe: Sue Henley This trip was initially supposed to take place in November but was cancelled due to unsuitable weather. Unfortunately, the hut on Waitangi weekend was booked out well in advance and as a result only three of us set off. The forecast for the Saturday was for moderate winds with the odd shower so there was some consideration given to travelling the Speargrass route However, when we got to Mt Robert car park the air was still with some low cloud. A decision was quickly made to go via the high route and after a short grunt up the Pinchgut Track, we reached the top.…
January 14, 2017 Michele Cunningham 60

Parachute Rocks, Nelson Lakes National Park, 14 Jan 2017

Leader: Michele Cunningham On a fine Saturday morning a group of four trampers gathered for a day trip up to Parachute Rocks above Lake Rotoiti in Nelson Lakes National Park. There were a few sandflies around as we parked near the lake and got ourselves organised. However, we soon walked them off. There were surprisingly few wasps, which was nice to see. The group set off at a cracking pace leaving the ‘leader’ struggling to keep up. The day started with a steady climb up through lovely bush on a zig-zag track which kept the gradient pretty manageable. After a climb of about 700m we reached…
January 07, 2017 Dan McGuire 68

Gordons Pyramid, Kahurangi National Park, 7 Jan 2017

Leader: Dan McGuire Eight stalwart trampers appeared early for the drive to Flora car park. After taking a roundabout route due to excessive chatting, we arrived at the late hour of 9:00 a.m. The sou’west wind of the previous day was still present, so we headed for Flora Hut and beyond, in the hopes of meeting a calmer day by the time we climbed Gordons Pyramid. En route, we saw alpine violas, ourisias, maori onions, celmesia spectabilis and other daisies. But after a lunch out of the wind at the half-way point, we ascended into a very powerful wind and decided to return the way we had come.…
December 07, 2016 Lynette Salisbury 60

Pipers Reserve Walk, Nelson, 7 Dec 2016

Leader & Scribe: Lynette Salisbury On the morning of the 7th, 7 intrepid walkers braved the elements (we needed sunscreen) and met at 10am at Victory Square. Club members Ray and Lynette Salisbury, plus David Blunt, were joined by second timer; Sarah How, and first timers; Judy Oberhumer, Ashley Benck and Malindi Gammon. Once introductions were over, we headed up Emano Street to where the new Pipers Reserve Track begins. A gentle winding track, also used by cyclists, took us up to the lofty heights of Princes Drive (140m a.s.l.), where we exited Bobs Track and walked along the road to the…
November 27, 2016 Lawrie Halkett 67

Richmond Fire Lookout walk, Nelson, 27 Nov 2016

Leader & Scribe: Lawrie Halkett Even though the weather was a bit inclement two club members (Annette Le Cren and Lawrie Halkett) and two visitors (Marine and Julian – both French, living and working in Nelson), set out on the walk. From Hill Street in Richmond it was up Jimmy Lee Creek, visiting the bird hide en route. The Kiwis gave the French a lesson in identification of our native flora, and also pointed out our more common birds. At the fire lookout we ran into Chris Louth who had propelled himself to the top of the range on a two-wheeled beast. The friendly fire watch ranger came out…
November 05, 2016 Michele Cunningham 65

Robert Ridge Circuit | Nelson Lakes N.P, 5 Nov 2016

Leader: Michele Cunningham On a Guy Fawkes Saturday, eight trampers gathered to walk the Robert Ridge Circuit in Nelson Lakes National Park. We set off from the Mt Robert carpark up the steep but well-graded Pinchgut Track. The initial views of Lake Rotoiti disappeared into the mist as we ascended into light drizzle. However, the group was cheerful and everyone seemed to be happy to be outdoors. We arrived at Relax Shelter just below the ridge for morning tea in the warm and dry. From the shelter we broke into two groups. A small group continued straight to Bushline Hut, while five of us…
October 24, 2016 Ian Morris 70

Mt Fell Hut, Mt Richmond F.P, 22-24 Oct 2016

Leader: Ian Morris Saturday morning of Labour weekend saw seven of us departing the Cathedral steps destined for Northbank Road with a quick coffee stop in Havelock on the way. Unfortunately, the central bakery in Havelock was closed for the holiday weekend and we scattered to different cafés and lost track of each other. There was some confusion until we all arrived safely at the Te Hou Road carpark. The weather was brilliant as we headed up picturesque Timms Creek. About 5km from the carpark, there’s a creek crossing where a few of us took our boots off to keep our socks dry – in…
October 24, 2016 Administrator 54

Mt Fell Hut Working Bee, Richmond F.P, 22-24 Oct 2016

Finally the day arrived – the first working bee to permanently re-position Mount Fell Hut at its new site. Silvano Lorandi was in charge (club member & builder), plus his team of Kate Krawczyk, Richard Walker, Bob Janssen and Graeme Ferrier – their job was to fly in early on the Saturday; dig the holes and, if time permitted, start concreting the new piles. Time was of the essence to allow the concrete to set properly and yet still get the hut shifted and well-tied down before walking out on the Monday. The working group had to have an early start and met at Reids Helicopters in Wakefield at…
October 13, 2016 Raymond Salisbury 66

Matai Bay Hut, Marlborough Sounds, 13 Oct 2016

Skipper: Ray Salisbury; Navigator: Ian Morris... ALONE, TOGETHER Piggy-backing opportunists, we were, going on a Claytons Tramp - the tramp you do when you’re not having a tramp. While Marie Lenting’s large party of enthusiastic hikers set off from Penzance Bay, toward Elaine Bay – by foot – my faithful companion Ian and myself donned lifejackets and paddled into a curtain of drizzle, across the remote reaches of Tennyson Inlet. Borrowing Barry James’ double-seater sit-on canoe was genius, as our work was halved. (Although Ian would say the effort was more like 80-20). With the exception of a…
October 09, 2016 Graeme Ferrier 76

Mount Duppa, Mt Richmond FP, 9 Oct 2016

Leader: Graeme Ferrier Hopes for a fine day were high as a group of ten set off on the first climb to Mt Duppa for a couple of years. Previous tramps had been disappointing, due to low cloud obscuring the view, and more recently, the forestry access road had been closed. Half way up the access road our progress was blocked by a large pine tree across the road. Tyre skid-marks showed that other 4WDs had tried to unsuccessfully remove the tree, so, no use us trying! After stopping and preparing to walk, some-one noticed another forestry road on the topo map that curved its way to the start of…
old man hut
October 08, 2016 Kate Krawczyk 64

Old Man Circuit, Mt Richmond FP, 8 Oct 2016

Leader : Simon Garton We left Nelson at 6pm on a Friday night and didn’t start walking until around 8:30pm. It’s a long drive into the Wairau, along North Bank Road, then up the forestry roads to the car park atop Staircase Creek to access the track to Lake Chalice. We reached Lake Chalice Hut after a quick downhill walk only to wake up the sole occupant who wasn’t very welcoming but was much more cheerful the next morning! We decided to do the route clockwise due to the weather forecast being better for the Sunday and that day being our most exposed day on the tops. So, we set off up the…
holyoake clearing
October 01, 2016 Sue Henley 80

Holyoake Clearing, Abel Tasman National Park, 1 Oct 2016

Leader: Sue Henley Our planned loop of Holyoake clearing and Abel Tasman Coastal track was originally scheduled for the Sunday but due to a bleak weather forecast, changed at the last minute to the Saturday. We left Richmond grey and overcast, as we came over the hill into Marahau the weather had deteriorated to rain and wind but by the time we reached Marahau it had fined up again. We began with an easy stroll along the first part of the Abel Tasman Coastal loop before taking a left turn up the slightly more challenging Inland Track. There were not many views to be had due to the clag, and…
salisbury lodge
September 18, 2016 Debbie Hogan 65

Salisbury Lodge, Kahurangi N.P, 17-18 Sept 2016

Leader: Debbie Hogan On the previous evening it rained heavily. The weather forecast for the weekend was for showers at times. “To tramp or not to tramp?” We elected to take our chances and tramp. Five trampers set off in clearing weather, perfect tramping weather. During tea-time at Upper Grid-iron shelter a group of trampers from the Waikato tramping club wandered in…. also aiming for Salisbury Lodge. After pleasantries were exchanged we set off again. The rivers were reasonably high after all the rain, impressive waterfalls enticed us on. We played tag with the Waikato tramping group all…
July 10, 2016 Sue Henley 60

Beebys Knob, Mt Richmond Forest Park, 10 July 2016

Leader: Sue Henley After a previous postponement due to un-suitable weather a large group of us 13 in all, made our way to Top House Road and the entrance of the 4WD track which leads to Beebys Knob, before a quick and easy car shuttle to provide transport from the other end of the track on the Wairau side. It was a cold, claggy but windy and exposed, with hoar frost falling from the trees as we went, layers of clothing quickly went on despite the climb. About 1 hour from the start, we turned right on to a relatively new track called the Maitland Track. The shelter and protection of the beech…
June 06, 2016 Mike Drake 65

Wangapeka Track, East-bound, Kahurangi N.P, 3-6 June 2016

Leader: Mike Drake Early in the year, Pat floated the idea of putting some foot traffic along the Wangapeka Track. I said “yes, it sounds like a good idea”. So, when Queen’s Birthday approached, the thought of valley-walking for four days became less appealing. When asked who would be leading the west-east group, I was volunteered. While crowd sourcing for developing products may work, crowd sourcing for a trip report didn’t. So, here I find myself data-mining my memory for details of a trip way back in June. I joined the trip at Kohatu. All 19 people met here, some fleetingly, others waiting…
wangapeka header
June 06, 2016 Raymond Salisbury 84

Wangapeka Track West Bound, Kahurangi N.P, 3-6 June 2016

Leader: Pat Holland The re-elected mayor of Buller, Garry Howard, is lamenting the loss of some 600 jobs on the West Coast, due to a slump in the coal industry. Understandably, this is a dilemma that needs addressing. But his silver bullet is to build a road-link from Tapawera to Karamea, halving the travel time up to Nelson. He reckons it will provide employment for hundreds, and attract thousands of paying tourists to the region north of Westport. Easy peasy. Except there’s a little problem. The proposed 59km road will slice Kahurangi National Park in two, totally destroying the Wangapeka…
Gordons Knob Top 300
June 05, 2016 Bob Renshaw 65

Gordon’s Knob | Mt Richmond F.P, 5 June 2016

Leader: Bob Renshaw Ten of us arrived at Inwood’s Lookout on a cold, crisp and cloudless day with light wind. We wound our way up through the trees and out onto the open ridge and could see the odd patch of snow high up on Gordon’s Knob. As we climbed higher, we were greeted with great views across to Mt Owen and Mt Arthur Ranges, both covered in snow. Morning tea was had at the start of the traverse across to the saddle beneath Gordons Knob, where we sat and enjoyed sublime views. On obtaining the saddle, we started the final summit climb. At this point, the wind started to pick up and the…
Spooners Sign 72
June 03, 2016 Lawrie Halkett 57

Spooners Tunnel, Nelson, 3 July 2016

Leader: Lawrie Halkett The group all met at the Belgrove Hotel mid-Sunday morning, replete in warm gear and sporting headlamps. Off we went! It proved to be a steady uphill peddle, 6kms to the tunnel entrance. Then a very cool 1,352-metre ride through the tunnel. I won’t name any names, but the odd rider or two forgot to take off their sunnies as they entered the tunnel... suddenly discovering that the interior was darker than pitch black! We all emerged half a click beyond the exit, found a sunny place to dismount, and enjoyed a leisurely sandwich with a few yarns. A suggestion was made that…
May 22, 2016 Graeme Ferrier 61

Mount Campbell, Kahurangi National Park, 22 May 2016

Leader: Graeme Ferrier On a cool autumn morning a good muster of 18 trampers gathered to climb Mt Campbell. We set off at a good pace on a farm track. 45 minutes later we were strung out climbing a steep track beside pine forest. With an enticement that there was a veranda to sit on for morning tea. We continued on up the farm track, now at a better incline, till we reached Ashton’s house. Here, we sheltered from the cool wind and ate morning tea. A farm yard it was, with some chooks hungry for our scrap, and pigs in the pen behind the house. We continued through a patch of bush, had a…
dewlakes 0
May 21, 2016 Dan McGuire 59

Dew Lakes, Mt Richmond Forest Park, 21 May 2016

Leader: Dan McGuire Two trampers showed up for the walk to Mt. Mangatapu and Dew Lakes, as the weather was marginal and another trip was planned for the weekend. We reached the Saddle in good time, then headed for Dew Lakes through the beautiful bush with lovely outlooks all around. It was a first time tramp for Grant, a visitor to the club. We hope to see him again. Participants: Dan McGuire and Grant Derecourt.
May 14, 2016 Mary Honey 53

Jenkins Hill, Barnicoat Range, Nelson, 14 May 2016

Leader: Mary Honey As we started from the carpark, the voluntary conservator of Marsden Valley asked that we watch out for Kokako as there have been a couple of soundings in the area. No luck although a couple of members remembered to look and listen as we tramped along. The steep Scout Track moderated our pace as we ascended to about 700m altitude. After about an hour we emerged from the bush at the point where the Involution and Widdershin bike tracks meet the 4WD road that follows the ridge. We stopped for morning tea at a sunny, elevated spot on the road with views of the Richmond Ranges…
May 01, 2016 Kate Krawczyk 70

Takaka Hill Walkway & Harwood’s Hole, Abel Tasman N.P, 1 May 2016

Leader: Kate Krawczyk We set out from Nelson in three vehicles and reached the Takaka Hill Walkway Carpark at the top of the Takaka Hill around 9am. This area is noted for its unusual elevated landscape including spectacular marble karst rock formations. Takaka Hill Walkway crosses private land owned by the Harwood family. It was protected with three QEII Open Space Covenants in 1985. The Harwood family generously allowed the construction of this walkway over their land for the enjoyment of the public. Ongoing maintenance of the track and facilities is undertaken by the QEII National Trust…
lockett traverse
April 25, 2016 Steve McGlone 59

Lockett Range Traverse, Kahurangi N.P, 23-25 Apr 2016

Leader: Steve McGlone ANZAC weekend saw me leading a club trip for three days over the Lockett Range in the Northwest Nelson area. The forecast for Saturday was for rain in the afternoon becoming heavy by evening, so to make the use of a clear morning we set off early from town at 7.30am. Although we made a speedy departure, it’s still a long and somewhat exciting drive up to the track start along a very narrow hydro dam road through a scenic gorge over two hours away. Then when we arrived, we arranged a car shuffle to make sure we had a vehicle at each end. We weren’t actually on the track…
April 10, 2016 Kate Krawczyk 64

Julius Summit, Nelson Lakes National Park, 10 Apr 2016

Leader: Kate Krawczyk We set off from Nelson with five keen trampers on a beautiful April morning. The goal was to walk along the Robert Ridge to Julius Summit ascending the Pinchgut Track, then descending Paddy’s Track to compete a circuit of Mount Robert. It was a stunning April Day with very little wind and the views were spectacular. The Pinchgut Track starts at Mount Robert car park and is aptly-named as the relentless switchbacks seem never ending. Eventually, we popped out of the bush line onto the ridge and took a break at the summit of Mount Robert which Ian pointed out he had walked…
kates knob
March 28, 2016 Patrick Holland 86

Gordons Knob, Mt Richmond Forest Park, 28 Mar 2016

Leader: Pat Holland The team of 10 were very keen to do Plan A, the proposed day trip to Ben Nevis. Despite some prior intelligence that the access road was closed for forestry operations, we believed the DOC website notice that this applied to work days. Not so! We found locked gates on both access roads off the Upper Wairoa Gorge Road. So, we drove back out to Wakefield looking to do Plan B: the Red Hills Hut–Beebys Knob circuit. However, along the way we decided the day was too well-advanced. So, up we drove up to Inwoods Lookout for Plan C: Gordons Knob. It was a beautiful clear day as we…
nina party
March 27, 2016 Raymond Salisbury 61

