1. Home/Login
  2. Enter a New Trip (also see User/TRIPS/Event Creation HELP and On-line Registration HELP
    • Users/TRIPS/Add Event – COMMON tab
    • Enter a Title and Category (select day trip, overnight trip etc).
    • Set the dates via the CALENDAR tab.
    • Return to COMMON (tab), enter Description and select the Trip Leader (usually yourself), the Area and Map Series (NZTop50 number).
    • To allow on-line registration and creation of an intentions form, set View to YES (below description) and also go to ATTENDANCE OPTIONS (tab) and click YES (the
      other fields can be left at default).
    •  Return to COMMON (tab). Set the Panic Date (usually the day after intended exit).
      Leave Contact if the trip leader is the person to be contacted by potential participants.
    • Enter info for the Intentions Contact (the person to raise the alarm after the panic date).
    • Enter a brief summary of the planned route and any alternative (mainly for SARs).
    • Under GRADING tab, set the trip grade (select Easy, Medium etc or enter info for the hardest day).
    • Under COST tab, add the return mileage for your trip from Badminton club, Richmond. Take into account sealed & unsealed roads. Note the Trip coordinator has this info for
      common local trips. The fuel rate is updated on the website at the start of each month.
    • SAVE AND CLOSE (SAVE if not finished but you have a delay).
    • Your proposed trip should now be listed on the NTC Home page.
  3. Edit an Existing Trip (also see Users/TRIPS/Edit & Signoff Event HELP)
    • Find your trip on the Home page (or use NTC Calendar/Trip Search).
    • Click the trip date (L) to open then click the pencil icon (R) to get Manage Event menu.
    • Select Edit, make your changes and SAVE AND CLOSE.
  4. Enter Trip Participants for the Intentions Form (see Manually Add Trip Participants HELP)

For a very small party, a blank intentions form can be printed out (Trip Info/Intentions Form Print), filled in by hand, photocopied or scanned and distributed to the NTC SARs contacts. However, the NTC w/s can complete the form with all the registered participants. You need only to enter the names for club members and to enter the name/contact for each non-member. Club members who have already registered on-line for the trip are autoentered. This all works well and the 'backdoor' w/s access is easier than it initially looks.

    • Users/TRIPS/Manually Register Club Members for a Trip
    • A new browser window opens as a web-site 'backdoor'. Login again.
    • A form opens with all trips listed. Click Component tab and hover to JEvents/RSVP Pro.
    • Click the Sessions button and find the row with your trip. Click the Participants icon (R).
    • The already registered participants will be listed. Click New button to enter a new registrant. Start with yourself (unless you have already registered on-line).
    • Type first name and choose the participant from the members suggested. Their details are displayed. Click YES if their vehicle will be used. Save via 'Click to Update' button.
    • Enter all club member participants by repeating New, name and 'Click to Update'.
    • For the visitor participants, click New and enter their email address (second row). Copy this (Crtl-C) as it must be entered again below.
    • Enter visitor name, phone no., email (Ctrl-V), emergency contact name and phone no..Street address details are optional.
    • 'Click to Update' (click your way out of any sub-windows querying the info).
    • Enter all visitors as above and then Logout of this backdoor area.
  1. Print the Intentions Form and Create a pdf File

The following print instructions work for a Windows PC with Chrome browser. Similar operations should be possible with a different computer configuration. 

      • Go to Users/TRIPS/View_Print Trip Intentions Form, select your trip and click Submit. A new browser tab opens displaying your completed trip intentions form.
      • Get a hard copy via browser Print (R-click) and check the information in the form. See 3 and 4 above for editing the trip description and participants.
      • Generate a pdf file for email distribution by choosing Save to PDF in the browser Print submenu instead of your printer.
      • Find the pdf file of the Intentions Form using File Explorer (usually in folder Downloads) and rename appropriately. Email the pdf file as an attachment to the Emergency Contacts (these are the people SARs will contact if a club PLB is activated).
  1. After the Trip
    •  Inform the Trip Coordinator (Debbie Hogan) of your return and the number of participants, or if the trip was cancelled. She will update the website or do it yourself via Users/TRIPS/Event Edit (see 3. above and Sign-Off HELP).
    • Prepare a draft Trip Report, preferably as a simple Word.doc or Google.doc.
    • Email to Kath Ballantine along with 1-4 photos as jpegs. She will lightly edit and load onto the NTC website. Keep the report brief but informative as well as entertaining. Include some shots with people interest.


      1. the above basic description is for a fairly standard NTC trip. The website has many more options for trips and participants and it is very flexible to meet different needs. Consult the website TRIPS/ Help menus for more details.
      2. It is generally easiest to register all the trip participants at one hit close to the departure date. This means the 'back door' menus only have to be gone through once.
      3. All participants should contact the trip leader directly even if they register on-line for the trip. The trip leader in turn should ask each participant to ensure their profile details on the website are correct/up to date, as well as checking their suitability for the trip, transport arrangements etc.
      4. The website (Trip Info tab) has a range of other important information for trip leaders and participants including Tool Boxes, Trip Rules and Checklist for Trip Leaders.