Caring for Your Waterproof Garments

With more time at home now is the perfect opportunity to prepare for your next adventure. 

While we wash our other clothing after a few days wear, waterproof clothing is often neglected. Uncared for waterproof garments will, over time, deteriorate. This can make a day's rain on a trip very unpleasant. 

The contamination that destroys your waterproof breathable comes from the wearer’s skin, not the environment. Wear a white shirt for a day then check the grime around the collar. It is this contamination that eats away at the waterproof breathable laminates and coatings.

You should be about washing your waterproof jacket at least once a year - even twice a year if worn regularly. 
Make sure it’s washed before it’s stored unused for any length of time:

  1. Hand wash only.
  2. Use a mild washing substance. We recommend using Persil Sensitive, Lux Soap Flakes or the original Sunlight bar soap.
  3. Dissolve washing powder or soap in hot water then add cold water for a warm washing temperature.
    Note: Never wash in temperatures more than lukewarm. Hot washing has the potential to weaken the seam sealing bond.
  4. Add the jacket and leave fully immersed and soaking for a couple of minutes.
  5.  Hand agitate the jacket in the water for a couple of minutes gently squeezing the fabric.
  6. For dirt on the outside of the jacket scrub the area with a soft nail brush.
  7. Follow this washing with two rinses using clean warm water each time. Ensure all residues are removed
  8.  Do not wring the jacket to remove water.
  9. Hang the jacket on a line to dry.  Drip dry.
  10. While your garment is clean, replenish the DWR (Durable Water Repellency).This is the outside surface coating which ensures water beads off. We have developed our own DWR  treatment,">Gecko Guard, made in New Zealand for NZ conditions.