Judge’s Comments | Rebecca Bowater

ABN 1st Dragons Teeth – Sue Henley 
This is a stunning image clear and well-focused. The blue sky compliments the golden tussock and the wispy clouds work well with the mountain peaks. I love it

ABN 2nd View from Mt Fyffe – Sue Henley 
 This image stands out showing what is above the bush line. The Celmisias and tussock surrounded in snow are well focused leading out to the scene and cloud. There is a lot of interest in this image, a great NZ scene, well done

ABN 3rd Equal: Dragons Teeth, (Pat Holland) …&… Waingaro Peak, (Debbie Hogan)
I love the soft tones in both these images both showing me what it is like above the bush line

ABW 1st Fishtail hut, Pat Holland
This is showing me the action of packing up around this little hut that I’ve been to twice. I love seeing where the hut is in the environment, an excellent clear interesting image

ABW 2nd Kirwans Hut, Diane Dowle
Wow another excellent image. You have captured the lighting well showing me the sunset blending in with the candlelight. The angle of the windows and table are well placed in the frame. I love it

ABW 3rd Camp under Waingaro Peak, Pat Holland
This is well balanced with the tent on the side in the foreground and the man standing to the right. The trees and peak give the whole image perfect balance with the mist around adding interest.


BBN 1st Anatoki River, Debbie Hogan
Wow a perfect scene with excellent lighting of the Beech trees and river without hard shadows. Your eye leads you down the river spotting the reflections, well balanced and a stunning image for this category

BBN 2nd Whites Bay, Sue Henley
Another stunning image, the morning sunrise seen through the archway in the rocks is well balanced in the frame and the long exposure on the water is beautiful. A good one to frame. I love it

BBN 3rd Hilltop Track view of Wharariki Beach, Diane Dowle
The blue sky and grey sand tones complement each other to give it a cold look, probably before the sun rose. The rocks out in the sea and dunes well balanced except I would suggest to crop off 3cms off the top to cut out less sky, a good effort


BBW 1st New Years Eve Camp, Debbie Hogan
A fun photo showing how good lunch is in the bush with 3 people well placed in the frame, good effort.

BBW 2nd  Michele moves along ridge from Mt Fell, Pat Holland
Lovely light on the girl walking in the grasses. She is well placed in the frame walking from the right, good effort.

BBW 3rd Vernon lagoons, Sue Henley
Your eye goes down the boardwalk to the estuary with the stunning cloud, lovely tones.


HIS 1st, 2nd, 3rd Pat Holland x 3 (only entrant) … No Comments all similar


LE (Long Exposure) 3 images well exposed well done, I've chosen the cabbage trees cos they give the stars added foreground interest.

1st Milky Way, Whites Bay, Sue Henley
LE 2nd Un-named Location, Kazu Abe
LE 3rd Moonrise over Rarangi, Sue Henley


NFF 1st Pied Stilt, Diane Dowle
This is sharp, clear, feathers are well defined. Excellent plain background of the blue sea, love the reflections and having caught a crab maybe, makes this an interesting beautiful image. Good Effort

NFF 2nd Sth Island Saddleback, Sue Henley
A good image of a difficult subject after having its bath.

NFF 3rd Robin (Mark Graesser) & Fantail (Sue Henley)
A good effort to capture the fantail in flight, not easy to do I know, it is harder to get it more focused.
As always the robin is one of the easiest birds to photograph but it is always so lovely to see, its feathers and eye are well defined, good effort
I didn’t give the kakariki a placing because the flash has over-saturated its colours, I still love it


Open / Anything goes.
I was really disappointed with these images there was nothing that gave impact and interest except for the powelliphanta snail. The snail is an excellent image not always easy to spot a live one. You just need more space at the top so it doesn’t give the cutoff look.

1st  Debbie Hogan J



I have enjoyed seeing your images and love the variety of subjects, hope to see another night this year.

Rebecca Bowater FPSNZ  AFIAP


PEOPLE’s CHOICE:  Winner = Snowstorm - Diane Dowle