Nelson Tramping Club

President’s Report 2020

Hello fellow members of the Nelson Tramping Club

This has been a great year for the club with lots of positive progress thanks to our hard-working committee and enthusiastic membership. The most important factor of any organization is participation and teamwork across the entire club which I’m happy to say is well and truly the “way we roll” here at the Nelson Tramping Club. 

I love being involved in the club and being a part of this amazing group of people. The best thing about the tramping club is that we get exercise, have fun and promote safety in numbers, safety in the mountains, get people out in nature with shared interests and have a great time in our beautiful region. For me personally, it has been such an enriching and memorable experience getting out tramping with all of you and making so many new lifelong friends and I want to thank all of you for that. 

Our membership numbers are steady with a small increase this year but there is a noticeable increase in new people coming along on trips to try out the club and lots of interest on the Facebook group which is a great marketing tool to promote the club and bring people who are keen trampers in the region together.  

We’ve had great trips this year and a full and well-balanced programme thanks to the hard work of our Programme Co-ordinator Debbie Hogan and the Trip Leaders who are the engine of the club. 

The new approach to trip planning and programme development with our programme planning evenings seems to be working very well and I encourage anyone who hasn’t led a trip to come along to one of these evenings and find out more. Leading trips is easy and fun and one of the best ways to try it out is to pick something local and familiar to start with and see what you think. 

The Covid lockdown was a slight dampener to the year but thanks to the country’s teamwork and response to the pandemic, we are all able to get out into the hills together again and resume normal club activities. 

We have a new website thanks to Peter Waworis and I’d like to acknowledge his hard work as he has  spent many days on this at no cost to the club. +lease check it out and create your login if you haven’t already and if you have any issues please contact Peter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I also want to acknowledge Mike Drake for being the original creator and administrator of our first website and working with Peter to develop the new site.  

On behalf of the whole club I want to extend many many thanks to our dedicated and enthusiastic committee:

Treasurer - Ian Morris – For attention to detail and consistency that means the club finances and membership details are always up to date and accurate. 

Secretary - Michele Cunningham – For her excellent communication and record-keeping, great emails and dedication to the club. 

Programme Co-ordinator – Debbie Hogan – For doing an incredible job with great enthusiasm and she has also initiated and fostered a great relationship with Mt.Robert Lodge which we are now using for club trips and snow skills. 

Vice President – Graeme Ferrier – I am so grateful to Graeme for offering to step up while I take time out to have a baby in September (just need some time to create a new club member!). Graeme has also been a great help in liasing with DOC and the Backcountry Trust to line up new hut and track volunteer projects for the club.

Past President – Pat Holland – club champion and long-time committee member. Pat has also been on the executive committee for the FMC and has passionately advocated for the active outdoor community for many years. 

Committee members – Kath Ballantine, Dion Pont  and Ray Salisbury whose valuable contributions and  ideas help make the club what it is today. 

There is one open position on the committee for anyone who is keen to help. We meet  for a couple of hours every 4-6 weeks over cups of tea or mulled wine and nibbles to make sure everything is ticking along and to come up with new ideas and see what needs doing. 

Looking forward – we are working on some new hut and track projects. Watch the programme for upcoming working bees.

Reminder if you haven’t paid your annual subscription yet please do. 

Happy tramping!

Kate Krawczyk

NTC President