Nina Valley, Lake Sumner Forest Park, 25-27 Mar 2016

Leader: Ray Salisbury PLAN B : THE LONG & SHORT OF IT Some wise soul once said: “Long weekends were created cos you can’t fit that much bad weather into two days.” Thankfully, the bad weather was restricted to the West Coast region, and we had a backup plan. My scheduled trip to Cedar Flats was shelved – for the 4th time – so we opted for a shorter drive, shorter tramp, and shorter long weekend. To cut a long story short: Ian Morris kindly collected us early on Good Friday, and whisked us away for coffee at Beechwoods. On up the Mariua Valley, over Lewis Pass, to the NZDA hut beside the road.…
worlds end
March 06, 2016 Dion Pont 85

Greys Hut, Karamea River Gorge, Kahurangi NP, 5-6 Mar 2016

Leader: Dion Pont I once read that Karamea has more sunshine hours than Auckland, and I can believe that. The local storekeeper attested to drought conditions when we passed through. At the road-end carpark, we noticed the time on the DOC sign had been lengthened to ‘6 hours’ – it wasn’t too far wrong. In a litany of errors, our first boo-boo was missing the start of the track. We were resigned to following the farm road up the hill to a gate. Here, a sign warned that ‘You Have Arrived At The End Of The World.’ I thought to myself, ‘Armageddon outta here!’ A side-road mis-lead us down to the…
March 06, 2016 Patrick Holland 67

Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, Nelson, 6 Mar 2016

Leader: Pat Holland A beautiful, warm, sunny Nelson day was ideal for a trip into the depths of the Sanctuary to enjoy the forest and streams. A deliberately measured pace was maintained so as not to discourage the several new chums. Pest-proof fencing (14km) of the area (715ha) is in its final phase but the fencers were not working that day. We went up the main Koru track to Jacobs Ladder where the steepish track got us up to D-line. Two km of excellent track took us through majestic red beech forest with some podocarps into the heart of the Sanctuary to where the track meets the Brook…
heaphy marianne
March 05, 2016 Marianne Hermsen 58

Heaphy Track, Kahurangi National Park, 29 Feb-5 Mar 2016

Leader: Marianne Hermsen The trip members were picked up in Nelson and Mapua. We stopped at Langford’s store to leave a car key for Derry Kingston to collect; he was to drive the car round to Kohaihai for us. We left the historic store about 10:30 and we were soon parked up at the Collingwood end of the Heaphy Track. We changed footwear and set off for the short walk to Browns Hut in fine weather. Almost immediately, the track crossed a bridge. We started a sustained climb at a gentle gradient that lasted all the way to Flanagan’s Corner; the high point of the track. At 15:20 we stopped at…
February 28, 2016 Kate Krawczyk 57

The Grampians, Nelson, 28 Feb 2016

Leader: Kate Krawczyk It was a very hot day for a casual jaunt up the hills behind Nelson. It was a great thing that the Grampians are covered in beautiful native bush with plenty of shade to spare! We walked from Kate’s place on Anglia Street, cutting through Bishopdale Reserve to Market Road and the start of the Kahikatea Track. The track is so named because, about halfway up the hill, there is a massive kahikatea that is 36 metres tall, has a 34-metre spread and a trunk that is 8 metres in circumference. It is thought to be 300–500 years old. There are other beautiful ancient trees that…
Editor Hill Trig Party Feb
February 21, 2016 Raymond Salisbury 57

The Snail Trail-Editor Hill, Marlborough, 21 Feb 2016

Leader: Ray Salisbury On a fine summer’s day, eight enthusiastic souls departed Victory Square, drove over the Whangamoas, then took the less-travelled road to Duncan Bay in the Tennyson Inlet. At Opouri Saddle (520m), our cars were swapped for boots, and we began the steep ascent. Up, up, up a ridge, cautiously clambering over roots and rocks. This was not an official track, but was well-marked with plastic blue triangles. Once over the crux, a 3-metre cliff requiring the use of handholds and careful foot placement, we drank in a stupendous view over Pelorus Sound to the north. Views over to…
February 14, 2016 Debbie Hogan 57

Mount Robert Circuit, Nelson Lakes NP, 14 Feb 2016

Leader: Debbie Hogan On Valentine’s Day, six intrepid trampers set off for Mount Robert in a “Maxi Taxi”. Our driver, Bernie, (and her son Kahurangi), were tramping with the club for the first time. It was also their first time up the Robert Ridge and the pain of the Pinchgut climb. It was also a first for Jacqui, who fell in love with the whole area, photographing everything. Graeme led the way, David was the tail-end-Charlie and the trip leader Debbie was somewhere in-between. The weather was perfect for a ridge walk, not too hot, with just a hint of cooling breeze and wonderful views.…
kahurangi k hut web
February 01, 2016 Kate Krawczyk 67

Kahurangi Point Lighthouse, Kahurangi NP, 30 Jan-1 Feb 2016

Leader: Kate Krawczyk We set out from Nelson around noon on the Saturday, heading for the mouth of the Anatori River. It took about three and a half hours to get there with a coffee/ice cream stop in Takaka on the way. It’s all narrow and windy shingle road past Collingwood. And there must have been a convention of large boat owners at Mangarakau that week because I have never seen that road so busy. And, it’s not the kind of road where you want to meet large oncoming traffic. However, we made it safely and set up camp, gathered some firewood and explored the river mouth. We decided that we…
January 31, 2016 Bruce Alley 55

Sharlands Creek traverse to Marybank Road, Nelson, 31 Jan 2016

Leader: Bruce Alley Being only a half-day walk, our small party of three ‘Mighty Marybankers’ set off from the Sharlands Creek carpark in the Maitai Valley at the leisurely hour of 9am. Following the creek track to an intersection, then taking a left turn up the Supplejack Trail, we wound our way up the hill through regenerating native bush, pausing occasionally to appreciate the scenery and the peaceful silence which was punctuated only by the sound of birdsong. Only one came down from the canopy and posed for a photo. An hour and a half later, we reached the lookout where there was a…
captains ck hut
January 23, 2016 Liam Sullivan 63

Captains Creek Hut, Mount Richmond FP, 23 Jan 2016

Leader: Liam Sullivan Nine of us departed Nelson on a day that promised to be hot and fine. First stop was Pelorus Bridge, where we picked up three others: Andrea, Simon & Daniel who were taking pack-rafts up to Captains Creek Hut for a return trip to the bridge. We set off from the road end arriving at Emerald Pools, a popular picnic spot with a lovely deep stretch of water some 45 minutes later. After a quick stop, we continued along the track which ascended up to a spur, then sidled a ridge, well above the river. Thankfully, this remained within the shade of beech forest for most of the…
owen party stevemcglone web
January 20, 2016 Andrea Cockerton 67

South Side of Mount Owen, Kahurangi NP, 16-20 Jan 2016

Leader: Andrea Cockerton With the forecast changing daily and nine hopefuls, we decided to make tracks as planned and head up the pretty Fyfe River to Branch Creek Hut. The southern access to Mt Owen is mooted as more challenging than the popular route via Granity Pass. With DOC-marked tracks up the Fyfe – and leading to the bush line below Sunrise Peak from the Owen Valley East Road – we simply had to join the dots ... easy! With hearty introductions and a bad sales pitch of the route, which turned out to be neither ‘dry’ nor ‘cruisey’, we were off up the delightfully-named Flying Pan Creek.…
brian renwick dinghy
January 10, 2016 Bob Renshaw 62

Heartbreak Ridge, Nelson, 10 Jan 2016

Leader: Bob Renshaw It’s been a couple of years since I last crossed the Heartbreak Ridge so I thought it would be good to repeat the trip to see if much has changed. Unfortunately not! It is just as rough and scrubby as ever. By the time we had reached the first high point at the start of the ridge, my arms and legs were covered in blood from scratches. After a short break we set off along the ridge which undulates over rocky outcrops and rough terrain. There is a sort of track cutting through but it regularly comes to an end. There were several places along the track where the way on was…
brian renwick dinghy
December 20, 2015 Ron Mailer 60

Walk & Sail, Abel Tasman N.P, 20 Dec 2015

Skipper: Brian Renwick On a bright, sunny Sunday morning, five walkers left Marahau at 7.45am with the aim of joining Brian Renwick’s catamaran Canopus at The Anchorage in Torrent Bay by 11.30am. With only a brief drink stop en-route, we arrived at the Anchorage Hut early at 11.00am after a brisk pace, despite stopping at the lookout to take in the view of Adele Island and the Abel Tasman coastline. Brian quickly spotted us on the beach and rowed ashore to ferry us in his rubber ducky to the comfortable 30-foot yacht, where after a safety briefing by the captain, we became “the crew”.…
trig k party
December 13, 2015 Marie Lenting 53

Trig K/Pelorus Bridge, Marlborough, 13 Dec 2015

Leader: Marie Lenting On a beautiful day early in December, nine members enjoyed a great day at Pelorus Bridge where we walked the 6km loop track from the cafe to Trig K (390m). The track follows an easy nature walk before entering a native forest hill climb through podocarp, broadleaf and beech, stopping along the way for refreshments and views over the surrounding valleys. Reaching our destination sooner than we expected, we had a wonderful picnic lunch, treated to a variety of Japanese quisine provided by Tet. Thank you so much for this! To add to this, the view down the Rai Valley – from…
01 gordons pyramid
December 06, 2015 Patrick Holland 55

Cloustons Mine/Gordons Pyramid, Kahurangi N.P, 6 Dec 2015

Leader: Pat Holland Our party of five left Nelson earlyish, but with some trepidation as the weather forecast was dubious. At Flora Saddle, it was quite windy and cloudy. However, by the time we got to Flora Hut there were small patches of blue sky and we did not need our parkas. We admired the results of the club’s hut restoration efforts (to be be finished this autumn), before following teh Flora Track, then climbing up the Grid Iron track. The track up to Cloustons Mine was in good order, sheltered from the wind. The forest was delightful with all the greens very bright after recent rain.…
September 27, 2015 Kate Krawczyk 55

Wainui Hut circuit, Abel Tasman NP, 27 Sept 2015

Leaders: Kate Krawczyk & Sue Henley It was a beautiful day to travel up to Canaan Downs and go for a walk in the Abel Tasman National Park. The Evans Ridge / Wainui Loop makes a great day walk exploring an area of the park that avoids the crowds of tourists and boaties. It’s about 15km long with a total climb of approximately 350 metres and takes around 5–6 hours at a leisurely pace. We reached the Canaan carpark around 9am and carried on up to Wainui Saddle where the track branches to either go straight towards Moa park Shelter or left towards Wainui Hut. We carried on straight up the ridge…
arthur hut
September 20, 2015 Lawrie Halkett 56

Mt Arthur, Kahurangi NP, 20 Sept 2015

Leader: Lawrie Halkett After a typical spring cold snap, with rain and snow on the preceding day, Sunday turned out fine, which set the tone for the day. Two cars with eight on board met at the Badminton Hall, Richmond, but by the time we arrived at the Flora carpark our fleet had increased to three – Dion, daughter Keillyn and friend Silva joined the party. The drive up was challenging for David in his mighty Corolla, as the road near the top was very sludgy with fresh fallen snow. The scene was magic, blue sky, offset by white terra firma, plus one raucous kea to trumpet the start to our…
September 13, 2015 Chris Louth 64

Separation Point, Abel Tasman NP, 13 Sept 2015

Leader: Chris Louth A CLIMB IN RHYME - by Bruce Alley At 7am sharp, our group of nine met For a two hour drive to Wainui Inlet Stopping at Takaka to collect number ten That made five good keen ladies and five macho men Out of the cars and off down the road The packs on our backs seemed a very light load Brian suggested straddling an electric fence But with a gate so close by, that didn’t make sense On up a hill with hardly a bend Some found it steep and unsure of its end Then into some bush and the song of the tui We headed on down to Totaranui A pause on the beachfront for an elevenses snack…
mt fyffe hut
September 05, 2015 Raymond Salisbury 53

Mount Fyffe, Kaikoura Ranges, 4-5 Sept 2015

Leader: Ray Salisbury Wanting to give those new to snow travel an easy introduction to using crampons and ice-axes, I planned a couple of medium-level excursions into the Hills. Lack of interest cancelled the first trip, and I ran the second one with only three people, which is disappointing. The rain pelted down on us as we departed the carpark at the foot of the mountain. But we pressed on with a determined stride, up, up, up the 4WD road which is steeper than I recall. [Time: 2.5 hrs] Rain became snow as altitude was hard-won. Lucky for us, I carried dry kindling and got the woodfire in…
fire lookout
August 30, 2015 Lawrie Halkett 63

Richmond Fire Lookout, Nelson, 30 Aug 2015

Leader: Lawrie Halkett Sunday morning dawned fine, but very misty. A group of five hikers met at Lawrie’s place and proceeded up Jimmy Lee Creek. It is a lovely bush gully walk, starting with an interesting bird hide not far in off Hill Street. The gully begins as regenerating scrub hardwoods, most of which Kate and Marie were able to identify, until the second section where Lawrie was able to point out Tawa and Matai. David, Kate and Marie started swapping jokes and one was obviously so funny that David lost his footing and took a dive downhill. Not to be outdone, Marie threw some clothing…
2015 snowskills
August 16, 2015 Patrick Holland 60

Snowcraft Day, Rainbow Ski Field, 16 Aug 2015

Leader: Pat Holland Seventeen keen ones arrived at Rainbow in four vehicles. No chains needed—so far so good. Snow a bit thin on the tops but enough to play in. It took a while to get everyone togged up and into crampons but by 10:30am off we headed up the valley towards the west basin. The weather was overcast with a nippy southerly but looking stable (as it proved for the day). Some fit ones shot up over Mt McRae and on toward Peanter Peak. The rest played at self-arresting and getting used to crampons. Snow was really soft, so we headed through the first saddle. We made the second saddle…
June 01, 2015 Raymond Salisbury 65

Sawcut Gorge, Marlborough, 30 May-1 June 2015

Leader: Kate Krawczyk Kirwans Hut in Victoria Forest Park was our ambition, but a fierce forecast scared us off to the brighter, sunnier reaches of the East Coast. Kate kindly collected us, sleepy-eyed, from our residences and transported us to the trackhead in three hours. Parking the spacious 4WD ute at the homestead of Blue Mountain Station, we donned boots and gaitors in anticipation of the foreboding wetness to come. An hour of boulder-hopping up the Waima River, with some vainly trying to keep their feet dry, we stumbled up the sidle track into Isolation Creek proper. Some 15 minutes up…
May 24, 2015 Chris Louth 54

Harwoods Hole & Starlight Cave, Abel Tasman NP, 24 May 2015

Leader: Chris Louth Cold mornings often herald clear skies. And so it was as we left Canaan clearing for the easy walk into Harwoods Hole. A limit of 12 participants was put on this trip for reasons that will become clearer later. Twelve became 11 after a frustratingly late withdrawal. It was a multi-national group with five of the seven continents represented – no Africans or Antarcticans. A couple of the group had done this trip before (below ground rather than above) so they gave the others an insight into the descent techniques required to enter the Harwoods/Starlight cave system. It is…
May 10, 2015 Lawrie Halkett 58

Mt Stokes – Marlborough Sounds, 10 May 2015

Leader: Lawrie Halkett It was a very early start for eight members of the tramping party, setting out from Nelson around 6.00am to rendezvous with the more sensible two remaining members that had left the day before and camped at the head of Keneperu Sound. After a tortuous drive (there are more corners on that road than the Takaka Hill road!) to Keneperu, during which several passengers complained that their breakfasts were about to see the light of day (or was that Lawrie and Graeme’s driving?) we made it on schedule at 8.30am and met up with Ian and Annette. It was introductions all round,…
May 03, 2015 Administrator 63

Harris Hill ridge ramble, Nelson, 3 May 2015

Leader: David Blunt Situated just ten minutes from Nelson, high above Marybank, is the 500-acre Harris family farm, with 50 acres of mature native bush, abundant bird life, goats, sheep, cattle and panoramic views of Nelson, also with three lovely homestay cottages available for rent. What a wonderful turnout: 17 walkers thereafter referred to as ‘the mob,’ set off from Millers Acre on a wonderful, crisp autumn morning. Later in the day the temperature would rise to 17 degrees. After a steep beginning, we walked at a leisurely pace past the farm houses, greeted by the farm dogs as we passed…
April 12, 2015 Mark Graesser 87

