Online Trip Registration

Some trips are configured for on-line registration. It is important that a visitor or new club members check with the Trip Leader prior to online registration. This ensures that you don't register for a trip that you may not have the equipment, fitness or experience to complete successfully.

For club members to register on-line you need to login to the website first using your NTC website login details.


If you are a visitor you can register using your email address. 

The information you provide when registering self populates the Trip Registration form and provides the trip leader with the necessary information for managing the trip. 

Please give the Trip Leader reasonable notice that you wish to come on the trip.

Phone by Thursday for Sunday trips or by Wednesday for Saturday and Weekend trips, unless otherwise stated on the Event Calendar.

No calls after 9pm please.

If you book-in for a trip and are subsequently unable to go, always advise the trip organiser as soon as possible – otherwise the group waits needlessly.