Plan Your Outdoor Trips

Reduce the risk of things going wrong

Get up-to-date information and advice about where you’re going tramping. DoC Centres have local track information and maps.

Choose a trip that’s in keeping with the experience, fitness and ability of your group. Consider alternative routes should conditions become unsafe. Take clothing and equipment suitable for the trip and always be prepared for the worst conditions. Consider whether an emergency locator beacon (Club members have free access to these, subject to availability) is required for backup. Contact the Met Service for an up-to-date weather forecast. Leave details of your trip with a responsible person who will contact the police if you don’t return by your intended date.

Route FInding

All outdoor users should carry and be able to use a map and compass. Location awareness skills are also important; know where you are and where you have travelled, be observant, and remember natural features. MSC’s Bushcraft Manual can help you learn navigational skills. Navigation courses are run by Orienteering and Outdoor clubs, and provide practical instruction in the field. Despite your best efforts you may still get lost or disoriented so you need to know how to cope with a survival situation.risk