Lake Camp, Kahurangi NP, 11-12 April 2015

Leader: Mark Graesser Camp Lake, or ‘Lake Camp’, as some call it, is perched in a sub-alpine cirque beneath Mt Prospect on the western side of the Cobb Valley, opposite the Tent Camp on the valley track. Three of us set off at 8:00am on Saturday in hopes that the unstable weather would settle down for a couple of reasonable days on the Cobb. As it turned out, a mixture of misty rain and sunny breaks made for pleasant walking. Our German guest, a recent biology graduate, was happy to absorb a steady stream of commentary from the locals on the prolific bush birds and native plants. We ducked…
April 06, 2015 Kate Krawczyk 81

Richmond Alpine Circuit, Mt Richmond FP, 3-6 April 2015

Leader: Kate Krawczy We started out from the locked gate up the Wairoa Gorge on Friday at 8:30am. There was about five kilometres of road to start and it was good to get that out of the way. But then we started up the track following the true left of the Wairoa River and almost wished we were back on the road: the track was not easy. It is a slippery and difficult sidle along the river banks with lots of up-and-downs to get around the gorgy bits – very slow going. We made it to Mid Wairoa Hut after 1:00pm, way behind schedule. We had a good rest and lunch break to replenish ourselves for the…
March 29, 2015 Lou Kolff 59

Boulder Bank Walk - Nelson, 29 Mar 2015

Leader: Lou KolfHeavy breakfast rain soon cleared to a warm sunny morning when the reduced number of 4 of us drove out to the end of Boulder Bank Drive. Here it was beautifully calm with moderatly breaking waves as we set off at 9:00am, but not before we were roped in by a Rotary Club official to join others in the Boulder Bank Challenge Nature Walk, which included some beach clean up en route to the lighthouse.About half an hour along, a rancid smell of a beached whale joined us for quite some time. The first of the 6 (I think) remaining baches soon came into sight and we were welcomed in to…
wangapeka 1
March 25, 2015 Patrick Holland 61

Wangapeka Track circuit – Kahurangi NP, 22-25 Mar 2015

Scribe: Pat Holland This 4-day trip was run by NTC for some members of the FMC Executive who had attended a meeting in Nelson. Planning for six was disrupted by Sally Johannesson coming down with a tummy bug and withdrawing. The remaining five arrived at Rolling River car park earlyish, did the car shuffle and got across the Wangapeka River to the start of Chummies track. The river was at a record low, barely above the ankles. Up the track we climbed steadilly and got to John Reid Hut in six hours with drizzle, then rain, setting in. I was relieved to find the small stream supplying water was…
Working Bee Party Posed web 0
March 15, 2015 Ian Morris 53

Flora Hut Restoration – Kahurangi NP, 14-15 Mar 2015

Organiser: Ian Morris Following on from the previous working bee in March 2013 when the Flora Hut roof was renovated, this year our objective was to line the woodshed, paint the exterior walls and line the interior. Work started a fortnight earlier when a small group accompanied Tom Bruce, a roof flashing expert, to replace the rusted gutters on each chimney. On 14 March the activity commenced with shifting all the firewood out of the woodshed and excavating about half a metre of rotten wood debris that had accumulated underneath. It would have been perfect garden mulch – Kate wished she had…
March 01, 2015 David Cook 53

Gordons Knob – Mt Richmond FP, 1 Mar 2015

Leader: Lawrie Halkett This trip left from Lawrie’s place in Richmond with another group waiting at the Badminton Hall. 13 people travelled in three vehicles to the forestry road up to Inwoods Lookout in the Golden Downs area. A wrong turn at one junction, and one car discovering that they had a leaky radiator, meant we had to pack into two vehicles for the drive up the road to Inwoods Lookout. We parked slightly further up the hill where the track to Hunters Hut was signposted. We started the tramp about 8:50am, initially through bush that alternated between beech and semi-open clearings.…
barnicoat walkway
February 22, 2015 Kate Krawczyk 64

Barnicoat Walkway – Nelson, 22 Feb 2015

Leader: Kate Krawczyk Well, the joke of the day was “if you want it to rain just get Kate to lead a tramp!” At the Mount Duppa trip a month ago, it hadn’t rained in a month ... then it rained. This time it hadn’t rained in a month then, lo and behold ... it rained again! Rain was much needed; it didn’t dampen the spirits of the group at all – in fact, it added to the adventure, as I will tell you. We met at 8:30am at my place on Washbourn Drive in Richmond. (Because of the transport issues of this trip, I figured the easiest way to do it was to drop everyone’s vehicles here, take my vehicles to…
whisky wharf
February 15, 2015 Raymond Salisbury 73

Lake Rotoiti circuit – Nelson Lakes NP, 15 Feb 2015

Leader: Chris Louth Kicking and screaming, I was dragged unwillingly away from the comfort of my bed. I hadn’t done a club tramp for eons, and guilt woke me at some God-forsaken hour of the morning to meet my fellow trampers. ‘This will be a good leg-stretch’ I cajoled myself. Once we arrived at Lake Rotoiti, there was no car shuttle. We were promptly marched along the road for an extra hour to the trackhead on the lower flanks of Mt Robert. But, in retrospect, this rude awakening was probably just what I needed. Our merry bunch of day-walkers managed to keep together all day, thanks to a…
mt cawte blunt
February 01, 2015 Administrator 64

Mount Cawte – Marlborough Sounds, 1 Feb 2015

Leader: David Blunt This joint trip with WTC went ahead despite a weather forecast which was not too good. It was raining when we left Nelson at 8am and were relieved that upon reaching Havelock it was still dry, albeit with some threatening clouds. From there we proceeded to the Mount Cawte Scenic Reserve in Moetapu Bay, Pelorus Sound, and the start of an unmarked track up the ridge line. This had been put in about four years ago by parties from the nearby Outward Bound school to assist the local community with pest control. The track is well-graded with numerous steps and passes largely…
duppa boys
January 18, 2015 Kate Krawczyk 55

Mt. Duppa – Bryant Range, Nelson, 18 Jan 2015

Leader: Kate Krawczyk The weather had been so hot and humid and sunny for weeks, so when the Sunday came around and showers were forecast it was a matter of just going for it and seeing what the weather brought. Our intentions were to drive to Mt.Duppa and climb to the summit, return the same way, then drive to Pelorus and swim in the river, go for another walk, or relax at the cafe. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate as planned and, as we drove east into the Whangamoas, the cloud thickened. We were clagged in. It didn’t rain much and it was a pleasant trip up through the clouds to…
mt mantell party 72
January 10, 2015 Andrea Cockerton 70

Mt Mantell – Murchison, 10 Jan 2015

Leader & Scribe: Andrea Cockerton Mount Mantell : a new destination for all who travelled, though set among familiar ridges and peaks viewed now from a different perspective. At 1606m she stands between the Matakitaki and Maruia river valleys 35 or 55km from Murchison, depending on the access route taken. According to research, medium numbers of deer and large number of feral goats were to be expected. In reality, one very dead goat and one more recently dead goat were RIP, a tuneful kaka was heard and a few smaller birds to complete the wildlife count. The Homeo Sapien count was seven. We…
torrent bay
December 21, 2014 Administrator 67

Torrent Bay Walk & Sail – Abel Tasman NP, 21 Dec 2014

Leader: Brian Renwick The weather gods dictated that our trip took place on Sunday rather than Saturday, and we set off in beautiful sunshine, which we basked in for the whole day. Brian, our trusty skipper, set off from Nelson Marina bright and early with Andrea and Kathryn onboard to learn the ropes. The plan was to meet us walkers at Anchorage at 12.30. We kept a steady walking pace from Marahau to Anchorage, stopping only to admire the stunning views down to the bays, posing for a few pics and a spot of morning tea at the quaintly named Apple Tree Bay. The peace there was only momentarily…
December 04, 2014 Dan McGuire 69

Mt Richmond summit - Mt Richmond FP, 6 Dec 2014

Leader: Dan McGuire Seven ambitious trampers showed up early on Dec. 6 for an assault on Mt. Richmond. A late start meant a very fast pace, led by Lee Marshall. With her cracking pace we were at the hut in record time. After a short rest, we were off to the summit, but not before Calvin and Dan stopped to photograph some of the many penwipers that were in full bloom. After lunch on the summit, we sped down the mountain. It was a perfect day! Participants: Nichola Harwood, Don Morrissey and son, Bruce Alley, Lee Marshall, Kelvin Drew, & Dan McGuire (leader)
ben nevis
November 30, 2014 Andrea Cockerton 84

Ben Nevis – Mt Richmond FP, 30 Nov 2014

Leader: Andrea Cockerton Ben Nevis was the revised destination, bad weather scuppering planto head up Billies Knob. Summer, but not just yet. The track itself was easy to navigate, the access roads not so! A few confabs, consultation of GPS, one wrong turn and we arrived. The road itself was in reasonable order, though 4WD recommended. The track initially heads through forest along Gibbs Spur; it’s a little grunty to start but evens out as you break through the trees around 1000m, the summit itself standing at 1619m. There is some rock scrambling along the spur and delightful vistas across to…
November 09, 2014 Chris Louth 74

Thousand Acre Plateau – Kahurangi NP, 7-9 Nov 2014

Leader: Chris Louth With the promise of three days of sunshine and light winds, eight of us left the cars on the Matiri Valley road and headed upstream. The West Branch Matiri was easily forded and an hour later we were at a deserted Lake Matiri Hut. The hut book indicated there was nobody else on the plateau. After a regroup at the lookout, everyone found their own pace for the second steep climb up to the rim, then across the open red tussock to Poor Pete’s Hut. It was now 4.30pm but, with hours of daylight left, half the party decided to push on across the waterlogged grasslands to…
October 18, 2014 Liz Dooley 58

The Brook Sanctuary – Nelson, 18 Oct 2014

Leader: Elizabeth Dooley Three of us met at the Waimarama Sanctuary and walked up the Koro track, joining the stream at Ferny Flats and turning back onto “East D” track just short of Carters Creek. The track is lovely, especially along the stream, with the sound of water mingling with birdsong. The Rangiora is beginning to flower and there were Fuschia, Clematis and some orchids to be found. We turned down Jacobs Ladder to return to the stream and walked out via the dam, going back into the Visitors Centre to look at the interesting displays available there. We walked for about three and a…
October 12, 2014 Kate Krawczyk 80

Ellis Basin Hut – Kahurangi NP, 11-12 Oct 2014

Leader: Dion Pont We started out early on the Saturday morning to give ourselves extra time if the snow conditions were difficult on the way to Ellis Basin. We arrived at Flora car park around 8:30 to find a police car blocking the way to the main parking area. It turned out that the recovery and investigation for the recent helicopter crash was underway and the police investigators were waiting for a helicopter from the Air Force to arrive. A few Keas also welcomed us to the car park with their cheeky antics – hopping around on innocent victim’s vehicles and playing with our gear as we got…
October 05, 2014 Ross Price 62

Canaan Downs to Bird’s Clearing via Wainui River – Abel Tasman NP, 5 Oct 2014

Leader: Ross Price The day broke fine and sunny, and the hills were liberally plastered with fresh snow from the day before. The drive in was accomplished relatively easily due to the volume of traffic and sunshine having cleared snow off the access road. We were soon under way, climbing steadily up the gentle gradient to Wainui Saddle, and a short descent took us to the Wainui Hut, complete with nearby aviary for the re-introduction of kaka and kakariki as part of Project Janszoon. This trip was largely in the bush, however good views were found from Wainui Saddle. The opportunity to descend…
September 21, 2014 Dan McGuire 62

Wooded Peak – Nelson, 21 Sept 2014

Leader: Dan McGuire Four stalwart persons met at 8:00 a.m. for an assault on Wooded Peak from the Maitai via an untracked ridge. There was a leisurely brunch stop midway up Wooded Peak on a limestone outcrop to enjoy the fabulous view. Then we pushed onto the cold windy summit and down to the Dun Line. Ken Ridley took that route home to the Brook and the others went over Sunrise Ridge, with delays over many fallen beech trees. It was 5:30 before we arrived back at the car. Participants: Dan McGuire (leader), Ken Ridley, Calvin, and Linda Phillips (guest).
September 14, 2014 Patrick Holland 51

Snowcraft Day – Robert Ridge – Nelson Lakes NP, 14 Sept 2014

Organiser: Pat Holland 20 registered for the annual trip to Rainbow and almost all of us turned out on Sunday, rearing to go. Unfortunately the Rainbow ski field and road were closed, despite the favourable forecast. Rain the day before must have ruined the tow base. So, after a quick confirmation at DOC St Arnaud, we drove to Mt Robert car park for the obvious alternate. A mild morning and furious pace up Pinchgut Track resulted in some red faces at Relax Shelter. No snow about there so on and up to the former skiifield basin where there were only some tiny patches. So, on up the ridge to…
September 07, 2014 Kate Krawczyk 66

Wakamarina–Mt.Sunday–Mt.Riley circuit, Mt Richmond FP, 6-7 Sept 2014

Leader: Kate Krawczyk It was a beautiful Saturday morning to be setting off from Nelson into the unexplored eastern reaches of the Richmond Ranges – unexplored for us anyway. Nine of us drove out to the Wakamarina Valley and walked 7km into Devils Creek Hut and then walked another 45 minutes past the hut to the remains of two stone huts thought to have been built during the 1880s by gold miners. The history in this area is very rich and the efforts the miner’s went to are amazing! Devils Creek is a beautiful area to explore. From here, Simon decided to walk on through to Onamalutu Reserve…
August 24, 2014 Raymond Salisbury 56

Cobb Valley excursions – Kahurangi NP, 23-24 Aug 2014

Leader: Ray Salisbury The infamous five filled up Kelvin’s CRV as we negotiated the gravelled Graham Valley Road. Being our carefu selves, Marie and I had checked in with DOC Nelson AND DOC Motueka to ensure we would have access. (There was a warning on the website indicating that the 1080 bait drop was starting in Kahurangi that morning.) Much to our surprise, a council contractor and his henchman were blocking the road with their vehicle. We were promptly turned around. So, we decided to reach the Tableland via the Cobb Valley instead, and txted our change of intentions. After a nauseous…
August 23, 2014 Administrator 61

Maitai & Brook Valleys, Nelson, 23 Aug 2014

Leader: Elisabeth Dooley As I was short of time, four of us met at 8am in Hanby Park and walked along the Maitai on a clear, chilly morning, turning up toward Dun Mountain after about an hour. Post logging, it’s all rather messy and hard to locate some of the tracks. As we came away from Tantragee, we decided to head for Jack’s Track and avoid walking along Brook Street. We had a little difficulty finding the track, but eventually found ourselves heading along Jacks Track, where the views were magnificent on such a clear, sunny day. Tim was happily snapping away at the snowy mountaintops and…
beebys redhills
August 17, 2014 Dan McGuire 60

Red Hills–Beeby’s Knob circuit – Mt Richmond FP, 17 Aug 2014

Leader: Sue Henley Two days before our scheduled Red hills to Beeby’s walk I received a message on my answer phone from a fellow club member confirming his participation and stating that he intended to ski part of the new track that we were about to explore. Somewhat skeptical and slightly bemused, I decided to go with the flow and see what came of it. It was a cold, grey morning when eleven of us set off on a pleasant walk through rolling beech forest before beginning the gentle incline up the 4X4 track that leads to Red Hills Hut. After a leisurely morning tea break insdie the hut, we took…
August 10, 2014 Simon Garton 64

Angelus Hut, Nelson Lakes NP, 9-10 Aug 2014

Leader: Simon Garton On a very cold Saturday morning I picked up three trampers, being sure to leave them waiting by the side of the road for a few minutes so they would appreciate the car ride. Having all met up at Mt Robert carpark we spread out across the ridge track with Chris L possibly leading the race. A group of teenage toboggan sliders suffering on the uphill were quickly passed en route to the shelter. There we met a mountaineer breaking in his near $2k boots for his upcoming trip to the 8200m Cho Oyu two weeks hence. I wished him good luck with the Himalayas and once more we set…
angelus 2014
August 10, 2014 Simon Garton 51

