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River Crossing Training


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Saturday 12 December 2020, 08:00 - 17:00

Cost: $2

Trip Leader:
Debbie Hogan

Debbie Hogan

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 035530427 or +64211920080
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Training will be either Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather forecast.

Meet at Richmond at 12.30pm to carpool.

Our training will be carried out at the confluence of the Lee and Wairoa rivers. We will be looking at practicing the following:

  • Introduction and site selection - The WHEN & WHY.

The HOW - Using the Mutual Support Method to cross the river (with packs and using the clothing grasp), also the Solo method of crossing.

Turning back or retreating (including backing out of the river or completing a Caterpillar Turn)  

Pack Float.   

You can sit out anything that makes your feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Please ensure you bring the following:

We will end up standing around for a while whilst you are wet so either wear or bring a set of polypro/wool top and leggings so you don't get too cold (or a wet suit top if you know you get very cold).

Pack Floating is optional but its still important to ensure that your pack acts as a floatation device. A 40-60lt pack is ideal for training purposes, a small day/weekend pack ISN'T. Use several large, new rubbish bags, a new pack liner or large dry bag/s to keep the contents of your pack dry and give you the buoyancy required to pack float.

Bring a Leki pole if you use one for practicing the Solo crossing method.

Bring a towel and a change of clothes.

Chocolate or other snack to keep the energy up.

Please view and read the contents of the following links on this website prior to the training so you are familiar with the river feature terminology and techniques we will be using.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the training. If you have experience in river crossings, we would appreciate your help.


It is IMPORTANT that "You contact the Trip Leader before registering" for a trip. Especially if you are new to the club or a non-club member (Visitor). The Leader will need to be confident that you have the experience, fitness and the correct gear to complete the trip successfully. :-)
CLUB MEMBERS must LOGIN HERE to register so that your details auto-populate the registration fields. You can edit these auto-populated fields but they aren't saved for later use. To permanently change them, edit them HERE."
VISITORS can register using their email address which will be used to send you trip registration confirmation details and the ability to cancel the trip registration.
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