Angelus Hut, Nelson Lakes NP - 9-10 Aug 2014

Leader: Simon Garton On a very cold Saturday morning I picked up three trampers, being sure to leave them waiting by the side of the road for a few minutes so they would appreciate the car ride. Having all met up at Mt Robert carpark we spread out across the ridge track with Chris L possibly leading the race. A group of teenage toboggan sliders suffering on the uphill were quickly passed en route to the shelter. There we met a mountaineer breaking in his near $2k boots for his upcoming trip to the 8200m Cho Oyu two weeks hence. I wished him good luck with the Himalayas and once more we set…
July 20, 2014 Andrea Cockerton 66

Mt Arthur climb – Kahurangi NP, 20 July 2014

Leader: Andrea Cockerton A road closure earlier in the week marked a déjà vu, but thanks to the on-going commitment to keep this road open from TDC, DOC and the NZ Transport Agency, the minor slip was cleared promptly. The main access point to Kahurangi National Park saw 15 eager trampers flock to climb Mt Arthur. For some it was their first time, others a return to oh so familiar grounds. Likewise, a diverse mix of skill in traversing and climbing snow slopes saw the experienced assist the newbies to ensure everyone ascended and descended safely. We all relished the still day and with high…
July 19, 2014 Liz Dooley 57

Cable Bay, Nelson, 19 July 2014

Leader: Elizabeth Dooley Five of us set off at 9.00 am in clear, cold conditions from The Glen. We decided we didn’t want to rock-hop along the beach and instead set off up Airlie Street, took the right hand track up the hill and made our way to the airstrip where we took a break. There was little wind and the views were magnificent. One of the party was struggling with the hill but recovered through the QEII section of the walk, which had lovely birdsong. Three of us walked on to Sentinel Hill for lunch and great views down over Cable Bay. We made our way back to the lookout and rejoined the…
st ronans 1
July 06, 2014 Dion Pont 77

St Ronans Creek – Marlborough, 6 July 2014

Leader: Dion Pont Sunday dawned fine, crisp and clear, one of the coldest mornings of the year to date. The plan was to drive as far as the locked gate on the Rainbow Road then ride our bikes to the start of the track, so three brave members loaded bikes into the back of our leaders pride-and-joy then set off to St Arnaud to meet another hardy soul. We headed up the access road to the river crossing before the locked gate, our skilled driver hardly batted an eyelid before crossing the ford, seemingly unfazed by the boulders and deep water where others dared not go, all of us grateful to start…
July 05, 2014 Liz Dooley 50

Hacket–Browning Huts Loop, Mount Richmond FP, 5 July 2014

Leader: Elizabeth Dooley Five of us set off from the Hacket picnic site at 9.30am. We took the left turn at the Junction for Browning Hut and, after a discussion about how wet we wanted to be, crossed the stream for the first of seven crossings on our way to Browning Hut. All the crossings proved safe despite the recent rains. When we came to the next junction (leading back to the Hackett Hut) we were surprised there was no signpost. We took the all-weather route as we approached Browning Hut, which was quite a scramble at times over a lot of slips. When we arrived at Browning Hut we found…
June 23, 2014 Kate Krawczyk 85

Booths Cottage, Nelson Lakes area, 23 June 2014

Leader: Kate Krawczyk The ten of us set out on a stunning, crisp June morning to explore the historically rich gold fossicking areas of the Howard Valley. We parked on the side of the Howard Valley Road, not too keen on braving the four-wheel drive tracks, and set off for the Hills. After only an hour-and-a-half of walking past the Louis Creek goldfields with its relics and gold tailings two stories high, we reached the historical Booth’s Cottage situated in a small forest clearing above Louis Creek on an old miners’ track. The cottage was built by Sid Booth and Ray Clarke in 1933 during the…
June 14, 2014 Chris Louth 69

Cape Campbell, Marlborough, 14-15 June 2014

Leader & Scribe: Chris Louth One of the joys of driving to a campsite is that it allows you to take more gear. So it was, as two vehicles laden with nine people and various ‘luxury’ items headed over to the east coast for a change. We got to the Marfell’s Beach campsite at about 10am, set up camp on the grass overlooking the beach and were ready to catch the low tide for the walk to the lighthouse an hour later. Rather than walk the beach both ways we decided to head up to the ridgeline and descend to the beach further round the point. By the time we reached the old quarry we were all three…
June 02, 2014 Raymond Salisbury 63

Buckland Peaks, Paparoa NP - 31 May-2 June 2014

Leader: Ray Salisbury Seven set forth from the carpark on SH6, not far from the sleepy suburbs of Westport. Striding out along the private farm access, we were nearly the target of an enthusiastic top-dressing pilot. After 8 km of easy rambling we reached the bush edge, and promptly began the arduous ascent up a steep spur track. A wonderful variety of forest had our botanists enthralled, as we journeyed through beech, podocarp, nei nei and, eventually, subalpine terrain, which included species of leatherwood. After more than six hours, the last of us topped out onto scrubby knobs, before…
May 31, 2014 Liz Dooley 60

Dew Lakes, Bryant Range, Nelson - 31 May 2014

Leader: Elizabeth Dooley Three of us walked to Dew Lakes on a lovely, crisp, clear day, glad to get up into the sunshine and birdsong. We had views to Pelorus in one direction and Fishtail in another. The tarns still had ice on them when we were there, but we managed to find sunny spots for morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. (Chris, aren’t you sorry to miss such a leisurely walk?) With visits to Rush Pools, the Argilite Quarry, plant spotting and political discussions, we manage to string the trip out to six hours – could this be a club record? Leader was Elizabeth Dooley, ably…
peppin kayak web
May 18, 2014 Andrea Cockerton 60

Kayak Circumnavigation of Pepin Island – Nelson, 18 May 2014

Leader: Barry James In a new world of acronyms and txt talk, it was ASDIP (another sunny day in paradise) and the destination was Pepin Island. An eclectic collection of boat colours brightened up the horizon in forest green, sunflower yellow, brick red, burnt orange and ocean blue boats. And so it was that we glided our way, slicing through the water, some on, some in, rudder or rudderless; we shared a common appreciation of the sea and love of the outdoors. It was physical too – you gotta love that. A very light breeze reflected diamonds and the expectant sou’westerlies did not give rise to…
arnaud ridge
May 11, 2014 Andrea Cockerton 57

St Arnaud Ridge – Nelson Lakes NP, 11 May 2014

Leader: Andrea Cockerton With the promise of good weather and fine views, the small matter of the 1200m precipitous climb did not deter eleven eager trampers destined for the Lake Rotoiti ridgeline. Eight months prior, several of us had attained the ridge via the Gruntline Trapline. On this day we meandered further around the lake for 5km, before taking the more appealing sounding Duck Pond Trapline. General consensus determined it was more grunty than the Gruntline and not a single duck was observed. A gruelling, unrelenting two hours later, all was forgotten as we topped out. Ken opted to…
Alley Dinghy web
May 10, 2014 Brian Renwick 56

Torrent Bay – Abel Tasman NP, 10 May 2014

Leader: Brian Renwick On a bright and clear autumn morning, seven of us assembled at Rod and Carole’s home at 7.15am and piled into their spacious people-mover for the drive to Marahau. We strolled off into the N.P. at 8.30am, enjoying the easy-graded and well-benched track. At Appletree Bay we paused for morning tea and basked in the sunshine. More pleasant bush-walking followed with suberb views of all the bays below us. Bruce, Graeme and Will decided to venture down to Watering Cove where the French explorer Dumont D’Urville watered his ship, a corvette called the Astrolabe, in 1827. Half…
3rd20House Elisabeth20Dooleys20trip Chris20L web
May 03, 2014 Liz Dooley 52

Brook Waimarama Sanctuary – Nelson, 3 May 2014

Leader: Elizabeth Dooley Eight people met in the Brook Sanctuary car park. We had heard a variety of reports about the state of the track but decided to head up Koru Track where we met Arthur, a long-time member of the club and now a volunteer track worker in the Brook. Arthur was pretty sure we would get up to Third House without too much trouble. After Corkscrew Crossing, we came to a choice of tracks and chose Kakariki Ridge where we enjoyed the company of many fantails, bellbirds and finches and one inquisitive robin. We continued on the ridge until we linked up with the Toutouwai Track…
Mt Johnson Ridge NTC Party web
April 27, 2014 Raymond Salisbury 70

Johnston Peak – Mt Richmond FP, 25-27 April 2014

Leader: Kate Krawczyk PIGEONS, PILOTS + PEAKS In the New Zealand backcountry there have been several notorious plane crashes. Sometimes the wreckage was removed; sometimes it is still there waiting for an adventurous tramper to discover and then reflect on how the aircraft came to grief. Over ANZAC weekend our party of ten chose to visit the lofty heights of Johnston Peak (1647m) to search for the remains of ZK-AFE, the first commercial airline disaster in NZ. We had made the journey from Nelson in good time and forded Armchair Stream in bare feet. We had ascended the logging road for an hour…
Kaituna Party Pic web
April 12, 2014 Kate Krawczyk 54

Kaituna Ridges Ramble – Marlborough, 12 April 2014

Leader: Kate Krawczyk The Kaituna Ridges Ramble is a community fundraiser for the Pelorus Community Preschool. It is held annually on Kaituna Ridges farm – a lovely property at the base of Pelorus Sound within the Kaituna Valley. The views were fantastic from the ridgelines. To the north were views over both the Queen Charlotte Sound and Pelorus Sound, and to the south looking down on the Kaituna Valley and Havelock. This year there was a 12km course but also a shorter 7.35 km course – we chose the long course just for the exercise. The event began at a farm woolshed with some friendly folk…
Uta Awatere Tussock Track Party web
April 01, 2014 Raymond Salisbury 73

Awatere Tussock Track, Marlborough - April 2014

LIVING THE HIGH LIFE by Ray Salisbury In early April, accompanied by club members Uta Purcell, Marie Lenting and Bob Janssen, I embarked on a self-guided quest in Marlborough’s Awatere Valley. A relative newcomer to the plethora of private walks in New Zealand, the Tussock Track was opened for business in 2007 by Simon Harvey on the steep hill country of Glen Orkney station. Leaving behind the rows of vines and wineries, we arrive at the road-end late in the afternoon. Simon and Lynda are both present to give us a warm welcome. When we’ve settled into The Cottage for the evening, the couple…
red hills1
March 29, 2014 Sue Henley 58

Red Hills Hut – Mt Richmond FP, 29 Mar 2014

Leader: Sue Henley After previous damp and claggy trips to Red Hills some of us were looking forward this time to the prospect of some fine weather and views of the plateau. We began our day with a pleasant walk through beech forest accompanied by enthusiastic bird song, with one or two of our party keen to show off their balancing skills by walking a log over a raging river rather than get wet feet! Continuing on a gentle incline up a four wheel drive track and some rewarding views we reached the hut, tummies rumbling. After a leisurely lunch we headed up towards the plateau, our previously…
lochnagar web
March 22, 2014 Patrick Holland 60

Lochnagar – Mt Aspiring NP, 18-22 Mar 2014

Leader: Pat Holland Mike and Pat had checked out the map the previous year when they were in Aspiring National Park. It turned out to be a great circuit and it is surprising that it is not more popular. Day 1. A bright morning was frittered away in Wanaka with packing and shopping. Then the drive into the Matukituki valley with lunch on the way. We staggered up the main track from Raspberry Flat under heavy packs (well not Gina who is a sensible go-liter). About halfway to Aspiring Hut a sign points left and straight up a poled route to Shotover Saddle. Up and up about 1000m ascent to snow…
moletops andrea
February 03, 2014 Andrea Cockerton 64

Mole Tops - Nelson Lakes NP, 1-3 Feb 2014

Leader: Andrea Cockerton With the promise of glorious weather and magnificent views there were no shortage of willing participants keen to explore the Mole Tops. Choosing to travel via the scenic old road to Murchison from Lake Rotoroa (Braeburn), with only an assembly of horse riders sharing the road that day, we safely arrived at our start point in the Matakitaki Valley. There are two tracked options to Mole Saddle . We chose the Jamieson Ridge track, initially following the true right of Mole Stream and later climbing slowly up 700m over 7km to a delightful ridge. Tantalising glimpses of…
crusader chris louth web
January 18, 2014 Chris Louth 93

Crusader from Flora - Kahurangi NP, 18 Jan 2014

Leader: Chris Louth For the second time in three weeks we were up at Flora Saddle, this time for a ridge walk to Crusader. This peak is usually done as part of a crossover from Mt Campbell but, so everyone could walk together and to save the hassle of a car shuffle, it was decided to do an in-and-out trip. Six club members were joined at the carpark by guests Kenny and his two kids Charlie and Joe, aged 12 and 10 respectively. I had some doubts that they’d be able to handle the walk. But the lads put most of the adults to shame, no problem at all! We made short work of the climb up Lodestone…
kea andrea
January 12, 2014 Andrea Cockerton 58

Robert Ridge – Nelson Lakes NP, 12 Jan 2014

Leader: Andrea Cockerton Nelson lakes, a familiar tramping ground for the club. Is it possible to tire of the Robert Ridge on a glorious day? ...the Pinchgut track, perhaps! The circuit took us up Robert Ridge to Julius Summit and dropped us down into the Speargrass On cruise control, with the odd grunt thrown in, the route took seven hours. The great vista on this fine day revealed how busy this track is, with trampers to-ing and fro-ing to Angelus Hut, expelling the previous nights’ full house and awaiting the new influx. We joined the flow just as far as Julius Summit, stopping with a…
cloustons chris
January 04, 2014 Chris Louth 56

Clouston's Mine Circuit – Kahurangi NP, 4 Jan 2014

Leader: Chris Louth After a series of cancelled trips, due to either the weather or a lack of participants, it was nice to see a trip go ahead. Bad weather was due in the late afternoon so we decided to go clockwise around the circuit and tackle the high country across to Gordons Pyramid before the wind and rain arrived. Five of the regular suspects set off from Flora Saddle and made good time up the well-worn track past the hut and on to the ridges below Mt Arthur. The alpine flowers and prolific flowering Spaniards made for a very pleasant walk. Many stories were recounted along the way…
tappy mike
December 15, 2013 Liam Sullivan 78

Tapuae-o-Uenuku – Inland Kaikoura Range, 13-15 Dec 2013

Leader: Mike Drake Our trip effectively began at the entrance to Bluff Station, Kekerengu, some 68 south of Blenheim. This high country station, running both merino sheep & beef cattle, covers some 13800 ha and includes some impressive scenery. Five of us in Mike’s 4WD were able to soak it up as we travelled over 30km along a well-maintained metalled road through the station, with not a gorse or broom bush in site, but plenty of manuka in flower (plus gates to open and close). After two hours’ driving, we parked up at the end of the airstrip just along from Branch Cottage. After a relaxing…
arthur andrea
December 15, 2013 Andrea Cockerton 61

Mt Arthur – Kahurangi NP, 15 Dec 2013

Leader: Andrea Cockerton Nine others took up the challenge to work off some calories before the Christmas indulgence. Leaving Nelson at 8am we headed out to brilliant blue skies, our destination calling from the horizon. The Graham Valley Road, forever changed since the slip, still looked precarious to us but remains accessible to two wheel drive vehicles as before. A few cars littered the carpark, but we met only one family heading up to the summit that day. Choosing the Flora Saddle Track, we meandered up to Mount Arthur Hut. We were rewarded with splendid views from the ridge, with the…
anchorage uta
December 14, 2013 Uta Purcell 53

Anchorage Hut – Abel Tasman NP, 14 Dec 2013

Leader: Uta Purcell We set off early. Soon, though, we were among the many tourists, all enjoying the contrasting colours of the ATCT on a brilliant summers day. In our group of six trampers we were thrilled to have a visitor from the North Island, Barbara Morris from Taupo, who is an FMC Executive member. It provided a good opportunity for sharing. After an appraising look at the new and impressive Anchorage Hut, we enjoyed lunch in the shade. There were picknicking parties with big chilly bins straight off a boat. One smartly dressed party, adorned with leis, promenading around, would also…
December 01, 2013 Bob Janssen 65

Big Beach Cleanup - Horoirangi Marine Reserve, 1 Dec 2013

Leader: Bob Janssen Nine hardy souls gathered at Glen Duan, down from the 16 registered due to the inclement weather. The main BBCU was on 9 November, but we delayed for a more favourable tide. We ascended up the Cable Bay walkway into lowering cloud and mist. At the toilet/shelter atop the airstrip, it began to rain quite heavily. We decided that the steep descent from the saddle to the reserve would be treacherous when wet. So, discretion being the better part of valour, we descended back to the Glen and headed NE along along the beach towards MacKay Bluff, setting aside rubbish for the…
OGR Party at Lyell Trackhead
November 20, 2013 Administrator 65

Old Ghost Road – West Coast, 15-20 Nov 2013

Private Trip After all the controversy; after all the delays; after all the marketing hype; we have to go see for ourselves – this home-grown, grass-roots community effort known as The Old Ghost Road; this 80-km journey through pristine wilderness between the rugged Buller River and the Karamea highway. In late November, a seasoned quintet of familiar faces assembles at DOC’s camp ground in the Upper Buller Gorge. Someone has remarked that the Buller is a portal to another country. I reckon that DOC’s Lyell Walkway is a portal to another time. Back to the gold rush of 1865, in fact. Crossing the…
cape campbell ridge
November 17, 2013 Bruce Alley 55

Cape Campbell – Marlborough, 17 Nov 2103

Leader: David Blunt It was a 6am start from the Millers carpark for 3 early risers plus 2 more from Marybank for the 2.25 hr drive to Clifford Bay 45 km south of Blenheim. At Marfells Beach camping ground we were joined by 2 more members, Gail & Graeme, who had stayed there overnight in their camper van. Our party of 7 set off along the beach on a receding tide for what proved to be an easy 1.5 hour stroll, following the coastline south for 7 kms. It was an overcast day, ideal for walking, if not for photography and we got our first glimpse of the imposing lighthouse when we rounded Mussel…
Riordans Hut BEST web
November 09, 2013 Raymond Salisbury 53

Riordans Hut – Kahurangi NP, 9 Nov 2013

Leader: Uta PurcellFollowers: Ray Salisbury, Dion Pont, Chris Louth, Chris Tilley, Bruce Alley, Lou Kolff, Graeme Ferrier, Marie Lenting & Elizabeth Dooley.7am Church steps. Ten in two cars made it all economical for 1.5 hrs travel of The Hill. Last loo stop near Lindsay bridge picnic area cum reserve.Killdevil Track: interminable zigzags up 1000m spur through regenerating ti tree to top out onto rocky bare plateau. Three relentless hours to reach rustic Tin Hut, renovated with wooden floor. Took us 4.25 hours total to Riordans Hut, restored ten years previously (2003) by Max Polglaze and…
Lake Lockett Ray1 web
November 03, 2013 Andrea Cockerton 57

Diamond Lakes – Kahurangi NP, 1-3 Nov 2013

Leader : Andrea Cocketeron Supercalifragilisticexpialidocios……one word to describe another awesome time in the hills and on this occasion time spent meandering up, down, ditto, ditto, along and around the locket range. Our weekend started on Friday afternoon, which proved to be a good call enabling us to get a full days exploration in on the Saturday. Severn eager trampers turned to eight, as we welcomed Ginas’ company from Golden Bay at the start of the track to Lake Sylvester. The track wound gently up through native forest guiding us to the hut after ninety minutes, whereupon shortly…
hoperange web
October 20, 2013 Liam Sullivan 62

Hope & Lookout Ranges – Kahurangi NP, 19-20 Oct 2013

Leader: Mike Drake Having successfully made our rendezvous with Mike Drake within the Tadmor CBD, our intrepid group of six began the trip by firstly leaving a car near the Tadmor Saddle; the endpoint for our trip. It was then onward to the start, at a berm area off SH6, some 5km south of Glenhope. There, an unofficial flagged track began, following a spur up onto the Hope Range. The first task was to drive our two vehicles partly up the track, then disguise them from unwanted eyes from the road. This was duly done; a sprig of broom flowers across the right rear light of Mike’s vehicle…
maitai cavers
October 20, 2013 Jo Kay 70

Maitai Caves, Nelson, 20 Oct 2013

Leader: Jo Kay The beech forest and the sparkling pools of the Maitai River were the highlights of our walk to the Maitai caves. The track is a shared pathway with mountain bikers descending from the Coppermine Saddle so yells of “biker!” and shuffling to one side of the track were another feature. We had a short steep climb to the caves entrance and then lunch in the sun followed by an exploration of the caves. The entrance requires you to stoop to get through then a steep and slippery climb takes you down to the floor of the vast cavern where a stream passes through to continue underground.…
dun hut
October 13, 2013 Chris Louth 60

Dun Mtn/Maungatapu Circuit, Nelson, 13 Oct 2013

Leader: Chris Louth An excellent turnout for what is quite a long day traversing part of the Bryant Range ridge-line from the SW to NE. On a fine clear morning ten of us left the grassy knoll by the Maitai Dam caretaker’s house and steeled ourselves for the long, somewhat tedious, climb up to Dun Saddle. Two and a half hours later, after a non-stop effort, we huddled behind what shelter we could find from the biting wind and had smoko amongst the rock formations. Once up the short steep climb to the plateau of Dun Mountain the wind abated as we rock-hopped across the top to the emergency…
parachute oct2013
October 06, 2013 Lawrie Halkett 50

Browning Hut to Rocks Hut – Mt Richmond FP, 5-6 Oct 2013

Leader: Lawrie Halkett The band of seven met at Lawries’ in Richmond and left on a shuttle ride to the start of the Hackett Track (thanks to Leif Christensen and Paul Henley for taxiing the group). The day was pretty foggy, but quite warm. After nearly two hours of pleasant walking up the Hackett Stream, then up the Browning Creek, we arrived at Browning Hut expectantly, as Chris Louth had arrived the night before and had received instructions to have ready a morning tea fit for royalty. Alas, we were not met with the smell of freshly-baked scones and alluring perked coffee odours! Chris…
parachute oct2013
September 29, 2013 Andrea Cockerton 55

Parachute Rocks traverse – Nelson Lakes NP, 29 Sept 2013

Leader: Andrea Cockerton This trip was postponed from the previous week and the weather was again looking indeterminable. The plan was to rock on up to the Lakes and make a decision from there to head up to the ridge or to potter around the circular lake walk. In our heart of hearts we all wanted to go up ... not the easy option, so why is it one chooses to head up a track that by virtue of its name implies “effort of some magnitude?” (The Grunt trap-line). So, the decision was unanimously reached by the time we came upon the start of the trapline, 45 minutes around the lake. The trapline…
September 28, 2013 Uta Purcell 72

Dew Lakes - Bryant Range, Nelson, 28 Sept 2013

Leader: Uta Purcell Twelve trampers weaved their way up from the Maitai Dam to the ridgeline between Little Twin and Maungatapu Saddle. Showers gave way to sunshine and we were able to sit on the track for morning tea at the Argillite Quarry site. For some it was their first visit; for others a return to a well-loved area. The man-made Rushpools had a little water in them. We reached our high point and highlight, the Dew Lakes, just before midday. Eager to get all of the view before thickening cloud and rain blurred it, we tip-toed through the spongy ground to the far side of the shallow…
September 15, 2013 Jo Kay 58

Hacket Hut – Mt Richmond FP, 15 Sept 2013

Leader: Jo Kay The Hacket River and track has undergone some shape shifting caused by the recent flood. There was a diversion round a washout shortly before the turn off to Whispering Falls. We had a wee look along the closed Whispering Falls track to the first bridge washout and gained a good perspective of the force of the flood by the debris strewn over the track. At the hut we were entertained by the resident weka living under the wood shed as she ventured out to grab our lunch crumbs. We walked over to the Browning Hut track and returned to the car park at a leisurely pace allowing us to…
patriarch ridge
September 09, 2013 Patrick Holland 84

Mt Patriarch, Kahurangi NP, 6-9 Sept 2013

Leader: Pat Holland Although the weather forecast was rather mixed, it proved very worthwhile to proceed with the famous round trip. There was rain only at night and some mist and wind in the mornings but the days were generally sunny and bright. Five of us drove on the Friday to Rolling River in good order. After a car shuffle 3km back down the road to opposite Chummies track, we started the trip. No bridge but the river was low which did not prevent our beloved leader slipping and taking a dip in the first minute! Chummies is an excellent track with a steep start but then works its way up…
hailes knob
September 01, 2013 Chris Louth 55

Hailes Knob – Kahurangi NP, 1 Sept 2013

Leader : Ross Price The first day of spring: clear, calm and sunny – a good day to climb a mountain. None of us had been here before so it was a case of plan as you go. We parked a few kilometres along Waitui Road and began a steady climb up to a saddle below the mountain. Visitor Laura warned us as we left the cars that she’d recently had a brain operation and had a tendency to say things that could upset people. She was fine, though some of her language was as colorful as Ross’s shorts. There was no obvious way up and no tracks marked on the map, so we crossed some pasture land and began…
August 25, 2013 Raymond Salisbury 70

Begley Hut via Rainbow Hut, Nelson Lakes NP, 24-25 Aug 2013

Leader: Dion Pont Dion and Kate did a superb job negotiating the fords on the Hydro Road along the upper Wairau Valley. But first we had to wait for half an hour for a farm-hand to return with a gate key – lucky Dion knew Roger, who was apparently once a club member years ago. After the requisite posed party picture, we set off at pace along the open river flats of the Rainbow. After a month of rain, this summery day was the tonic we needed, cris-crossing the river for a couple of hours up to Rainbow Hut, which Ray added to his collection. Incidentally, this decrepid building was handed over…
August 18, 2013 Gail Malinsky 56

Tahunanui to Airport – Nelson, 18 Aug 2013

Leader: David Blunt David took us on a relaxed and informative walk along the Tahunanui back beaches – a great antidote to a weekend of earthquakes and rain. The day was grey but warm, and we commented how deserted the beach was for a Sunday – barely a dog to bowl us over in the wet sand. This is a low-tide walk so once we’d rock-hopped the channel at Parkers Cove our course hugged the edges in a mix of stones and unpredictable sand, giving a good workout to the calf muscles. The wind was light, the sea languid, and we soon spotted a kingfisher, as well as admiring the fishing skills of a…
August 17, 2013 Kate Krawczyk 57

Ben Nevis – Mt Richmond FP, 17 Aug 2013

Leader: Kate Krawczyk Six keen trampers showed up early despite threatening weather, for an assault on Ben Nevis. Without even a morning tea break, they rushed up the mountain taking in fabulous views with snow-capped peaks in every direction. We reached the top in record time. As we approached the summit, the weather started to close in, and on top there was sleet (bloody freezing!) We retreated down a ways to a more sheltered spot for a lunchtime morning tea break. The weather started to ease again, and we reached the cars surprised to see someone had been and let air out of two tyres.…
peanter traverse
August 10, 2013 Patrick Holland 60

Peanter Peak – Nelson Lakes NP, 10 Aug 2013

Leader: Pat Holland Ten hardy souls braved the elements and treacherous mountain slopes. Actually, after the 7am early start in Nelson, it turned out a fantastic calm, clear and relatively mild day at Rainbow skifield. There was the usual mucking about to get every one fitted out with crampons. Not needed for the first part towards West Bowl as snow was in short supply. We felt sorry for the Rainbow field operators although the T-bar was operating and there were quite a few skiers on ‘Shirt Front’. Up we plodded and there was plenty of snow on the upper slopes and basins: generally nice firm…
gordonsknob 1
July 27, 2013 Kate Krawczyk 56

Gordon’s Knob – Mt Richmond FP, 27 July 2013

Leader: Kate Krawczyk It was a very windy Friday the day before the trip and it was questionable whether or not the wind would be too strong to attempt the ascent of Gordon’s Knob. But we decided that it was going to calm down a bit on the Saturday and went ahead. The sun was shining and it was a bit breezy when we started out from Richmond. At the parking lot on Inwood’s Lookout it was a bit more than breezy. We climbed through to the first ridgeline and the wind was howling! It was hard to remain on our feet, it was blowing so hard. We looked at each other with some concern – after all, if…
mt campbell house
July 20, 2013 Chris Louth 59

Mt Campbell – Kahurangi NP, 20 July 2013

Leader: Chris Louth Due to the frustrating, continued closure of the Graham Valley Road, this was a change of destination from the scheduled Mount Arthur trip. Fog was laying over the Waimea plains when we left Richmond, but the forecast promised a fine, calm day. Ten became nine as one tramper missed their pickup due to a misunderstanding over the departure day. At the end of Brooklyn Valley Road we donned our tramping gear and set off, on a glorious winter’s day, for the steady climb up the farm tracks. It was an interesting walk as we got higher with various places to check out along the…
July 14, 2013 Chris Louth 52

Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, Nelson, 14 July 2013

Leader: Chris Louth Typical of the upper Brook in winter, it was cold and frosty when a good-sized group of eleven met at the Sanctuary carpark. Most hadn’t spent much time in this area, even though a maze of tracks and it’s proximity to Nelson make it so accessible, so it was all new to them. Our route was to take us deep into the valley, up onto the ridges then back down again to complete a rough circle. The sun hadn’t yet pierced the valley as we made our way up the true right of the stream and onto Jacob’s Ladder. Half an hour of of steady uphill saw the first layer stripped off before we…
ellis hut party
June 30, 2013 Raymond Salisbury 58

Ellis Hut – Kahurangi NP, 29-30 June 2013

Leader & scribe: Dion Pont Postponed from the previous weekend, Dion cajoled us into a second attempt. It was mid-morning on a Saturday when he ferried us further along the farm road from the Baton Valley in his trusty Suzuki jeep. While the old track began on an easy gradient, the stream crossings got deeper and trickier. 2.5 hours of good going put us beneath the crux: a vertical climb of some 30 metres hanging onto a steel cable. Thankfully there were ample rooted hand- and foot-holds. This was the start of a two-hour sidle, high above the Ellis River, which slowed progress somewhat. A…
June 29, 2013 Robyn Walsh 69

The Grampians – Nelson, 29 June 2013

Leader: Robyn Walsh There wasn’t much interest for the Saturday walk – only one plus an invitation to another person made this happen. Our trio met on Robinson Rd, off Brook Street. A cheery volley of braying from a large male donkey greeted us as we began walking up the Translator Road. The morning was a little chilly but we soon warmed up. At least it was fine, but a layer of cloud prevented the sun’s warmth from coming through. After joining the track from Collingwood St on a flat, open plateau, we branched left along the shady Kanuka Track. There was some rather nice bush there. We…
June 29, 2013 Silvano Lorandi 62

Mt Stanley – Marlborough Sounds, 29 June 2013

Leader: Silvano Lorandi In the puzzle of sea and land that is the Marlborough Sounds some fortunate mountains are high enough to promise a spectacular view. Mt. Stanley (971m) on the map appears as a distinctive peak possibly high enough to conquer the vegetation and peek out in the sky. The popular Nydia track wanders around its slopes and offers a well-formed track that gets close to the top but from Nydia Saddle the map shows just a green patch which could mean some bush-bashing might be required to reach the top and the prize of a great view. It’s four of us on a misty and chilly Saturday…
parachute web
June 08, 2013 Kate Krawczyk 64

Parachute Rocks – Nelson Lakes NP, 8 June 2013

Leader: Kate Krawczyk The weather forecast was pretty dodgy for the tramp but we decided to go for it and see how we went. It was drizzling in Richmond that morning but as we drove south to St. Arnaud the clouds parted and there was blue skies. It looked somewhat promising, but it didn’t take long for the weather to close back in! We decided to head onwards and upwards anyway because it wasn’t raining yet and there was a chance that we may get some views above the tree line. After a small detour, missing the parachute rocks track turn-off because we were all too busy chatting away, we got on…
pepin pooks
May 26, 2013 Administrator 48

Pepin Island, Cable Bay – Nelson, 26 May 2013

Leader: David Blunt Club members were outnumbered by visitors for this trip which saw 23 trampers assemble at the far end of the Cable Bay causeway to do a circuit of the six km2 island named by the French explorer Dumont D’Urville after his wife. Soon after setting off for the eastern end of the island we were greeted by the sound of many tuis feeding in the gum trees. A brief stop was made at Passage Hut overlooking the estuary, and Delaware Bay before dropping down to the beach for morning tea. Under a clear blue sky and with the tide full in, it made for a very attractive setting. Then it…
castle web
May 19, 2013 Uta Purcell 52

Castle Rocks Hut, inland Abel Tasman NP, 18-19 May 2013

Leader: Uta Purcell It was unavoidable that the focus of this tramp became the weather. After a soggy Friday, the weekend forecast promised only slight improvement. We were just a trio and were determined to do it. On a slippery track, and in mist, we climbed up to Holyoake Clearing. It felt very hot. There were no views for our lunch outside the shelter. I regretted not having a camera ready in the loo, as through the slush holes at floor level the beak, beady eye and whole head of a Weka craned in, repeatedly. By 2pm it looked like nightfall in the beautiful bush on the journey to Castle…
angelus party web
May 12, 2013 Sue Henley 57

Lake Angelus Hut – Nelson Lakes NP, 11-12 May 2013

Leader & scribe: Sue Henley Nine of us, including three visitors, set off up the Pinchgut en route to Lake Angelus, in great weather and with views to match. Some individuals thought themselves quite clever in having made arrangements with Jim Hickey in advance! Up on the ridge, tropical temperatures plummeted and wind increased with some of us smaller members of the party traversing the ridge on a sideways lean at times. We continued on at a comfortable pace, remarking on how few people seemed to be about and how the hut may be quite empty. After some leisurely stops for views and food,…
kolff wainui web
May 12, 2013 Lou Kolff 52

Wainui Hut & Evans Ridge – Abel Tasman NP, 12 May 2013

Leader: Ray Salisbury (for Ross Price) It was a crystal clear day as four of us headed off for the Takaka Hills, firstly remembering to turn off at Three Brothers Corner as the driver usually prefers to go through Hope first. Turning off onto the Canaan Downs Road, we spotted the newly opened Wool Shed cafe, which promised to be visited on the way home. Canaan Downs is now known as much for a Music Festival venue as it is for Harwoods Hole and other Abel Tasman NP tracks. From the carpark we headed off at about 9.30am up an easy gradient, to soon find ourselves on Wainui Saddle. With the…
alison aaron
April 20, 2013 Alison Pickford 79

Commentary Cave - Upper Takaka, Golden Bay, 20 Apr 2013

Leader: Alison Pickford Alison Pickford organised a joint weekend with the Nelson Speleological Group. 4 NTCers, 2 visitors and 8 cavers gathered at the Rat Trap corner, Upper Takaka. Showery weather and report not good but the cavers insisted they had a dry cave. So off we went to a nearby farm road. We got togged up ( polypro, overalls, bash-hat, headlamp and gloves) and then walked up a steep hill into a small bush patch. And there we were at the 'Field' entrance to the Commentary Cave system. Down we plunged led by NSG President Andrew Smith. And what an underground adventure we had for…
April 13, 2013 Uta Purcell 57

Beebys Knob & Hut – Mt Richmond FP, 13 Apr 2013

Leader: Uta Purcell The 4WD road that leads from Tophouse Rd up to Beebys Knob and beyond is certainly a quick way to tramp to the destination. Once on the ridge below the knob the road is more natural and traverses beautiful tussock country. The cloud came down low after morning tea and any views disappeared. We were at the Hut after 2.5 hours, so had an early lunch at 11.30am. Chris lit a fire in the open fire place and it cheered us up while it got steadily darker outside. This was also an introduction for Marielena, an exchange student from Germany, to old style huts in New Zealand. We…
Lookout above Lake Matiri web
April 08, 2013 Chris Louth 63

Thousand Acre Plateau - Kahurangi NP, 25-28 April 2013

Leader & scribe: Chris Louth At the bottom carpark on Matiri Valley road the five of us piled into Kate’s 4WD and slipped and slid the last couple of kilometres to the road end. As we hiked towards the West Branch River crossing we could see there was a problem. A group of five from Christchurch, who had just passed us, were milling about on the river bank. The river was raging. Over two hours later we were back at the same spot. Upstream we could cross fairly easily but were stymied from getting back to the track by bluffs on the river bank and by a wall of blackberry and bush lawyer. The…
April 01, 2013 Raymond Salisbury 63

Hope & Doubtful valleys, Lake Sumner Forest Park & Lewis Pass National Reserve, 29 Mar-1 Apr 2013

Leader: Ray Salisbury After takeaway coffees in Murchison, our convoy was then distracted again by free food and coffee at the Driver Reviver station set up by State Insurance at the Engineers Camp on SH7. Nearly four hours had elapsed when we finally donned our boots at Windy Point, where Paul Smith joined us from his nomadic no-fixed-abode existence. The swingbridge over the Boyle River dangled us over a spectacular gorge, then a trail circumnavigated Poplar Station on a frustrating detour up the hill. But soon we were making lightning fast progress alongside the Hope River through black…
trig kay
March 24, 2013 Jo Kay 65

Trig K - Pelorus River, Marlborough, 24 Mar 2013

Leader: Jo Kay This trip was a circuit from Pelorus car park, along the river to the two waterfalls then a climb to Trig K from the south and descent to the North. We were still in the time of the drought so Waterfall No.1 was more of a trickle and looked like a baby Whispering Falls. Waterfall No.2 had more pressure and ended in a lovely pool, in which nobody was game enough to swim in. We lunched at the summit with great views in all directions. The bush on the downward journey was truly spectacular with huge punga ferns, some majestic kahikatea and rimu. The walk from the carpark to the…
March 16, 2013 Lawrie Halkett 84

Crossover: Mt. Campbell–Flora – Arthur Range, Kahurangi NP, 16 Mar 2013

Leader: Lawrie Halkett If you were lucky enough to start from Mt. Campbell then the southward-heading traverse group only had 1,650 me-ters to climb that day (the thankful few were Mark Stevens, Pete Wilkie, Lawrie Halkett with guests Ian Soult & Sue Marren. The more hardy Flora Group (Mike Drake, Liam Sullivan, Stephen Alder & Marie Firth) had an additional 350 metres to ascend. The saving grace was that it was spread out over 15 kilometres of beautiful ridge-top saunter-ing, with ascending and descending coming in regular lumps, some steeper than others. The day could not have been more…
March 10, 2013 Chris Louth 52

Lodestone & Hodder – Kahurangi NP, 10 Mar 2013

Leader: Chris Louth It was yet another glorious morning as we left Flora carpark for the first section of what would end up being a fairly long day. At the summit of Mt Lodestone we stopped to regroup and recover and bask in the sunshine. From here we could clearly see the way ahead, down to a saddle then up to the multi-peaks of Mt Hodder. Friends of Flora had been active, and at the bush-edge we picked up a trapline that led down through the beech, with one very steep section, then up through the stunted growth to the summit. Here we assessed how everyone was feeling to determine which of…
February 10, 2013 Patrick Holland 55

Mt Patriarch-3 from Wangapeka – Kahurangi NP, 10 Feb 2013

Leader: Pat Holland The infamous early start saw us starting up the Wangapeka Track from Rolling River before 9am on a beautifully calm, clear morning. Mt Patriarch came into view – very majestic and the forested ridge leading to it looked a breeze (oh, the folly of man!) The river was at low flow and was easily crossed just past Patriarch Creek (about 1hr 20m from start of track). Into the untracked forest and up the ridge which begins steeply with some bluffy bits. Hullo, this was not easy – lots of old windfall and regrowth, plus wasps. After two hours hard work up the ridge, it narrowed,…
February 04, 2013 Raymond Salisbury 67

Lake Christabel, Lewis Pass, 2-4 Feb 2013

Leader: Ray Salisbury On my first attempt three years ago, we left our crampons in the car. The last time my desire to reach Lake Christabel was thwarted due to heavy snow falls. Then, finally, after two more years, I get that lucky break. A long, fine spell in late summer promises two more days before a southerly front hits the South Island with a vengeance. There are a handful of routes to reach this remote inland sea but none are easy. The most straightforward route is from Palmer Road but this requires a car shuttle. The shortest distance is via Rough Creek, which lives up to its name,…
January 26, 2013 Robyn Walsh 54

Mount Takorika, Havelock, Marlborough, 26 Jan 2013

Leader: Robyn Walsh What a glorious day for our Mt Takorika walk. Perfectly fine and sunny with a dash of high cloud and whisp of breeze to ease the heat of the sun. We drove up Wilsons Rd, a service road which took us to a microwave tower. Here, we could ‘have a look at Havelock.’ A steep road led to the next communication station. A verandah was an enticement for refreshments with fantastic views. From here the track undulated through 2–3 patches of bush. The final stretch to the last tower climbed up into the open. After lunch here, we retraced our steps along the road, carefully…
flora hut jokay
January 20, 2013 Jo Kay 61

Mt Arthur Hut – Kahurangi NP, 20 Jan 2013

Leader: Jo Kay We walked the circuit from Flora car park to Flora Hut, then up to Mt Arthur Hut and up onto the ridge above for lunch with a view. On the second stretch from Flora Hut we saw many wee birds which warbled away and flitted around us without any sign of shyness. They were an insignificant brown and grey-hued bird in the shape of a fluffy ball and very short tail. We named it variously a robin, grey warbler, tom tit, then concluded confidently it was a rifle man. However, on checking out my Soper Birds of New Zealand afterwards I decided the rifleman has more colour and pattern…
January 06, 2013 Uta Purcell 73

Sylvester Hut, Kahurangi NP, 5-6 Jan 2013

Leader: Uta Purcell We added our three cars to the number already parked at the small car park at Cobb Dam, bringing the total to 12 vehicles. As we carried tents for eight, this was of no concern to us. The stretch along the reservoir in shockingly hot summer conditions was tempered by the welcome shade of beech trees on the uphill section. We found just two people at Sylvester Hut when we arrived for lunch. There were good camp sites and grand views all around: Mt Snowdon, Mt Taranaki afloat in the sky, the coastlines, Western Ranges, finishing with the Seaward Kaikouras. Tents were…
December 23, 2012 Chris Louth 58

Mt Arthur - Kahurangi NP, 23 Dec 2012

Leader: Chris Louth The recently accessible Flora carpark was quite full as five of us assembled on a glorious morning for the hike up Mt Arthur. The huge scar on the side of the hill on the road up, and the heaps of rock laying in the nearby fields were testament to the scale of the recent slip. At Arthur Hut, Gail bid us farewell as she had a neck problem and would amble up the hill behind us and reunite coming down later. At the turn-off to Gordons we did a right turn and started to lose some of the altitude we had just gained. From here we could assess the best way to ascend the proposed…
mt royal
December 15, 2012 Raymond Salisbury 64

Mt Royal, Mt Richmond FP, 15 Dec 2012

Leader: Ray Salisbury Liam kindly drives a trio of eager trampers to Butcher Flat, the top end of the Wakamarina Road (1:15). We amp up the relatively level pack-track to the six-bunk Devils Creek Hut, a good place for a brew up before the hard work begins. (1:15). A DOC ranger had been here the day before mowing the lawn. A signpost leads us down a track in the direction of the Wakamarina River. Alas, the swingbridge is gone, so we lower ourselves down a bank, using tree-roots as handrails, into the cold river. A solitary orange marker is eventually spotted on the true right, upstream,…
December 09, 2012 Chris Louth 85

Julius Summit, Nelson Lakes NP, 9 Dec 2012

Leader: Chris Louth Shortly before 9am eight of us gathered from various parts of the district at Mt Robert carpark for the slog up the Pinchgut Track. It was a perfect warm, sunny, windless day for climbing the ridges. Even with a stop for smoko near Flagtop we made excellent time and arrived at Julius Summit 2.5 hours later. During the ascent we passed a continuous stream of people coming down - Angelus had been full for the night. Strangely though, we didn’t see anyone heading up. With most of the hard work behind us we sidled around below Julius looking for the easiest way down to…
jokay wairau bridge
December 09, 2012 Jo Kay 72

Lees Creek Hut, Raglan Range, 8-9 Dec 2012

Leader: Jo Kay This was an overnight trip which made it an easy-medium grade compared to the same one-day trip. A 4WD is required to cross the Six-Mile ford immediately after the ski field access road. Raymond saved us from walking the extra 5km from here to the start of the track by shuttling us to the trackhead. Ray and Lynette decided to seek an alternative adventure for their 12th weeding anniversary, overnighting at Connors Creek Hut nearby. The remaining four of us continued on our way. The start of the track involves crossing the rushing Wairau River on a suspension bridge followed by…
December 09, 2012 Jo Kay 62

Blumine Island – Queen Charlotte Sound, 1-2 Dec 2012

Leader: Uta Purcell Weather predictions changed this trip from an overnight camping experience to a very enjoyable and quite unusual one-day trip. We embarked in Picton on our hired private water taxi, which took us 22km out into the Queen Charlotte Sound. Our skipper, a university student at his holiday job, was good. I would have liked to keep him on as a guide on the island. He had mentioned the possibility to zig-zag straight up from the DOC campsite at Home Bay to the highest point. Instead he left us on the island with a plastic dinghy and some life jackets. The tide was almost in.…
November 04, 2012 Uta Purcell 66

Hacket Hut – Mt Richmond FP, 4 Nov 2012

Leader: Ross Price It’s nice when you leave for a tramp as a group of three and at the start of the track in Aniseed Valley, the number doubles to six. It was planned, though, but made for animated conversation while getting to know each other or catching up. The four-hour walk to the hut included a whole hour of early lunch outside in the sun. This popular area gets a lot of use. The first people we encountered were hunters walking out with their tired dogs. There were other walkers and cyclists of all ages. The Roding River and Hacket Creek also seemed promising to an aspiring trout…
November 04, 2012 Chris Louth 52

Champion Mine - Roding River, 4 Nov 2012

Leader: Chris Louth It was cool and clear as five of us headed up Aniseed Valley. Our journey was briefly interrupted by a pair of hares on the road, one of which decided to “hare” off up the road in front of the car. We clocked it at about 40kph for at least a km before it finally dived into the scrub. Dan logged us in at the caretaker’s house then it was off up the valley. The Roding River had spiked quite high the day before but had fallen quickly and was easily negotiated. At the old smelter we stopped briefly for those who hadn’t been there before, then made our way up to the final…
October 28, 2012 Patrick Holland 53

Brook-Waimarama Sanctuary – Nelson, 28 Oct 2012

Leader: Pat Holland The dodgy weather report was ignored and a group of nine gathered at the Brook dam in mild sunshine. Off we headed up the excellent Koru Track which, from the back of the visitor centre, heads up the east side of the valley at a moderate grade. Then a left turn after 1.5km up Jacobs Ladder towards the Dun Walkway. About half way to 4-Corners, we entered a track to the right that recently was constructed by volunteers. D-line is a trapping line built to public track standards and runs a long way SE into the heart of the Sanctuary. The group enjoyed this very much as it is…
uta relaxshelter
October 20, 2012 Uta Purcell 53

Mt Robert – Nelson Lakes NP, 20 Oct 2012

Leader: Uta Purcell Ross Price picked just the right destination for a shortish Labour Weekend Saturday tramp. Only, in the end he himself could not come. In unsettled weather conditions we enjoyed a few patches of blue sky. Going up the Pinchgut Track, black clouds piled up over Mount Robert ridge, a great contrast to the snow-covered ground. When the falling snow crossed the slopes in horizontal fashion, we were happy to be inside Bushline Hut for a relaxed lunch. The Mount Robert loop was completed when we descended Paddy’s Track to warmer temperatures. The four hours in good company were…
October 13, 2012 Robyn Walsh 69

Daltons Bridge Track, Pelorus River - Nelson, 13 Oct 2012

Leader: Robyn Walsh With the weather forecast predicting buckets of rain for Saturday, I rescheduled the walk to Sunday, a good move. Also, this meant a fourth participant was able to come. Jo kindly drove us to Pelorus Bridge by 9.30am. The locals were celebrating the 100-year milestone of the Bridge, built in 1912. Two Forest & Bird officers were talking about the successful Bat Recovery Program. We began our day crossing the impressive Rai swingbridge. We were in the bush only 15 minutes when we arrived at the boundary fence between forest and farm. Now came the long walk through paddock…
shaun sylvester
October 01, 2012 Raymond Salisbury 54

Sylvester Hut – Kahurangi NP, 30 Sept - 1 Oct 2012

Leader: Ray Salisbury Following on from our successful trip over Mount Peel, my car-load stayed in the vicinity for an extra day. Only the leader had ventured into this neck of the woods, so he was eager to show his guests his favourite corner of Kahurangi. From Cobb Reservoir to Sylvester Hut, we strode up the 4WD road for 1.5 hours, winding our way through stunted copses of beech … onto the tussock plateau between the Cobb Valley and the Lockett Range. Sylvester Hut sits on the bushedge, sporting grand views from the balcony. At daybreak Shaun and I were shooting the sun climb over Crusader…
October 01, 2012 Kaye Halkett 52

Heaphy Track – Kahurangi NP, Oct 2012

Leader: Lawrie Halkett Right at our back door, the Heaphy Track is one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks, and like many of the others we have walked over the years, it is packed full of variety with its own individual and unique characteristics. The motivation for the trip was fuelled by a return visit by one of our earlier International students from Germany. Starting at the Golden Bay end, it was satisfying to get the unrelenting uphill section out of the way, being reminded of our gain in altitude, not only by the changing flora, but also by the decreasing temperature and the patches of…
shaun tableland
September 30, 2012 Raymond Salisbury 81

Balloon Hut, Mount Peel – Kahurangi NP, 29-30 Sept 2012

Leader: Ray Salisbury with Shaun Barnett (below) Alison volunteered to lead the advance party while I fetched Shaun Barnett from Nelson airport. Back at my home, he was reacquainted with my wife, a colleague from his high-school days. Alison txted me from the top of Takaka Hill to verify her car-load was underway. Our second car-load eventually left Nelson, reaching the turnoff to the Cobb Valley where young Gina was collected. At Trilobite Hut we lunched in the sun, then walked down the gravel road to the track start (where Dion had ‘hidden’ his jeep.) After about ten minutes gentle climb,…
angelus hut
September 23, 2012 Chris Louth 58

Angelus Hut – Nelson Lakes NP, 22-23 Sept 2012

Leader: Chris Louth This trip was the second attempt by the club to get to Angelus Hut this winter, due to the weather, and what an awesome couple of days it turned out to be. Six of us made up the group and we arrived at Roberts’ carpark to brilliant, cloudless skies. We started the day with the grunt up Pinchgut Track, all in good spirits and eager to get up to the ridgeline. Ray Salisbury was waiting patiently at the top to snap some action shots, with the backdrop of Lake Rotoiti making it a perfect setting to capture the spirit of tramping. Snow became evident on the track shortly after…
September 01, 2012 Patrick Holland 56

Snowcraft Day – Nelson Lakes NP, 1 Sept 2012

Leader: Pat Holland Seven intrepid souls headed up to Rainbow ski-field hoping to avoid the on-coming NW front. It promised to be a great morning so we chomped up excellent firm snow to Mt McRae, above the car park to the left. Grand views were had of Lake Rotoiti, and all the ants busy on the skifield. We were overtaken by a NZAC party of four (incl two of our NTC members) heading up Peak 1915. And so we climbed along, and sidled just beneath, the ridgeline to the main saddle. Some good experience was gained in cramponing and snow travel with some minor technical challenges on the ridge.…
August 26, 2012 Jo Kay 66

Penzance–Elaine Bay, Pelorus Sound, 26 Aug 2012

Leader: Jo Kay We walked the round trip along the coastal track from Penzance Bay to Elaine Bay then up the road to the Pylon road/track which went over the hill back to Penzance Bay. Deep Bay was halfway round the coastal track and had a tidy wee batch which was somebody’s piece of paradise. Around the point where there was a lovely view point where we found 2 camping chairs with a cloth sign sewed into them “Rest awhile, Enjoy the view, but leave the seats, so others can too,” which we duly did. The Sounds always look different depending on the weather and on this occasion the theme was…
August 05, 2012 Katie Cloughley 58

Mt Malita – Nelson, 5 Aug 2012

Leader: Katie Cloughley There are at least two other routes to the top of Mt Malita, but the straighforward forestry road did the trick for our group of eleven trampers. Dan went the extra distance to check-in at the caretaker’s house. (Gretchen and Elizabeth did the honours on returning.) The weather was very pleasant (cloudy with an icreasing hint of blue sky) – a welcome respite after the previous several days of rain. A fine view was promised to those who’d never been there before. Alas, no sooner were we clear of the trees and into the tussocks, than down came the cloud. (At least it did…
July 29, 2012 Dion Pont 60

Lees Creek Hut – Raglan Ranges, 28-29 July 2012

Leader: Dion Pont We were told that the Rainbow-Hanmer Road was closed, so we drove up the Leatham Valley, finding the roads very icy. At Boulder Stream, the ford was badly damaged, requiring an effort to cross. The passengers seemed to enjoy this rough four-wheel-driving in the streams. The next major side-stream was worse - 3m across, 2m deep. We couldn’t go much further up the Leatham than past the first hut. We then decided to travel up the Branch valley, driving up as far as Silverstream. With packs on, we set off. Then Dion fell over and banged his knee - hard. This changed our plans,…
July 28, 2012 Lawrie Halkett 55

Bike Ride & Ferry Trip – Rabbit Island–Mapua, 28 July 2012

Leader: Lawrie Halkett On Saturday morning, eight keen cyclists, and one very road smart dog Stella, marshalled at Lawrie’s place to cycle to Mapua. The day proved to be more sunny than cloudy so made for a very comfortable ride. It was down through Richmond shopping centre on to the bike trail starting at the end of Beach Road. We all had a compulsory rest near the medium density fibre board factory while Mark gallantly fixed Bronwyn’s flat tire. Back on to the highway to cross the dreaded Appleby River bridge (it will be marvelous once the Lower Queen Street cycle bridge is completed and…
July 22, 2012 Uta Purcell 58

Nydia Saddle – Marlborough Sounds, 22 July 2012

Leader: Uta Purcell On a foggy winter’s morning, five trampers drove with great expectations towards Tennyson Inlet. Approaching the Opouri Saddle, we had left the fog behind and gained a view. The road cuts through bush that is a promise of what is to come. From Duncan Bay we walked around the peninsular to the head of Ngawhakawhiti Bay. The tide was in but we still had morning tea on the narrow strip of beach. This and the uphill walk to Nydia Saddle and a view down to Nydia Bay turned into a six hour appreciation of NZ bush. We stopped frequently to enjoy and comment on the peaceful…
July 09, 2012 Raymond Salisbury 67

Lyell Saddle Hut– Upper Buller region, 8-9 July 2012

Leader: Ray Salisbury Ten hardy souls embarked on an adventure just south of Kahurangi National Park, in the thick of winter. (Actually, the Mokihinui catchment should be better protected by being incorporated into the National Park – it just avoided being dammed.) The Old Ghost Road is a local initiative, carving an 80km cycle trail up the Lyell River, over the Lyell tops and down the legendary Mokihinui River to the coast near Sedonville. I had cheekily emailed the head honcho of Lyell-Mohikinui Backcountry Trust, enquiring if we could use their hut. Jim MacIlray was most gracious and…
July 07, 2012 Mary Honey 60

Fringed Hill – Nelson, 7 July 2012

Leader: Mary Honey Four trampers arrived for a 9:00 a.m. start at the Brook Sanctuary and proceeded to Ferny Flat with a morning tea stop after the creek crossings. Lunch was in the sun at Third House and then afternoon tea at Fringed Hill. The views were great with spectacular weather and we really felt we hadn’t done enough exercise when we arrived back at the Sanctuary. Participants: Mary Honey (leader), Dan McGuire (navigator), Uta Purcell, and Judith Holmes (visitor).
July 01, 2012 Silvano Lorandi 62

Flanagans Hut – Kahurangi NP, 30 June - 1 Jul 2012

Leader: Silvano Lorandi It was intended to be Mount Luna but a landslide on the Wangapeka Road forced us to find an alternative destination. Would you go tramping in the middle of winter in the depth of a valley where the sun eludes you for the whole day, though it shines on the mountain tops all around you? What about if it was during a cold spell of weather, when heavy frosts cover the bush and make the fern-trees look like a Kiwi christmas tree covered with glitter? What if this tramping would involve crossing a deep river of freezing water, not just once but many times... would you still…
June 24, 2012 Barry James 57

Cable Bay Walkway, Nelson, 24 June 2012

Leader: Barry James Six trampers arrived at The Glen for a walk up the beach and climb up the cliffs to the Cable Bay Walkway. The tide was coming in and it was hard work climbing over all the big boulders. We stopped for morning tea at noon, with a baby seal to entertain us. It swam along near us in the surf, then stopped to climb up a large rock face so it could lie in the sun. After morning tea, we climbed up the cliff face to the track. There was evidence of erosion from December’s rainstorm. We proceeded along the track to a lunch stop above Cable Bay, then backtracked by the walkway…
June 17, 2012 Jo Kay 65

Booths Hut - Nelson Lakes NP, 17 June 2012

Leader: Jo Kay Tramping, Gold & Ice – By Selau Ifopo (Aged 8) On a bright, sunny morning, Jo, Nana, Grandad, my brother Peia (6) and I prepared to go on a tramp to visit an old gold-miners hut. It was Sunday the 17th of June, almost the middle of winter, which meant we had to dress up warmly with long johns and thermal tops underneath all our clothes. After packing our snacks and hot soup in the thermos for lunch at the hut, we piled in to Jo’s car and we were on our way to the Howard Valley to meet up with five others from the Nelson Tramping Club. Finally we came to a turn-off onto a gravel…
luna20hut loo
June 16, 2012 Uta Purcell 66

Shedwood Bush & Luna Hut, Taparewa, 16 June 2012

Leader: Brenda Griffin Though the day wasn’t looking too promising, but with most of the walk below the bush-line, we decided to proceed. After a few missed turns, we arrived to a full Flora carpark. It’s great to see so many people making the most of the weekends in our mountains. (Thanks to Val for leading the way.) Lodestone is a short, but cheeky, steep climb. The weather was deteriorating, so once we arrived on top, we decided to return the way we came. We had lunch just off the summit under a small rock face, out of the wind and rain. On the return car journey, we stopped at Upper…
June 09, 2012 Robyn Walsh 85

Goat Hill - Okiwi Bay, Marlborough, 9 June 2012

Leader: Robyn Walsh The morning was overcast and quite cold, as the four of us took off in Jim’s car for Okiwi Bay. After an hour we were on the saddle overlooking the bay. The track was ignored for a while as we headed into the village and checked out their conveniences (very nice,) and partook of our morning tea on the beachfront. Next we drove back up to the saddle to start the Goat Hill track. A steady, gentle climb through open regrowth bush soon gave us a good view of the homes dotted around the hills. An hour later, we arrived at the north-facing lookout. The sky had cleared…
June 04, 2012 Andy Clark 58

Mt Owen – Kahurangi NP, 2-4 June 2012

Leader: Andy Clark With projected numbers being around 15 at one stage for this trip, it was an assorted group of 10 that departed Richmond, for Courthouse Flat and the start of our trip. Even with the frosty start it did not take long for all to warm up with the steady climb to the top of the Staircase. With the day being perfect and a dodgy forecast for Sunday all chose to drop packs and climb Billies Knob. The breeze was slight, views stupendous and the sky blue – cameras worked overtime. All descended safely and arrived at Granity Pass Hut late afternoon. As more people were coming and…
June 03, 2012 Brenda Griffin 55

Lodestone – Kahurangi NP, 3 June 2012

Leader: Brenda Griffin Though the day wasn’t looking too promising, but with most of the walk below the bush-line, we decided to proceed. After a few missed turns, we arrived to a full Flora carpark. It’s great to see so many people making the most of the weekends in our mountains. (Thanks to Val for leading the way.) Lodestone is a short, but cheeky, steep climb. The weather was deteriorating, so once we arrived on top, we decided to return the way we came. We had lunch just off the summit under a small rock face, out of the wind and rain. On the return car journey, we stopped at Upper…
May 27, 2012 Uta Purcell 68

Rocks Hut – Mt Richmond FP, 26-27 May 2012

Leader: Uta Purcell Nelson City Council is installing a new water pipeline in the Maitai Valley. In the meantime, this trip starts at Smiths Ford Reserve and totals 15km. Most of the track is now a shared mountain bike track, though we encountered only a few bikers. Where the track forks to the Maitai caves, trampers can now cross the Maitai River comfortably on a substantial bridge. The clouds at the start of our day were supposed to lift. Coming out of the trees and hoping for a view, we could only see the cloud lowering, nevertheless we enjoyed being out tramping. On Dun Saddle it was…
slaty hut
May 20, 2012 Marijke Boers 66

Slaty Hut – Mt Richmond FP, 19-20 May 2012

Leader: Marijke Boers Mt Starveall has become a favourite walk for Stella and I since discovering it earlier this year. It was an obvious choice as a first trip to lead for the club- this time going a little further to stay at Slaty Hut. Dave and Sue were both retracing old steps from 30 or more years before and keen to see the “new” (1980’s) Slaty Hut. The weather lived up to it’s fine forecast for both days. The six of us had a sunny mid morning walk in from the upper forestry road, (key required), making Starveall Hut in 90 minutes. The route was a combination of alpine bush and sub alpine…
April 29, 2012 Patrick Holland 55

Navigation Training Weekend – Glenhope, 28-29 Apr 2012

Mike & Deidre Glover kindly hosted the Club at their marvellous holiday property on the Dry Weather Road, a few km from Glenhope turnoff. Mike also coordinated the training. In their beautiful little wooden cottage we did our eating, drinking and formal training. On the first morning, Mike took us carefully through the basics of map and compass with good visual aids and lots of little exercises. Some of us were surprised by how rusty we were! In the big outdoors (7ha native forest) we then put theory into practice with groups using map and compass to find cunningly placed way-points on a…
ruth balloons
April 22, 2012 Patrick Holland 56

Ruth's Commemorative Walk – Kahurangi NP, 22 Apr 2012

Leader: Pat Holland A wonderful occasion to celebrate the life of a remarkable woman and we were blessed by excellent weather and good company. The Flora carpark was bulging by the time the group of over 50 assembled at 11am. This included many from Ruth’s family: Rae & Peter Coubrough (Frogs End), Lynne Nicholl (Blenheim), Lynne’s son Clayton and family, and Nancy Macy (Frogs End/San Diego, CA). In her electric wheelchair, Lynne led us at an alarming speed up and over the saddle to the historic Flora Hut. The campfire team led by Mark were late but the weather was fine and mild and a fire…
April 15, 2012 Ken Ridley 54

Lees Creek - Raglan Ranges, 14-15 Apr 2012

Leader: Ken Ridley Five members enjoyed perfect weather for this weekend trip. After the hassle of getting the key and opening the gate, we had a pleasant walk to the hut flat where we stopped for lunch. The route above the hut flat to the next flat in the left branch is still follow-able, but is getting overgrown with beech regeneration. One of the group had a fall here due to an unseen branch on the path. Above the flat, the route follows river flats and becomes rougher and bouldery towards the next confluence of Lee Creek. We camped at the comfortable camp-site here under beech trees. The…
April 15, 2012 Jim Maxwell 47

Mount Malita – Mt Richmond FP, 15 Apr 2012

Leader: Jim Maxwell This was a pleasant walk up through pine forest, stopping in the sunny spots to warm up and eventually breaking out into the open to get a look at the surrounding hills. A bit misty on top but improving on our way down. We arrived back at the car park in time for a boil-up and a cup of tea beside the river before heading home. Jim Maxwell, Pat Holland, Dan McGuire and two visitors made up the party. This trip was a fill-in as the trip listed in the club Programme was cancelled.
porters party
April 10, 2012 Raymond Salisbury 52

Red Hills Traverse #2 – Mt Richmond FP, Easter 2012

Leaders: Mike Glover & Ray Salisbury This Easter I proposed our club do a moderate trip so as to attract a broader range of participants. My teenage nephew joined our seasoned members, and fitted in with the family of five, two hut-baggers and a doctor. I noted that our ages ranged from 15 to 50; quite young for a tramping club party of ten. Fit from our summer sojourns, we decided to keep it local. The ranges of Mt Richmond Forest Park are the under-rated tramping nirvana in our backyard, and home to nearly thirty tramping huts. Our objective was to follow the Te Araroa Trail from Tophouse…
April 09, 2012 Gillian Arbuthnott 65

Hacket–Browning Huts – Mt Richmond FP, 9 Apr 2012

Leader: Gillian Arbuthnott Perfection is a mix of beautiful bush, birdsong, pine forest, the constant sound of the Hacket Stream far below, seven pairs of boot-clad feet, and a warm, sunny Autumn day. Like birds on a wire, we perched on the woodshed at the Hacket Hut for morning tea and enjoyed the relative softness of two mattresses on the grass at the Browning Hut for lunch. On the pleasant return journey, an encounter with a jubilant cross-bow-bearing hunter, and his trophy pig, raised some safety issues as the track on which the said pig met its demise is the scene for trampers, mountain…
April 01, 2012 Uta Purcell 58

Cupola Basin Hut – Nelson Lakes NP, 30 Mar-1 Apr 2012

Leader: Uta Purcell The tramp along Lake Rotoiti, up the Travers Valley to John Tait Hut, and the steeply ascending track to Cupola Basin Hut, can be long, or it would at least appear so on the way back. Kelvin Drew and Lou Kolff were keen to do it. When Sue Davies joined, she came along with the kind offer by Gary Davies to take us both ways across the lake in his runabout, doing two trips. Then, at the jetty a fisherman offered Kelvin and Lou a lift as well, which all worked out but not without confusion. We were comfortably settled for the first night at John Tait Hut, when at 11pm our…
March 24, 2012 Marijke Boers 57

Rough Creek trip – Nelson Lakes NP, 24 Mar 2012

Leader: Silvano Lorandi We walked up Rough Creek: Mike Drake, Mike Glover, Silvano Lorandi, Pat Holland, Dion Pont, Lee Nixon, Brian Renwick, Mark Stevens and myself...that’s nine. It wasn’t too bad going, although I was slowest up the last tussocky bit to the tarns. When we sat down to lunch. We had some lovely views of the Wairau Valley and river. However, within quarter of an hour we were immersed in rain, hail and then snow. It stayed like that all along the ridge – absolutely freezing. We cut the walk short at the Parachute Rock turn-off and most of us went out to St Arnaud, while the…
March 10, 2012 Brenda Griffin 47

Kings Creek Hut-Wangapeka Track - Kahurangi NP, 10 Mar 2012

Leader: Brenda Griffin Weather wasn’t looking great for a Saturday overnight trip to Kings Creek Hut on the Wangapeka Track. We decided to complete the trip in a day instead. Kelvin Drew joined me on the trip. Not a good start as my alarm didn’t ring so we left later than planned. At the start of the track, the native birds were out. It was noticeably noisy with bird calls. A few black robins and fantails flitted around. A family of five goats down on the river flats enjoyed the sun. The tramp follows the Wangapeka River. Sometimes the water is beside you and later, you are looking down at…
baldy summit
March 04, 2012 Raymond Salisbury 90

Fosters Clearing & Mt Baldy – Mt Richmond FP, 3-4 Mar 2012

Leader: Ray Salisbury This tramp was a bit longer and required a higher level of fitness than I expected. However, our quartet that undertook the expedition were all up to the task. After a leisurely start in Lee’s 4WD, we eventually arrived at the roadend up the Wakamarina valley. It’s called Butcher’s Flat. After that, it was an easy two-hour romp along the old gold miner’s trail to Devils Creek Hut, an old brown NZFS six-bunker. The stiff climb up William The Conqueror (Pt 1066m on the map) lasted nearly three hours. Initially the track zig-zagged up the face, but eventually, after…
February 25, 2012 Uta Purcell 55

Separation Point – Abel Tasman NP, 25 Feb 2012

Leader: Uta Purcell This destination was chosen well before the Golden Bay floods. Therefore it was good news to know that the road to Wainui Bay and the start of this trip was open again, though one lane in many places. Considering the warm summer conditions, I decided to change the round trip over the very shadeless Gibbs Hill to a smaller circuit and without overnighting. Mark Graesser and I enjoyed the predominantly coastal walk in and out of shade with good views. After Separation Pt we went down to the pleasant campsite at Mutton Cove, then uphill again to rejoin the track back to…
Brown Hill
February 19, 2012 Mark Graesser 56

Brown Hill – Kahurangi NP, 18-19 Feb 2012

Leader: Mark Graesser Brown Hill looms above the Heaphy Track as it sidles gently from Brown Hut to Perry Saddle. However, today’s route was only constructed around 1887-1889. For some 25 years previously, a track from the Aorere to Heaphy Rivers (the Collingwood-to-Karamea Road) went directly up a spur to the open tops of Brown Hill and thence to the Gouland Downs near Mount Perry. The brown swathe of tussock from which the hill received its name can be seen from the Aorere Valley to represent a ‘gap’ or ‘pass’ for intrepid travelers wishing to get to and from the west coast. One objective…
February 18, 2012 Jim Maxwell 52

Mt Arthur Hut – Kahurangi NP, 18 Feb 2012

Leader: Jim Maxwell We managed to find a spot to put our car among the 32 others in the Flora car park and ambled up to Flora Hut in the shelter of the bush. We were passed by several groups and found quite a few people at the hut. Some had their small children with them and there was a group of hunters pouring enthusiastically over a lot of maps. We spent a bit of time at the hut and ate our lunch before heading on up. Beyond the hut there was a very strong wind blowing but the sun was shining and it wasn’t too cold. We carried on up the Mt Arthur track to Pk1565 before returning back to the…
February 18, 2012 Raymond Salisbury 55

Arthur Range Crossover, Kahurangi National Park, 18 Feb 2012

Leader: Mike Glover Every three years or so, our club tackle the Arthur Range, walking from Mt Campbell to the Lodestone in a single day. This 17-km pilgrimage traverses five peaks over 1300m and requires a high level of fitness and aptitude in negotiating a route along beech-clad ridges and up steep rock faces – all off-track. After all the scratches, bumps and bruises, the trade-off, on a good day, is unsurpassed views in all directions, and the pure joy of spending time in the mountains. It’s 6am when six of us cram into a Hilux ute and drive into the pre-dawn murk towardsMotueka. A steep…
February 14, 2012 Brian Renwick 64

Sabine, Waiau & D’Urville Valleys – Nelson Lakes NP, 8-14 Feb 2012

Leader & scribe: Brian Renwick This was a trip of short days alternating with long days. >Wednesday: we parked at Mount Robert late in the afternoon and enjoyed a pleasant walk to Speargrass Hut in fine, cool evening conditions. Thursday: we tramped along the Speargrass Track to Sabine Hut for lunch, and then took off up the Sabine River, finding our energy flagging for the last hour before West Sabine Hut. Friday: a short nip up the Sabine River to Blue Lake. Marijke found herself a little off the beaten path in a boggy section short of Blue Lake, sinking up to her thighs in the mud, while…
February 12, 2012 Katie Cloughley 50

Captain Creek Hut – Mt Richmond FP, 12 Feb 2012

Leader: Katie Cloughley A mystery, ‘no-show’ blonde Swedish scientist, a track that took longer than anticipated – the tramp to Captain’s Creek Hut was one of surprises. Ten trampers rendezvoused at 7.30am at the Cathedral steps. Number eleven, the blonde, failed to materialize for the planned pick-up. Who to believe? The club notes advised three hours each way. DOC, far more realistically, noted it as four hours. However, the weather was fine, the company very agreeable, the track in good condition, the river with its emerald pools a delight. No time for swimming though. It wasn’t until 7pm…
February 06, 2012 Lawrie Halkett 59

Mt Patriarch – Kahurangi NP, 4-6 Feb 2012

Leader: Lawrie Halkett With a reasonably good long-range weather forecast, five high-spirited hikers set off early Saturday afternoon from the Wangapeka carpark, heading for Kiwi Saddle Hut. All were buoyed by the warm temperatures, the mostly blue sky and the impressive Mt Patriarch, rising proud to the north west. As we tramped up the valley, Lawrie was asked to explain why he thought pine plantations should be considered a sustainable and environmentally-friendly business that all NZers should embrace. Lawrie was able to explain to Alison and Marie that this veritable, jolly green giant,…
February 06, 2012 Jim Maxwell 46

Mt Malita via Hackett, Nelson, 6 Feb 2012

Leader: Jim Maxwell Our Feb 5th walk up the Roding River to the falls had to be cancelled because the TDC will not open the road to the public until it is inspected by an engineer following the floods. I replaced it with a climb from Whispering Falls to the top of the ridge joining Mt Malita. On reaching the ridge top we found too much gorse and decided it was a bit rough to carry on to Mt Malita. We had an interesting return trip when we had a bit of trouble locating the top end of the route leading off our spur. We managed to find it and avoid a real bush bash back to Whispering Falls. Only…
fell fishtail
January 30, 2012 Patrick Holland 61

Mt Richmond – Mt Fishtail Traverse & RESCUE!, 28-30 Jan 2012

Leader: Patrick Holland The party of 8 set out from Nelson at 7:30am, heading to the start of the standard trail to Mt Richmond at Jubilee flat, accessed via Top Valley Road. Mike and Lee kindly doubled back to leave a vehicle at the Fishtail exit in Pine Valley road. The rest of us started up the ridge track that rose steadily up through beech forest, revealing a glimpse of Mt Richmond after a couple of hours. The simple day walk was more demanding with 3-day packs including tents so reaching the gradual sidle/traverse was welcome, winding its way to the Richmond Saddle Hut at 1200m, where…
January 30, 2012 Jim Maxwell 50

North Peak – Mt Richmond FP, 30 Jan 2012

Leader: Jim Maxwell The weather forecast for Sunday was for very strong SW winds in the Nelson Lakes area so we postponed the tramp to the Monday (Anniversary Day). We had a good day kept cool by the overcast sky and mild breeze. We didn’t quite reach the summit before it was time to turn back but had good views of the hills. Climbers were Ross Price, Robyn Walsh, Elizabeth Dooley (visitor) and Jim Maxwell.
glovers whitcombe
January 30, 2012 Mike Glover 53

Toaroha-Whitcombe - West Coast Classic loop, 25--30 Jan 2012

Leader & Scribe: Mike Glover On the 25th January, six set off for Cedar Flats in heavy cloud, looking as if it could rain at any time. After four hours’ walking on the well-cut track, we arrived at the hut, where DOC workers were busy building an extension on to the existing hut to accommodate a total of twelve people. This area is becoming very popular with families getting a taste of tramping on the West Coast, plus the added attraction of the Wren hot pool to soak in. Day 2: We headed off early for Top Toaroha Hut to find the going considerably rougher. With the weather threatening to rain…
January 21, 2012 Robyn Walsh 51

Takaka Hill Walkway – Golden Bay, 21 Jan 2012

Leader: Robyn Walsh Well, we finally did it, after three earlier cancelled attempts last year. Today, everything fell into place with perfect weather. Earlier, back in Stoke, the day began with a disjointed start with some confusion as to the prearranged rendezvous. After a diversion to an old roadman’s hut to view the mummified cow hide, we got going. A short, steep road-climb to some radio masts gave great views across the Takaka Valley to the western mountains, Golden Bay, and east to the Richmond and Bryant Ranges. With us were two Canadian tourists from the ‘other’ Nelson, in British…
January 08, 2012 Brian Renwick 57

Pearse Resurgence – Kahurangi NP, 8 Jan 2012

Leader & scribe: Brian Renwick We parked a bit short of the road-end to avoid the last rough part. Walking off up the Pearse Valley we immediately had to ford as the bridge was no longer there: a taster of what was the dominant feature of the day, with eleven thigh-deep crossings each way on a slippery bottom. Amazingly, no-one fell over during any of the crossings. The river and bush were especially beautiful in the overcast conditions. Highlights: a blue duck family of seven; checking out the Australian Wet Mules cave-diving team camped at the resurgence. They expected to remain for another…
sylvester hut
January 08, 2012 Uta Purcell 59

Sylvester Hut – Kahurangi NP, 7-8 Jan 2012

Leader: Uta Purcell It must’ve been good weather that allowed this trip to become a two-in-one-tramp; easy, relaxed, sociable and interesting. Four members, Marie Lenting, Roger and Maureen Cotton and myself, reached the hut for an early lunch on the deck. By 1pm we were ready to go exploring, meandering through the Sylvester Lakes to Lake Iron, meeting on the way eight happy North Island trampers, who were already in residence at the hut. We had a look at the cairned route ascending Iron Hill, but as the cloud came down we retreated. There were alpine plants in abundance, wide views from the…
avoca hut
January 06, 2012 Marijke Boers 55

Arthurs Pass Trip A – Arthurs Pass NP, 1-6 Jan 2012

[ Bealey Spur – Avoca River – Wilberforce River – White Col – Barker Hut – Waimakiriri River ] Leader: Ruth Hesselyn.Obeisant Followers: Brian Renwick, Mike Drake, Carole Crocker, Pat Holland, Marijke Boers (scribe). Dear fellow & would-be-intrepid trampers... This is my first trip report for the club. As such, I’m exercising the privilege reserved for the ignorant novice to be somewhat original, so ... hang on to your seats, walking poles, whatever else is nearby. Ruth laid out a fantastic New Years route and we set off with gay abandon, early on a beautiful Sunday morning. We arrived at…
ping pong
January 05, 2012 Raymond Salisbury 51

The other Arthurs Pass Trip, 1-5 Jan 2012

A new twist on an old classic: [ Edwards Hut – Otahake Hut – Tarn Col – Walker Pass – Hawdon Hut – East Hawdon Biv – Waimakariri ] Leader & Scribe: Ray Salisbury Navigator & Hut-Bagger: Dion Pont I was visiting the long-drop at Woolshed Creek Hut when he arrived, his twin trekking poles swinging in a determined rhythm. It was Dion on another solo hut-bagging mission around the back side of Mount Somers. This piece of serendipity saw us collaborate together on a New Years trip. While Dion had already done the Edwards–Hawdon circuit, the carrot I dangled was the lure of adding a couple more…
January 01, 2012 Mike Drake 53

Arthurs Pass Trip B – Arthurs Pass NP, 1-6 Jan 2012

[ Avoca Hut – Anti-Crow Hut via Wilberforce ]Mike Drake & Brian Renwick The Arthurs Pass trip split at Hanging Valley Creek; the party of four to return to Avoca Hut and head to the Anti-Crow Hut via Sphinx Saddle, the party of two to continue on the original route. Once we split up, we attained Half Moon Saddle then dropped into Bristed Stream, also called Bastard Stream. We delayed the inevitable wet feet by bush-bashing along the true left, thinking that we would drop into a side creek and gain the main stream again. However, we pushed our luck and passed one easy entry into the stream.…
Needle Haystack
February 06, 2008 Bob Janssen 92

Thousand Acre Plateau, Kahurangi NP. 2-6 Feb 2008

Trip Leader: Bob Janssen With heavy rain predicted for the Buller on the Saturday I decided that for a five-day tramp most of the weather overall should be fine. I left Nelson at 6am to pickup our tramping party, Carole Crocker, Dion Point, Ruth Hesselyn and then Mike Drake. We had not traveled long before it started to rain; so at this point we agreed to stop in Murchison for a coffee. Shortly after this we drove up the Matiri Valley and headed to a DoC approved parking area. We agreed that because of the low cloud on the ‘Tops' that the route via the west branch of the Matiri that leads up…